I Woke Up a Vampire with subtitle

On her 13th birthday, Carmie discovers that she's actually half human, half vampire — and that mythical powers make middle school way more complicated.

  • 1. Pilot
    Carmie, with the help of her best friend Kev, discovers that she is a Vampling: half human, half vampire, while a descendent of the famed vampire hunter Van Helsing moves to town.
  • 2. Power Play
    Carmie rehearses for the musical but struggles to keep her powers in check. Kev discovers that Blendeds are going missing and there are hunters looking for kids like Carmie.
  • 3. Mirror, Mirror
    Carmie races to find a way to appear normal on-camera for her musical program photo as Kev hunts for the Blended hunter.
  • 4. Siblings
    The Twins force Carmie to help them at a gaming tournament. The Collector leaves Kev in charge of the store. Leanna livestreams from backstage of the musical.
  • 5. Family Tree
    Carmie and Kev seek out the author of the Blended comics to find answers about Carmie's past. Leanna ropes Dylan into dance rehearsal. Mysterious agents show up at Carmie's house.
  • 6. Creature Feature
    Carmie discovers an ally the Collector's big movie premiere. Rainey goes missing and Kev calls in an unexpected resource to help with the search.
  • 7. Uncovered
    It's final rehearsals for the musical and Carmie is trying to stay focused, but Dylan is closing in.
  • 8. The Musical
    Secrets are revealed at the premiere the middle school musical.

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I Woke Up a Vampire
  • Рейтинг "I Woke Up a Vampire": 5,10
  • Жанры: Фантастика, Комедия, Фэнтези, Семейный
  • Год выпуска: 2023
  • Страны: Канада
  • Время: 60 минут
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