Catherine the Great with subtitle

This four-part historical drama follows the end of Catherine the Great's reign and her affair with Russian military leader Grigory Potemkin that helped shape the future of Russian politics.

  • 1. Episode 1
    Russian Empress Catherine the Great faces challenges to her throne on all sides, as she meets the forthright and bold Lieutenant Grigory Potemkin.
  • 2. Episode 2
    A victorious Potemkin returns from war to find Catherine preoccupied, leading the two to speak candidly about their pasts and future, while a Cossack stirs discontent among peasants in the countryside.
  • 3. Episode 3
    Catherine and Potemkin experience growing pains in their relationship, as Potemkin’s push for expansion puts him at odds with Panin.
  • 4. Episode 4
    Pressure from foreign powers leads to a bitter argument between Catherine and an ailing Potemkin. Catherine works to change the line of succession as her reign draws to an end.

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Catherine the Great
  • Рейтинг "Catherine the Great": 6,50
  • Жанры: Драма
  • Год выпуска: 2019
  • Страны: Великобритания
  • Время: 55 минут
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