Doctor Who (1963–1989)

Doctor Who (1963–1989)
  • Рейтинг: 8,40
  • Год выпуска: 1963
  • Жанры: Фантастика, Драма, Приключения, Семейный
  • Страны: Великобритания
  • Время: 24 минут

Time and Space traveling adventures of a Gallifreyan Time Lord only known as the Doctor and his companions, traveling through time and space.

  • 1. An Unearthly Child
    Two schoolteachers investigate the personal life of one of their brilliant students and her mysterious grandfather.
  • 2. The Cave of Skulls
    The TARDIS takes its new passengers back to the dawn of history. There, the Doctor and his party are captured by a tribe who are trying to rediscover the secret of fire.
  • 3. The Forest of Fear
    Old Mother frees the Doctor and the others on condition they will leave the tribe and not make fire.The group attempt to return to the TARDIS but Za and Hur follow them.
  • 4. The Firemaker
    Kal accuses Za of Old Mother's murder but the Doctor exposes him as the real killer.However, Za then insists the travellers be held prisoner until they show him how to make fire.
  • 5. The Dead Planet
    The TARDIS lands in a petrified forest on an alien planet. Determined to explore, the Doctor leads his companions into the metal city, where they discover the danger of what will become his deadliest enemies, the mutant Daleks. (Originally broadcast in seven parts.)
  • 6. The Survivors
    The Doctor, Susan and Ian search the city for Barbara and learn that the area is contaminated with radiation.Then they encounter the Daleks.
  • 7. The Escape
    Susan meets Alydon of the Thals and agrees to try and arrange a treaty between his people and the Daleks. But the Daleks only see it as an opportunity to wipe the Thals out.
  • 8. The Ambush
    The Doctor and his friends attempt to escape from the Dalek City. However, knowing that the Thals are walking into a trap, Ian decides to go and warn them.
  • 9. The Expedition
    The Doctor and his friends realise that their only chance of recovering the fluid link is to persuade the Thals to fight back against the Daleks.
  • 10. The Ordeal
    While Ian, Barbara and their Thal friends try to find a way into the Dalek City through the mountains, the Doctor, Susan and Alydon attempt to make their own way in.
  • 11. The Rescue
    Ian, Barbara and the surviving members of their party try to find a way into the Dalek City whilst Alydon prepares the other Thals for an attack. But only the Doctor and Susan are aware of the full extent of the threat the Daleks pose.
  • 12. The Edge of Destruction
    In this completely TARDIS-based story, the crew find themselves and their ship acting very strangely indeed. Blame runs high for the Ship's unusual behavior, until the Doctor realizes the TARDIS itself may be trying to warn them… (Originally broadcast in two parts; also known in fan circles as “Inside the Spaceship.”)
  • 13. The Brink of Disaster
    The Doctor becomes increasingly suspicious of Ian and Barbara but when the occurrences aboard the TARDIS become even stranger he realises they are in even greater danger than they realised.
  • 14. The Roof of the World
    The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the 13th century, where it is claimed by famed explorer Marco Polo as a gift for his employer, Kublai Khan. Polo hopes to finally buy his way out of the Khan's service - but if he succeeds, the Doctor and his friends will never be able to get back to their Ship ever again… (Originally broadcast in seven parts.)
  • 15. The Singing Sands
    Tegana sabotages the party's water bags, leaving them in dire need of fresh supplies.
  • 16. Five Hundred Eyes
    The Doctor and Susan are able to supply Marco with condensation that has formed inside the TARDIS, saving the group from dying of first.When the group are reunited with Tegana, the travelers begin to suspect he is up to something.
  • 17. The Wall of Lies
    The Doctor's group manage to rescue Barbara from the Mongols but once more Marco remains unaware of Tegana's involvement.
  • 18. Rider from Shang-Tu
    The Doctor and his friends elect to warn Marco of Acomat's attack even though it means losing their chance to gain access to the TARDIS.
  • 19. Mighty Kublai Khan
    The Doctor, Ian and Barbara are forced to surrender to Tegana and Marco, leaving both of them the opportunity to gain possession of the TARDIS.
  • 20. Assassin at Peking
    Tegana finally makes his move to assassinate the Khan, giving the Doctor and his friends an opportunity to thwart his plans and regain the TARDIS.
