Wellmania with subtitle

When a health crisis forces Liv to rethink her “live fast, die young” attitude, she jumps into a wellness journey to get better — even if it kills her.

  • 1. Carpe That Diem
    A series of unfortunate events threaten to upend a career-making opportunity when food writer Liv leaves New York City for a weekend away in Australia.
  • 2. The Cleanse
    A desperate Liv cooks up a winning pitch and dives headfirst into health and wellness. Amy throws Archie a party. Lorraine flags a problem at work.
  • 3. Get Your Duck On
    While training with Gaz, Liv gets closer to a crush-worthy workout partner. But she's also on assignment, covering a chef known as NYC's “King of Meat.”
  • 4. The Real Camille
    Liv bares all for an exclusive interview with a sexual self-help guru. Amy tries to get Doug's attention. Gaz and Dalbert explore the art of compromise.
  • 5. Hall of Mirrors
    With a critical deadline looming, Liv consults a psychic — and takes a long, strange trip. Amy and Doug get caught in the act. Gaz meets up with an ex.
  • 6. Life and Death
    Liv hitches a ride to Canberra with a death doula. A flashback to the day Liv's father died reveals how she and Amy first became friends.
  • 7. The Big A
    Liv stages the perfect wedding day for Gaz, complete with a heartfelt sister-of-the-groom speech at the reception. But things don't go according to plan.
  • 8. Count to 10
    It's launch day for “Banquet Royale,” and Liv's professional dreams are finally coming true. So why does it feel like she's drowning?

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  • 평점 "Wellmania": 6.70
  • 장르: Comedy, Drama
  • 발행 연도: 2023
  • 국가: Australia
  • 기간: 30 분
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