Время приключений with subtitle

Веселый сериал, рассказывающий о путешествиях двух настоящих друзей - мальчика Фина и его верного пса Джейка в магической стране Ууу. Фин - 13-ти летний мальчишка, обожающий приключения, Джейк - уникальная собака с магическими способностями. 

  • 1. Orb
    While returning home from their adventure in Islands, Finn, Jake and BMO take a nap after eating a lot of bananas. A mysterious black orb in the sky begins to subject the three to strange dreams that quickly become nightmarish. Their nightmares begin to intertwine as they realize that they are dreaming and come in contact with a being that Finn dubs Nightmare Princess. This entity simply wants their bananas, but BMO strikes a bargain so that they get something in return. The group wake up to the orb taking some of their bananas and leaves a pink vile of nightmare juice. BMO looks through the telescope to discover that Ooo has changed radically.
  • 2. Elements Part 1: Skyhooks
    Finn, Jake and BMO arrive back in Ooo and discover that their home and the areas surrounding it have been entirely converted into candy. They also encounter Fern, N.E.P.T.R., Shelby, Lemongrab, Tree Trunks, Mr. Pig and Marceline who have been converted into happily brainwashed candy people. A frightened Sweet P is the only person who is still normal and directs the gang to a mysterious candy tower. The tower turns out to be Princess Bubblegum who has become a large candy being and attempts to convert the gang into candy people as well. While BMO is completely transformed, Finn and Jake are rescued by Ice King who takes them to the Sky Kingdom. As Finn and Jake look down, they discover that Ooo has been divided into four completely corrupted sections.
  • 3. Elements Part 2: Bespoken For
    Ice King explains what happened to Ooo while Finn and Jake were away. After the group left on their adventure, Ice King was visited by Betty (voiced by Felicia Day) who, frustrated over Ice King not remembering her, asks him out on a date. Betty recreates a restaurant from Ice King's previous life as Simon. When Ice King still can't remember his old life Betty drops him off back home and leaves him. Tiny Manticore gives Betty some advice; rather than trying to adhere to Simon, she should just reach out to him as Ice King due to her having changed as well. Betty returns to Ice King and they start playing together. Suddenly, Patience St. Pim (voiced by Lauren Lapkus) kidnaps Betty and begins using her magic to empower mind controlled Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess and Slime Princess while Ice King flees with Gunter.
  • 4. Elements Part 3: Winter Light
    Finn, Jake and Ice King travel to the Ice World and break through the large ice dome covering the center of the land. They encounter Carroll (voiced by Cameron Esposito), from “The Tower”, who was converted to Ice and is genuinely pleased with her new appearance. The gang eventually encounter a powered up, and rather withheld, Patience who seems disappointed with the outcome of the new Ooo. While she succeeded in empowering the other elementals they have relegated themseleves to their sections of Ooo as Patience had forced them to power up rather than allow them to do so themseleves. The gang rescue Betty and leave while Patience bemoans the new world to an iced Choose Goose. Betty reveals that she can help them with the power of the Enchiridion which Finn has, causing Betty to ominously laugh.
  • 5. Elements Part 4: Cloudy
    In order to calm Finn down, Jake tucks him and himself into a cloud, but it floats away from Ice King and Betty. The two find themselves floating in the middle of endless sky while another cloud with a door flies past them. The two play pretend barber to pass the time and end up getting to the roots of their worries. The cloud flies past again and discover that it is actually a lard. They use the lard to fly back to Betty and Ice King where the former has discovered a way to return the land of Ooo to normal.
  • 6. Elements Part 5: Slime Central
    Finn and Jake arrive in the transformed Slime Kingdom to retrieve Slime Princess' crown for her jewel. They run into Lumpy Space Princess who is attending Slime Princess's roller skating party. The winners of the skating competition get absorbed into Slime Princess's whole being while the losers are caged up. Finn, Jake and Lumpy Space Princess enter, but lose, only to learn that by losing they still get absorbed. While Finn manages to grab the crown, Jake gets fully absorbed into Slime Princess forcing Lumpy Space Princess to save Finn, revealing in the process that ‘her lumps’ protect her from corruption. They are ejected from Slime Princess and forced to leave. Finn is saddened at the loss of Jake, but Lumpy Space Princess explains that Finn and Jake always win which inspires Finn to continue his mission.