  • 21. The Sea of Death
    On the planet Marinus, the Doctor and his companions are enlisted by Arbitan to seek out the keys to an ancient and powerful machine. Their quest takes them across time and space; will they be able to return the keys before Marinus falls under the control of the alien Voord? (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
  • 22. The Velvet Web
    The Doctor and his friends arrive in the apparently idyllic city of Morphoton but Barbara soon begins to realise there is more to their hosts than meets the eye.
  • 23. The Screaming Jungle
    The search for the second key takes the travellers to a jungle where Ian and Barbara come under threat from rapidly growing plants.
  • 24. The Snows of Terror
    Searching for the third key, Ian and Barbara meet with the sinister trapper Vasor before following Susan and the others into a cave system guarded by the mysterious Ice Soldiers.
  • 25. Sentence of Death
    The group are reunited with the Doctor in the city of Millennius where Ian faces trial for murder after the fourth key is stolen.
  • 26. The Keys of Marinus
    The Doctor and his friends must locate the real murderers and the fourth key before heading off for a final confrontation with the Voord.
  • 27. The Temple of Evil
    The TARDIS arrives on Earth landing in 16th century Aztec society. Barbara goes off exploring - despite the Doctor's orders not to wander off - and is taken away by the high priest Autloc who believes she is the reincarnation of the goddess Yetaxa. They believe it is a sign that the rains - which are late - will now come. The high priest of sacrifice Tlotoxl recruits Ian to lead their army but he finds he has a rival in Ixta. Ian is less than comfortable with his role when he learns that they are to deliver the human sacrifice to the high priest at the rain ceremony. …
  • 28. The Warriors of Death
    Barbara tries to change the course of history - and Ian fights for his life.
  • 29. The Bride of Sacrifice
    While the Doctor tries to find a way back to the TARDIS, Tlotoxl continues to plot Barbara's downfall and sees an opening when Susan questions Aztec custom.
  • 30. The Day of Darkness
    Tlotoxl's machinations result in both Susan and Ian being arrested.With the TARDIS once again trapped inside the tomb, the travelers' only hope for escape lies with Autloc and Cameca.
  • 31. Strangers in Space
    The TARDIS arrives aboard a spaceship that has been captured by the Sensorites, a hearing-sensitive alien race. The Sensorites are dying, and the Doctor finds himself forced to investigate the origin of the mysterious illness. (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
  • 32. The Unwilling Warriors
    The ship has been boarded by the Sensorites and the race is on to retrieve Susan and Barbara before they can find them.
  • 33. Hidden Danger
    The Doctor, Susan and Ian agree to accompany the Sensorites to their home planet in the hope of finding a cure for John. But not everyone is willing to welcome them there.
  • 34. A Race Against Death
    With Ian having fallen victim to the Sensorites' plague, the Doctor is desperate to find a cure. But the City Administrator is still determined to rid his world of aliens.
  • 35. Kidnap
    The City Administrator is determined to destroy the Doctor and his friends and his paranoia prevents the Doctor's cure from being distributed.
  • 36. A Desperate Venture
    While the City Administrator's schemes reach their climax, the Doctor and Ian venture into the tunnels under the city to discover the real cause of the Sensorite plague.
  • 37. A Land of Fear
    The TARDIS lands during the French Revolution, where Ian, Barbara, and Susan become caught up in the politics of the day. When they are arrested and set to be executed, the Doctor must take on the disguise of a public official to try and save their lives. (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
  • 38. Guests of Madame Guillotine
    Susan, Ian and Barbara are sentenced to be guillotined but an encounter with a dying English prisoner may offer Ian a chance of survival.
  • 39. A Change of Identity
    Susan and Barbara are rescued by Jules and Jean, two members of the escape chain, while the Doctor gains access to the prison by posing as a revolution official.
  • 40. The Tyrant of France
    The Doctor is forced into a meeting with Robespierre while Barbara's attempts to find a physician for Susan result in them being betrayed.
  • 41. A Bargain of Necessity
    Ian finds himself held prisoner by the treacherous Leon while the Doctor attempts to engineer Susan and Barbara's escape.
  • 42. Prisoners of Conciergerie
    Ian finally delivers his message to James Stirling but in order to secure Susan's release he and Barbara are forced into a dangerous spying mission.
