All About Eve with subtitle

You think you know all about Eve? You are bitterly wrong. The assistant of a Broadway celebrity is not just a pretty and helpful one. She seeks eagerly to supplant her boss, and she will stop at nothing.

댓글 "All About Eve" with subtitle 2

  • 03.11.2021 19:59
    This movie shows how rude could be a cine career. It's unbeliavable how lies go on and on, I really appreciate this content.
  • 23.01.2019 13:05
    Ultimamente les cuesta una barbaridad, que se carguen los vídeos !!! Lo deberian de solucionar !!!
All About Eve
  • 평점 "All About Eve": 8.30
  • 장르: Drama
  • 발행 연도: 1950
  • 국가: United States
  • 기간: 138 분
  • 복잡성: 9
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