  • 7. Elements Part 6: Happy Warrior
    Finn, Lumpy Space Princess, and Gunter arrive in a radically altered Fire Kingdom. The inhabitants, which include Wyatt (voiced by Andrew Daly) and Lady Rainicorn, attack the heroes. Finn and Gunter try desperately to restrain their violent tendencies as it would allow the kingdom to corrupt them. Eventually the group find Flame Princess who has transformed into a dragon. When she swallows the jewel necessary to save Ooo, Finn gives into his violence and begins attacking Flame Princess. Lumpy Space Princess angered by the violence yells at everyone to stop their fighting. The kingdom misinterprets her anger and decide to start a war with the Candy Kingdom. Cinnamon Bun, who was unaffected by the corruption, frets that this is the end of Ooo.
  • 8. Elements Part 7: Hero Heart
    Lumpy Space Princess chases Finn and attempts to turn him back to normal, but to no avail. Ice King and Betty try to intervene, but are swatted away by Flame Princess. The Fire Kingdom inhabitants ‘fight’ the Candy Kingdom inhabitants making Lumpy Space Princess upset. After eating some of Marceline, who is made of marshmallows, Lumpy Space Princess reaches out to Finn's hero heart by placing some of Princess Bubblegum onto him. Recalling happier times with PB, Finn returns to normal. PB then fires her candy powers into the air and converts everyone into obedient candy people, except for Finn who was protected by Lumpy Space Princess. Finn nabs the three jewels and gives them to Betty, but she leaves him behind. Finn finds himself surrounded by the Candy Kingdom.
  • 9. Elements Part 8: Skyhooks II
    Betty knocks out Ice King and reveals that she wants to use the jewels to go back in time and stop Simon from transforming into Ice King. Ice King, still oblivious to her plans accidentally ruins her spell causing her to get transported to Mars where she meets Normal Man. Lumpy Space Princess rescues Finn from the candy inhabitants as Princess Bubblegum enacts her plan to convert the rest of Ooo into candy while Patience freezes herself again. Finn realizes that LSP's immunity means that she is the anti-elemental. Ice King arrives with the gems and Lumpy Space Princess is able to transform all of Ooo back to normal. However, Jake comes back resembling his shapeshifter parent. Despite this, Finn is glad that he is reunited with his brother.
  • 10. Abstract
    Finn, BMO and Lady Rainicorn are slightly disturbed by Jake's new alien appearance while Jake himself seems oblivious, or rather in denial about it. After having a bizarre dream about Jermaine (voiced by Tom Scharpling) painting abstract art, which according to Jake he hates, he decides to go look for him. Jake traverses the wasteland until he comes across Jermaine's studio. He tries to “rescue” Jermaine from changing, but Jermaine convinces Jake that change is a good thing as long as you remain the same on the inside. After examining and taking home one of Jermaine's paintings, Jake discovers that he has returned to normal and is greeted by a very pleased Finn.
  • 11. Ketchup
    Marceline is unexpectedly visited by BMO causing the former to ask BMO to download a USB drive. While they wait, BMO tells the story of when it, Finn and Jake traveled the seas. However, the story is mostly inaccurate and involves a cat named Ted and a blue jay that says “OOOOOOHH!” (voiced by J. G. Quintel). Marcy then tells the story of “Lollipop Girl” and “Rock Star Girl” and their encounter with a “Blue Tranch” that resulted in “Weekend Island” getting taken over by potatoes. When the USB drive finally downloads, it reveals pictures of young Marcy with her mother. She feigns knowing them and asks BMO to tell their story resulting in a tale about “the Child and the Moon Girl” which Marcy thanks BMO for.
  • 12. Fionna and Cake and Fionna
    At a Fionna and Cake book reading by Ice King, an old woman claiming to be Fionna (voiced by Charlotte Newhouse) arrives with a tape of an early Fionna and Cake adventure. Ice King is enamored by “Fionna” and invites her to stay with him. At night Ice King watches the remainder of the tape where Fionna and Cake find a mummy (voiced by Chelsea Peretti) only to learn that the mummy is really the Queen of Ooo. Ice King misinterprets the video and thinks that “Fionna” is a mummy. He confronts her and discovers that she was looking for more Fionna and Cake tapes only to find that Ice King doesn't have any. “Fionna” is really a bunny who picked up signals that played Fionna and Cake and wanted more. When she realizes what she has done she flees. Later that night, Fionna and Cake adventures are beamed into Ice King's head.
