Children Ruin Everything with subtitle

Astrid and James, who struggle to find a balance between being mom and dad to two kids and being who they were before offspring.

  • 1. Meals
    James and Astrid try to have a nice family dinner to celebrate a special occasion, but their young children make it challenging.
  • 2. Bodies
    Pressured to not look “like a dad” for an upcoming work event, James takes his kids out on a shopping trip. Seán Cullen guest stars.
  • 3. Intimacy
    James and Astrid attempt to get some alone time, but the kids keep getting in the way. Meanwhile, Dawn and Bo renew their vows.
  • 4. Truth
    While Astrid is away on a business trip, James struggles to keep the Tooth Fairy tradition alive.
  • 5. Sick Days
    Despite getting sick, Astrid and James have to organize a kids birthday party, and Felix seems to be growing up faster than Astrid thought.
  • 6. Road Trip
    As they race against time, the Berneys struggle to survive a chaotic road trip to Manitoulin Island.
  • 7. Death
    Following a brush with death, James and Astrid realize they need to make a death plan, including finding legal guardians for Felix and Viv.
  • 8. Space
    Frustrated over their cluttered home full of kids' stuff, James and Astrid decide to purge.
  • 1. Sleep
    With a new baby refusing to sleep and a return to the office looming for Astrid, she and James consider desperate measures.
  • 2. Friends
    Feeling like parenthood has eroded her friendships, Astrid jumps at a playdate, and James attempts to keep his own commitments.
  • 3. Dignity
    Following embarrassing run-ins with her boss and co-workers, Astrid feels on the back foot and disconnected from her younger co-workers. Astrid realizes her best move might be to attend a drink night with the rest of her team.
  • 4. Screen Time
    With their kids’ faces always buried in their screens, Astrid and James enact a weekend screen ban, but when Astrid inadvertently takes on an assignment at work and James gets put in charge of his company’s social media accounts, leading by example becomes more complicated than they originally thought. In a bid to get some work done, James takes the older kids to the park to distract them while he sneaks in some social media updates and Astrid stays home to put the baby down for a nap before launching into her own assignment. But without the hypnotic power of electronics, Astrid and James are in for an uphill battle.
  • 5. Privacy
    Astrid and her sister suspect their mom is hiding something from them. They begin snooping around. Their mother appears to be dating someone new. A request to launch a new product at work leads James to agree to meet with Ennis' cousin.
  • 6. Fairness
    Between Astrid and her sister Dawn’s kids, their mother Nisha is feeling burnt out on babysitting duties. When she announces her retirement from free childcare, it falls to Astrid and Dawn to try and get her back on board for watching their kids. While Astrid scrambles for childcare, James faces a growing conflict between their two oldest kids, Felix and Viv, as an opportunity presents itself for one of them to be the face of a new marketing campaign at James’s work.
  • 7. Identity
    When Astrid and James’ daughter Viv answers on a school assignment that she is Indigenous instead of her actual heritage, Indian, Astrid begins to feel guilty that she has not properly taught Viv about their family history. But as Astrid tries to share their cultural heritage with Viv, she quickly realizes she may not be well versed in it either. As Astrid struggles to impart their shared past on her daughter, James struggles with a growing sense that in spite of being a natural, their son Felix might not love baseball the way James did growing up.
  • 8. Each Other
    When Felix’s best friend moves away, Astrid and James must confront the influence of the outside world on their kids.
  • 9. Teamwork
    Getting away from their family for a night might prove to be harder than expected as Astrid and James try to divide and conquer at bedtime.
  • 10. Me Time
    Running an errand, Astrid gets some much-needed alone time, but she might be on borrowed time before the chaos of her house finds her.
  • 11. Money
    When an unexpected expense puts Astrid and James over their budget, they must attempt to tighten their belts while still keeping a promise.
  • 12. Weekends
    With long days at the office, Astrid cannot shake the feeling that she is missing out on key moments with their kids. Astrid convinces James that what the family needs is an adventure together.
  • 13. Arguments
    Reaching a tipping point, Astrid and James need to vent about their growing list of grievances toward one another.
  • 14. Expectations
    With a move out of the city and their home of a decade looming, Astrid and James look back on when they first moved in. With Astrid set to give birth to her first child, her mother and sister do not see eye to eye on Astrid's birth plan.
  • 15. Momentum
    With potential buyers coming to look at their house sooner than they expected, Astrid and James try to rally the kids to clean and get out to the park before their open house begins, but their daughter Viv takes a vow to not ever leave their home.
  • 16. Parenting
    Astrid and James are forced to examine their differing parenting approaches to dealing with their daughter's behavior issues.
  • 1. Therapy
    While waiting on the results of an evaluation for Viv, Astrid and James feel the pressure of figuring out how to best help their possibly neurodivergent child. But when Viv’s new doctor, guest star Emma Hunter, rubs Astrid the wrong way, Astrid tries coming up with her own strategies for Viv. Meanwhile, at Gero’s Grocery, the enlistment of Fintekoäly – a tech company hired to automate checkouts at Gero’s – makes Marla uneasy.
  • 2. Consequences
    With free box seat tickets to a Raptor’s game from Fintekölay in hand, Astrid and James are hesitant to discipline Felix and Viv when they slack on their chores. Punishing the kids would mean missing the game and that’s something they want to avoid at all costs. But after the kids get caught in an escalating lie, Astrid and James realize that maybe their discipline style can use a little work.
  • 3. Confidence
    When Astrid has to give a presentation to the World Cup Committee, her confidence tumbles after the kids make fun of her during a practice presentation she does for them.
  • 4. Talking
    While having dinner at a fancy restaurant, Astrid and James struggle to find something to talk about other than the kids.
  • 7. Spontaneity
    After hearing about Dawn's spontaneous trip to South America, Astrid is determined to be spontaneous herself, even if that means playing hooky from her responsibilities.
  • 8. Hangover
    When Astrid and James wake up hungover, all they want to do is lie down in a quiet dark room. To have the day to themselves, they decide to let Felix and Viv go on their screens all day. There’s only one problem. The internet is down. And the kids are bored. Adding to their pounding headaches, their chaotic neighbor Rachel and her kids come over, requiring even more energy from Astrid and James. Rachel is having marital problems and refuses to leave. Or stop talking.
  • 9. Leaving the House
    Astrid wonders if she's responsible for passing neurodivergent genes on to her daughter, Viv. So, when Astrid and James are consistently late for Viv's early morning meetings with the school counselor, Astrid is determined to get Viv to school on time in order for Viv to get the support she needs. As a family, they come up with a time management plan to get out of the house on time, but something always takes them off track. At Gero's Grocery, James gets hit with some unexpected news.

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Children Ruin Everything
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  • Жанры: Комедия
  • Год выпуска: 2022
  • Страны: Канада
  • Время: 21 минут
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