Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous with subtitle

After recently graduating high school, young Zach Stone opts out of a college to pursue the New American Dream: becoming famous with no talent whatsoever.

  • 1. Pilot
    Zach Stone decides to forgo college to star in his own, self-funded reality show. With his friends all leaving for school, he envisions a different path towards fame and a chance to “headline” a funeral is his first big step.
  • 2. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be a Recording Artist
    The music business is Zach's next frontier as the front man of the first ringtone band. Embracing his “rebel” persona, he takes to the stage with his sidekick Greg and the beautiful Christy.
  • 3. Zach Stone Is Gonna Get a Makeover
    When Christy invites Zach to a week-end pool party, he wants to show off his new image. After getting a full makeover, he's ready for his big reveal but his attention shifts when he witnesses a spark between Amy and Nick.
  • 4. Zach Stone Is Gonna Make a Sex Tape
    When Christy asks Zach out on a date and insists on bringing the camera crew, he excitedly wonders what her intentions are. Since making a sex tape leads to stardom these days, he needs to “brush up” on his “moves” to be ready.
  • 5. Zach Stone Is Gonna Get Wild
    Zach has a big decision to make between school and stardom. As he weighs the pros and cons, an invitation to his first college party gives Zach an idea as to how he may be able to pursue both college and fame at the same time.
  • 6. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be a Famous Chef
    Zach challenges Nick to a cook-off to try and impress Amy but needs his mom's help for ultimate success. When Nick invites him to cater a party for his parents, Zach realizes that becoming a celebrity chef may be a tall order.
  • 7. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be the Zachelor
    “America wants competitive love” and Zach plans to deliver on his new reality show “The Zachelor”. As girls compete for his affections, he looks to find the perfect jealousy-inducing girl for a double-date with Amy and Nick.
  • 8. Zach Stone Is Gonna Go Missing
    With a ransom video and well planned disappearance, Zach plans to go “missing” to garner evening news fame while America watches with baited breath. But will it be enough to pique Amy's genuine concern as well?
  • 9. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Scary
    To win a bet with his brother as to who gets scared first, Zach plans a hoax to film his brother in an ultimate scare video to become the next YouTube sensation. When Amy joins him that night, will he also get his big chance?
  • 10. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be an Actor
    Life feels magical after Zach's kiss with Amy and a chance to be a movie star shines after a student film audition. But emotions threaten his role, a run-in with Nick turns ugly and his relationship with Amy leaves questions.
  • 11. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be a Hero
    With Greg and Amy ready for college and money to pay his camera crew dwindling, Zach is almost out of time. He needs to make the evening news with a truly heroic act, but will it be enough to catch a local reporter's eye?
  • 12. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous (No, Really)
    Zach's appearance on Good Morning Boston is the moment he has been waiting for but it somehow creates even more drama for his family. More importantly, Zach questions if his shot at fame will be worth it if Amy isn't there…

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Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous
  • Рейтинг "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous": 8,30
  • Жанры: Комедия
  • Год выпуска: 2013
  • Страны: Соединенные Штаты
  • Время: 21 минут
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