  • 13. Whispers
    While fishing, Finn and Fern encounter Sweet P who was running away from home after having a nightmare. Sweet P reveals that he has been having visions of a “whisper monster” trying to tell him he is evil. Finn and Fern decide to camp with Sweet P when they encounter the hand of the Lich that was cut off in “Crossover”. Finn and Fern fight the Lich's hand, but it escapes. Finn gives chase and follows it into an underground tunnel where he ends up getting rescued by Sweet P (he had knocked out Fern so he could escape) who slays the hand. Fern feeling useless for not being able to help, plots to become the true Finn.
  • 14. Three Buckets
    Fern reveals his ability to change his appearance to look just like Finn. Impressed, Finn joins Fern to a dungeon hidden away in a mountain. While there, Fern traps Finn in one of the rooms and reveals his plan to replace him. Finn finds out that his robotic arm can do a variety of things and drills his way out of the dungeon. Finn and Fern fight out in the field where Finn attempts to reason with Fern, however his robot arm misinterprets the word “finality” with “fatality” and he ends up destroying Fern. Finn returns home traumatized with Jake and BMO comforting him. Meanwhile, a mysterious man (voiced by Fred Melamed) scoops up Fern's still living remains in a bucket.
  • 1. The Wild Hunt
    Still feeling guilty over Fern's death, Princess Bubblegum tasks Finn to protect the banana guard from a monster later dubbed “the Grumbo”. Finn can't bring himself to slay the monster as he keeps seeing Fern's face materialize when he's close to defeating it. Later, Finn meets up with Huntress Wizard (voiced by Jenny Slate) who is also trying to slay the Grumbo and she tries to give encouraging words to Finn. They find the Grumbo's cave and Finn once again stalls. Huntress Wizard puts herself in harm's way and Finn imagines Fern in her place and finally slays the Grumbo. Afterwards, Finn and Huntress Wizard casually admit their feelings for each other and realize that the Grumbo was artificially created. Uncle Gumbald plots to create another monster using the remains of Fern.
  • 2. Always BMO Closing
    BMO and Ice King become door-to-door salesmen by posing as one body (Ice King as the body and BMO as the head). After selling a stick to Tree Trunks, the two get lost and end up at the dungeon where Gumbald is staying. They sell him Finn's baby teeth which he happily pays for with a silver cup. Finn is outraged that his baby teeth were sold and is further mortified when Baby Finns made of teeth begin attacking the tree house. Through Ice King's encouragement, BMO “sells” two mallets to Finn and Jake and they successfully defeat the teeth babies. Afterwards, Gumbald admits that his current plan was a bad idea.
  • 3. Son of Rap Bear
    While at a party, Flame Princess accidentally signs a contract from Toronto stating that if she loses in a rap battle against Son of Rap Bear (voiced by Dumbfoundead) her kingdom will be forfeited to Toronto. She and Finn go meet Rap Bear (voiced by Rekstizzy) who explains that his son literally blew his legs off, frightening them. Despite training, Flame Princess still feels ill-prepared, and so she visits her father, the deposed Flame King (voiced by Keith David). She attempts to mend their rocky relationship, but much to her frustration, her father seems oblivious to the pain that he caused his daughter. Later, at the rap battle, Flame Princess begins to lose her composure, but after seeing the still-unapologetic Flame King in the crowd, she angrily expresses her frustrations with her father in a rap. The track impresses the crowd, and Flame Princess defeats Son of Rap Bear.
  • 4. Bonnibel Bubblegum
    When Finn presents the silver cup from “Always BMO Closing”, Princess Bubblegum decides to tell him, Marceline and Jake some more of her history. 800 years ago, a child version of Bonnibel discovers a family photo and decides to create a gum family. She creates Uncle Gumbald, Aunt Lolly and Cousin Chicle to help farm the area. However, her family quickly turn on her with the prospect of “branding” their family. Gumbald creates a juice that transforms those into low minded candy people. Bonnibel fights back, transforming them into her eventual candy civilians and deciding on the title of princess. In the present, BMO reveals where it got the cup.