  • 1. Planet of Giants
    When the TARDIS malfunctions and the doors open in the time vortex, the travelers and their Ship shrink to the size of insects. When they arrive on Earth, they uncover a murderous plot involving a new insecticide - but how can they stop the crime in their miniaturized condition? (Originally broadcast in three parts.)
  • 2. Dangerous Journey
    Ian and Barbara are accidentally taken into Smithers' laboratory and, while the Doctor and Susan face a hazardous journey to reach them, they witness the deadly effects of DN6 first hand.
  • 3. Crisis
    The Doctor and his friends face a race against time to expose Forrester's plans and return to normal size before Barbara succumbs to the effects of DN6.
  • 4. World's End
    Ian and Barbara believe the TARDIS has finally returned to their contemporary London, but soon discover signs of plague and warfare. Their old enemies, the Daleks, have invaded the Earth of the 22nd century. Separated and fighting for their lives, the travelers must try to aid the remaining humans and overthrow the Daleks' cruel tyranny. (Originally broadcast in six parts.)
  • 5. The Daleks
    The Doctor and Ian are taken to the Dalek saucer while Susan and Barbara join the rebels in planning an attack.
  • 6. Day of Reckoning
    The Doctor manages to escape from the Dalek saucer and meet up with Susan and David but Ian is left trapped onboard. Meanwhile, Barbara and her new friends face a dangerous journey across London.
  • 7. The End of Tomorrow
    While Susan and David try to find a way out of London, Ian and Larry infiltrate the Dalek mine workings.
  • 8. The Waking Ally
    The Doctor's party investigate the Daleks' central control in Bedfordshire while Barbara and Jenny's attempt to reach it are derailed when they are betrayed.
  • 9. Flashpoint
    The Daleks' plan to transform Earth into a giant spaceship and wipe out its inhabitants is nearing completion and the Doctor and his friends face a race against time to prevent them from destroying the planet's core.
  • 10. The Powerful Enemy
    On the planet Dido, the monstrous Koquillion terrorizes Bennett and Vicki, the only survivors of a crashed spaceship. When the TARDIS lands, the Doctor, Ian, and Barbara team up with Vicki to discover what Koquillion is hiding. (Originally broadcast in two parts.)
  • 11. Desperate Measures
    The Doctor and Ian reach the crashed spaceship and meet up with Barbara and Vicki, where the Doctor uncovers the truth about Koquillion.
  • 12. The Slave Traders
    The travelers decide to take a holiday near ancient Rome, but after a month the Doctor gets restless. He and Vicki determine to visit Rome, and while they are gone Ian and Barbara are abducted by slave traders. All roads lead to Rome, however, and the travelers find themselves at the mercy of the country's petulant emperor, Nero… (Originally broadcast in four parts.)
  • 13. All Roads Lead to Rome
    While the Doctor and Vicki meet with Nero, Barbara is taken to Rome to be sold while Ian is forced to work as a galley slave.
  • 14. Conspiracy
    Ian and Delos are forced to fight each other for their freedom while the Doctor has to perform for Nero's court.
  • 15. Inferno
    Ian and Delos manage to escape from Sevcheria and Tavius agrees to help Barbara rejoin them.The Doctor's attempts to avoid being thrown to the lions inadvertently result in Nero deciding to burn down Rome.
  • 16. The Web Planet
    The TARDIS is drawn by a mysterious force and lands on the alien planet Vortis. There the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki find themselves caught up in a war between an evil force known as “The Animus”, its ant-like Zarbi allies, and the butterfly-like Menoptra race and their allies the subterranean Optera.
  • 17. The Zarbi
    The Doctor, Ian and Vicki are captured by the Zarbi while Barbara meets up with the butterfly-like Menoptera who are trying to reclaim the planet.
  • 19. Crater of Needles
    Ian and Vrestin are captured by the subterranean Optera while Barbara and her Menoptera allies attempt to escape from the slave camp.
  • 20. Invasion
    Barbara and the surviving Menoptera take refuge in the Temple of Light while the Doctor and Vicki attempt to escape by taking control of a Zarbi.
  • 21. The Centre
    The Doctor and Vicki are taken before the Animus but the isoptope is left behind in the laboratory.The only hope of victory lies with Barbara and her Menoptera allies.
  • 22. The Lion
    The TARDIS lands in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade and the crew help save Richard the Lionheart from an ambush, but Barbara is captured and brought before Saladin.
