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Utopia will follow a group of people who find themselves in possession of a manuscript of a cult graphic novel…

  • 1. Episode #1.1
  • 2. Episode #1.2
  • 3. Episode #1.3
  • 4. Episode #1.4
  • 5. Episode #1.5
  • 6. Episode #1.6
  • 1. Episode #2.1
    1974:- In an England beset by strikes and shortages young scientist Philip Carvel is father to the seriously reticent toddler Pietre - who will one day become Arby - and conducts a macabre experiment with a pet rabbit in an unsuccessful attempt to get a response from the child. At a thinkers' convention Philip meets a young woman called Milner, who is impressed by his view that the world is over-populated and who introduces him to an influential group who encourage him to create Janus, a virus which will suppress procreation. He begins manufacture but is appalled when…
  • 2. Episode #2.2
    Jessica is the prisoner of Milner - the real Mr Rabbit - who tells her that a sample of Janus has been extracted from her but she needs to know any adjustment made by Philip. Arby is hoping for a quiet life with his new girlfriend and is shocked when Lee, whom he had presumed dead, turns up to say they have to kill scientist Christian Donaldson, the man who supplies Becky with the drugs she needs to control her Deals disease and who introduces her to elderly mystic Anton, who speaks no English but seems to understand Deals. Ian, having told his boss Joe of his recent …
  • 3. Episode #2.3
    After Lee frames Ian for his boss's murder Arby takes the group to meet Ben, a precocious young hacker who deciphers a mysterious phrase heard by Donaldson and links it to an artificial virus which was to have been manufactured in the 1960s but was stopped. At the same time Dugdale discovers that the recent Russian flu outbreak is also caused by an artificially created virus whilst Becky and Ian make another discovery - Anton is actually Philip Carvel. Ian phones this news to Milner but soon realises his mistake whilst Arby meets Lee to do a deal and Jessica escapes, …
  • 4. Episode #2.4
    In exchange for new identities for his partner and her daughter Arby delivers Donaldson to Lee, who promptly shoots him. Ian discovers more about the synthesized virus and goes to Dugdale's house, where he meets Jessica - who tells him that Milner is Mr Rabbit - though he makes no mention of Anton. Though Anton would appear to be a Romanian Holocaust survivor he suddenly tells Becky and Ian in perfect English that he met a woman known as Mr Rabbit, with whom he formulated Janus, which he now bitterly regrets. Milner introduces Wilson to a fellow fanatic Paul, one of …
  • 5. Episode #2.5
    As Terrence, ostensibly a fast food worker, prepares to send the packages of the virus to the pilots Jessica, with her hostage Milner, goes after Arby, who has taken Anton and Grant to a hut on remote moorland. Becky helps Dugdale rescue his wife and daughter whilst Wilson catches up with Ian and is appalled when Ian gives him proof that Janus completely eradicates the effect of the vaccine designed to combat the Russian flu. Realizing that Milner has tricked him and that millions will die Wilson, with Ian in tow, catches up with the group on the moor just as Jessica …
  • 6. Episode #2.6
    Jessica gets Arby to hospital, successfully foiling Lee's attempt to kill him. They are visited by Becky, Ian and Wilson, the latter explaining about the suicide pilots, only one of whom is actually releasing the lethal toxin. By breaking into Paul's house they get the name of Dobri Gorski, Donaldson's old professor who now fears for his life and from him they get the name of Terrence, the person who will be releasing the virus, before Terrence kills him along with other Network agents. Jessica and Ian track Terrence down to an underground car park for a shoot out …

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Utopia 2013
  • Рейтинг "Utopia 2013": 8,40
  • Жанры: Драма
  • Год выпуска: 2013
  • Страны: Великобритания
  • Время: 52 минут
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