  • 23. The Knight of Jaffa
    While the Doctor, Ian, and Vicki are drawn into the intrigues of King Richard's court, Barbara has to cope with an impatient Saladin and the vengeful El Akir.
  • 24. The Wheel of Fortune
    Barbara allies herself with a man whose were murdered by El Akir as the Doctor and Vicki are caught up in Richard's plan to offer his sister's hand in marriage to Saladin's brother.
  • 25. The Warlords
    Ian sets out with a reluctant accomplice to rescue Barbara from El Akir's palace as the Doctor and Vicki try to evade the suspicions of the Earl of Leicester.
  • 26. The Space Museum
    The TARDIS arrives on a planet that has been turned into a space museum but the Doctor and his friends are puzzled when they find themselves out of phase with their surroundings.
  • 27. The Dimensions of Time
    Now back on their proper time track, the Doctor and his friends must work to avoid the future they saw for themselves.
  • 28. The Search
    With the Doctor missing, Ian, Barbara and Vicki find themselves in danger from the Moroks while the Xerons also try to make contact with them.
  • 29. The Final Phase
    While Ian tries to force Lobos to release the Doctor from the museum, Vicki joins the Xerons in trying to gain the weapons needed to start a revolution against the occupiers.
  • 30. The Executioners
    The Doctor has assembled a new time machine with a TV screen showing scenes in the past to order, Lincoln, Shakespeare and the Beatles are selected. They land on a barren planet with two suns,and become separated.A sandstorm causes the Doctor and Barbara to lose the TARDIS,Ian and Vicky meet an octopus-like monster, and the Daleks arrive, still hunting for them.
  • 31. The Death of Time
    While Ian and Vicki are threatened by a Mire Beast, the Doctor and Barbara meet up with the Aridians…who are then ordered to hand them over to the Daleks.
  • 32. Flight Through Eternity
    The TARDIS crew's attempts to escape from the Daleks take them to the top of the Empire State Building and a 19th century sailing ship.
  • 33. Journey Into Terror
    The TARDIS lands in a haunted house where the Doctor and his friends are confronted by Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster…and then the Daleks appear.
  • 34. The Death of Doctor Who
    With Vicki trapped on board the Dalek time machine, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara decide to make their stand on the planet Mechanus.
  • 35. The Planet of Decision
    The Doctor and his friends are taken into the Mechanoid City but their troubles are far from over…especially when the Daleks launch an attack.
  • 36. The Watcher
    The Doctor, Vicki, and Steven Taylor, go to 1066 England, but something doesn't seem right including modern inventions like a Gramaphone and electricity. Could there be another time traveller?
  • 37. The Meddling Monk
    The Doctor is being held prisoner by the Monk and Steven and Vicki's search for him brings them to the Saxon village.But a greater danger threatens when a Viking raiding party arrives.
  • 38. A Battle of Wits
    The Doctor manages to escape from his cell and get the upper hand on the Monk but his plans are derailed when Sven and Ulf arrive at the monastery.
  • 39. Checkmate
    The Doctor finally discovers what the Monk is up to and must move fast to prevent his opponent from altering the course of history.
  • 1. Four Hundred Dawns
    After an encounter with a hostile robot called a Chumblie, the Doctor and his companions are rescued by a group of female Drahvins.
  • 2. Trap of Steel
    With the knowledge that the planet will be destroyed in two days, the Drahvins instruct the Doctor to help them steal the Rills' ship.
  • 3. Air Lock
    The Doctor and Vicki encounter the Rills and learn the situation is more complex than they thought while Steven finds the Drahvins' hospitality ever more perilous.
  • 4. The Exploding Planet
    The Doctor and Vicki enlist the aid of the Chumblies to rescue Steven from the Drahvins and then find a way off the planet before its destruction.
  • 5. Mission to the Unknown
    Whilst The Doctor, Steven and Vicki are traveling to their next destination. On the planet Kembel, Marc Cory, a Space Security Service agent discovers The Daleks are attending a secret meeting with their allies. Where Cory discovers the Dalek's evil plan, which sets the stage for the epic 14-part adventure “The Dalek Master Plan”.
  • 6. Temple of Secrets
    The TARDIS lands in the middle of the Trojan War, where the Doctor is mistaken for the god Zeus.
  • 7. Small Prophet, Quick Return
    While Odysseus forces the Doctor to find a way to win the war, Steven decides to get himself taken prisoner in order to enter Troy and find Vicki and the TARDIS.
  • 8. Death of a Spy
    With Steven and Vicki being held prisoner by the Trojans, the Doctor's only hope of seeing them again is to suggest the idea of the Trojan Horse.
  • 9. Horse of Destruction
    The Doctor waits inside the Trojan Horse for a chance to reach his companions but Steven's assumed identity as a Greek soldier and Vicki's growing feelings for Troilus endanger their escape.
  • 10. The Nightmare Begins
    The Doctor runs afoul of the Daleks and Special Security Agent Bret Vyon on the planet Kembel.
  • 11. Day of Armageddon
    The Doctor infiltrates the Daleks' conference to try and discover their plans, leaving Steven, Katarina and Bret to find a way off the planet.
  • 12. Devil's Planet
    The Doctor and his friends escape Kembel in the Spar ship but the Daleks force them down on the planet Desperus, where they are threatened by a group of convicts.
  • 13. The Traitors
    With Katarina being held hostage, the Doctor, Steven and Bret are in danger of having to given in to Kirksen's demands, while, on Earth, Chen has them listed as traitors.
  • 14. Counter Plot
    The Doctor, Steven and Sara are accidentally transported to the planet Mira where Chen sends the Daleks after them.
  • 15. Coronas of the Sun
    The Doctor, Steven and Sara escape Mira in a Dalek pursuit ship but when they find the ship is returning to Kembel, they are forced to come up with a new plan to avoid the Daleks.
  • 16. The Feast of Steven
    The Doctor, Steven and Sara visit a Liverpool police station on Christmas Day and a Hollywood film set during the 1920s.
  • 17. Volcano
    The Daleks realise the Doctor has given them a fake Taranium Core while, on the planet Tigus, the Doctor encounters the Meddling Monk.
  • 18. Golden Death
    The Doctor, Steven and Sara travel to Ancient Egypt, pursued by both the Daleks and the Meddling Monk.
  • 19. Escape Switch
    Steven, Sara and the Monk are captured by the Daleks in order to force the Doctor to hand over the Taranium Core.
  • 20. The Abandoned Planet
    The Doctor, Steven and Sara reach Kembel where they find the Daleks have betrayed their allies and imprisoned them.
  • 21. Destruction of Time
    With the Daleks poised to invade the solar system, the Doctor decides his only option is to activate the Time Destructor prematurely, threatening the entire planet.
  • 22. War of God
    The TARDIS lands in sixteenth century Paris and Steven becomes involved with a group of Huguenots.
  • 23. The Sea Beggar
    While trying to find the Doctor, Steven discovers a conspiracy to assassinate a man known as the Sea Beggar.
  • 24. Priest of Death
    Steven has discovered the identity of the Sea Beggar, but can he warn the Huguenots in time?
  • 25. Bell of Doom
    Steven rejoins the Doctor and they leave Paris just ahead of the massacre, leaving Anne behind.
  • 26. The Steel Sky
    The Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive on a giant spaceship millions of years in the future, transporting the last humans away from the doomed Earth.
  • 27. The Plague
    With the Ark infected with a cold virus, the Doctor must convince the Guardians to trust him so he can find a cure.
  • 28. The Return
    The Doctor, Steven and Dodo have traveled 700 years into the future and find that the Ark is now under the control of the Monoids as it approaches Refusis.
  • 29. The Bomb
    The Monoids abandon the Ark, leaving Steven and the Guardians to die, but a mutiny in their ranks may give the Doctor a chance to bring about peace.
  • 30. The Celestial Toyroom
    The Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in the realms of the Celestial Toymaker, who forces them to play his deadly games.
  • 31. The Hall of Dolls
    While the Doctor continues to play the Trilogic Game with the Toymaker, Steven and Dodo are involved in a deadly game of musical chairs.
  • 32. The Dancing Floor
    Steven and Dodo are forced to cross the dancing floor, where the Toymaker's dolls plan to force them to dance for eternity.
  • 33. The Final Test
    As the Doctor nears the end of his game against the Toymaker, Steven and Dodo take on Cyril in a lethal game of hopscotch to try and recover the TARDIS.
  • 34. A Holiday for the Doctor
    The TARDIS arrives in Tombstone, Arizona in 1891. Where the Doctor is looking for a dentist when he has a toothache, where The Doctor finds the local dentist is the famous Doc Holliday who is in a feud with The Clanton Brothers and their hired gunfighter Johnny Ringo, whilst local sheriff Wyatt Earp is trying to keep the peace. The Doctor, Steven and Dodo find themselves joining forces with The Clanton Brothers and Sheriff Wyatt Earp.
  • 35. Don't Shoot the Pianist
    With the Clantons believing the Doctor to be Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp takes him into protective custody but this leaves Steven and Dodo in danger.
  • 36. Johnny Ringo
    Earp comes to Steven's rescue and arrests Phineas Clanton, prompting the Clantons to decide to enlist the help of Johnny Ringo.
  • 37. The O.K. Corral
    The Clantons have shot Warren Earp, leading to a showdown between the two families with the Doctor powerless to prevent bloodshed.
  • 38. The Savages: Episode 1
    The Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in the far future and are welcomed by the advanced civilisation of the Elders but soon begin to suspect they are hiding a secret.
  • 39. The Savages: Episode 2
    The Doctor, Steven and Dodo investigate why there are Savages in the Elders' city and uncover the true price of the Elders' perfect society.
  • 40. The Savages: Episode 3
    The Doctor has been subjected to the Elders' extraction process and Steven and Dodo must return to their city to rescue him.
  • 41. The Savages: Episode 4
    The Doctor urges the Savages to finally bring an end to the Elders' oppression and enlists the help of an unlikely ally.
  • 42. The War Machines: Episode 1
    The Doctor and Dodo return to London in the present day where the Doctor becomes concerned about WOTAN, a new super-computer installed in the Post Officer Tower.
  • 43. The War Machines: Episode 2
    Dodo is under the control of WOTAN and attempts to lure the Doctor into a trap, while the rest of WOTAN's slaves begin construction on its robotic War Machines.
  • 44. The War Machines: Episode 3
    Ben tries to escape from the warehouse but is captured by Polly, who is now also under WOTAN's control, and forced to work on construction the War Machine.
  • 45. The War Machines: Episode 4
    The first War Machine is defeated but the Doctor only has a matter of hours to destroy WOTAN before the rest of its army is activated.
  • 1. Remembrance of the Daleks, Part One
    London, 1963. Returning to the scenes of his first televised adventure, the Doctor and new companion Ace play a tricky game of bluff and deceit involving two rival Dalek factions, local soldiers, and the awesomely powerful Gallifreyan artefact, the Hand of Omega…
  • 2. Remembrance of the Daleks, Part Two
    With two factions of Daleks involved in a race war on Earth, the Doctor takes care of old business by having the Hand of Omega ceremoniously but quietly buried in a churchyard. His actions do not go unobserved, and leaving behind a bored Ace without a purposeful outlet could spell trouble as well.
  • 3. Remembrance of the Daleks, Part Three
    The Doctor plans to let one of the Dalek factions have the Hand of Omega (but not too easily, of course) while keeping Gilmore and his military men preoccupied in a safe territory, but that plan could be threatened by a mole in their midst and a miscalculation on the Doctor's part.
  • 4. Remembrance of the Daleks, Part Four
    The Imperial Dalek Emperor reveals himself to be an old, familiar adversary of the Doctor. Now with the Hand of Omega, the Imperial Daleks expect to rule over both time and the Time Lords. The only snag in the Doctor's plan to thwart this may come from the fascist mole in Gilmore's unit - discovered and detained but escaped to cause mischief, putting both Ace's life and the Doctor's plan at risk.
  • 1. Battlefield, Part One
    Knights from a parallel universe arrive on Earth to find the legendary sword Excalibur. And only the Doctor and Ace with the assistance of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and save the Earth from total catastrophe.
  • 2. Battlefield, Part Two
    The Doctor and Ace discover a stone spaceship underneath Warmsley's archaeological dig while Mordred summons Morgaine to Earth's dimension.
  • 3. Battlefield, Part Three
    The Brigadier rescues the Doctor from the stone spaceship before they set out to locate Morgaine before she gains Excalibur.
  • 4. Battlefield, Part Four
    Morgaine forces Ace and Shou Yuing to hand over Excalibur by threatening to release the Destroyer, so the Doctor and the Brigadier enter a dimensional portal to stop her.

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