  • 5. Seventeen
    At Finn's seventeenth birthday party, held at the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Huntress Wizard and BMO present Finn with gifts. Suddenly, the Green Knight (voiced by Brad Neely) arrives and presents Finn with his own gift, an ax that he will reward him with if he attacks him with it. Thinking this is one of Jake's tricks, Finn beheads the Green Knight only for Jake to arrive and the Knight challenges him to a battle by blocking him from his friends. Finn accepts and the two play 2/3 with the party games held at the castle. While arm wrestling, the Knight reveals himself to be a revived Fern who makes short work of Finn. He is stopped by Gumbald, Lolly and Chicle who were returned to their original form by Lumpy Space Princess transforming Ooo at the end of Elements. The trio and Fern leave as Finn is devastated by his loss.
  • 6. Ring of Fire
    Tree Trunks gets a call from her old flame Randy (voiced by David Herman) who wants his old ring back to propose to his new girlfriend. In flashback, Randy proposed to Tree Trunks after graduating high school. Immediately afterwards, Tree Trunks left him and became a pirate on the sea where she met and married Danny (voiced by Raza Jaffrey). She breaks up with him due to him lying to her and she moves on to becoming a CEO to a shipping company. She marries her employee Wyatt, but due to his clinging attitude breaks up with him and he flees with the ring. Mr. Pig, who followed arrives as does Wyatt who still has the ring. Randy gets it back and Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig reaffirm their love.
  • 7. Marcy & Hunson
    Peppermint Butler gives Finn a new sword, the Night Blade. However, he also summons Hunson Abadeer. Peppermint Butler allows Hunson to roam the earth for one day and is restrained from using his powers. Finn and Jake take him to Marceline who is once again annoyed at her father's ignorance. When Finn and Jake let slip that Marceline has a solo concert for ghosts, Hunson forces his way in. Marceline gives her performance, but it is interrupted by Hunson's interference. Chicle, who has been following them, instigates a ruckus with the ghosts who proceed to beat up a weakened Hunson. Marceline is also powerless from stopping them, but Finn's new sword saves them. The group escape and meet with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline and Hunson make up.
  • 8. The First Investigation
    Kim Kil Whan sends Finn and Jake to Joshua and Margaret's old office after one of his employees get frightened by something. Finn and Jake witness strange ghosts and other sightings as objects move around. Finn suddenly sees baby versions of himself, Jake and Jermaine and gives Jake a wet willy (earlier Jake claimed that Finn had given him one years ago and he denied it). Realizing that the ghosts are time remnants, Finn tries to look for the source while Jake accidentally scares Kim's employee and sees his own birth from “Joshua and Margaret Investigations”. They discover that one of Dr. Gross' experiments, Time Bear, had been behind it and fix him with Finn leaving a note for past Joshua and Margaret. While outside, Jake meets his alien parent, is turned blue and taken away leaving a note for Finn that reads “BRB-Jake”.
  • 9. Blenanas
    Bummed about Jake being gone, Finn reads an issue of Ble Magazine and comes across a doodle of a caveman with his leg getting bit by a dog while a psychiatrist sits next to him. Finn writes “Ouch! Hey this isn't helping at all!”. He shows it to BMO and Princess Bubblegum, but neither get it. Finn shows it to Ice King who reveals that he wrote to Ble Magazine to have his stories published, but they never were.
  • 10. Jake the Starchild
    Immediately after “The First Investigation”, Jake is taken by his dying alien parent, Warren Ampersand, to his home planet and discovers he that must defeat an evil alien to save the inhabitants. Warren gives Jake a special belt while he wears one himself. As Jake uses his stretching powers, he becomes weaker and Warren becomes younger, revealing that the belts drain Jake's youth and energy.
  • 11. Temple of Mars
    Finn is visited by Jermaine who reveals that Jake is in space and that they must rescue him. They head to Mars where Normal Man, now King Man, has Betty doing labor to “cure” her. King Man has them enter a cave to search for a device to save Jake and encounter various puzzles.
  • 12. Gumbaldia
    Finn is visited by Jermaine who reveals that Jake is in space and that they must rescue him. They head to Mars where Normal Man, now King Man, has Betty doing labor to “cure” her. King Man has them enter a cave to search for a device to save Jake and encounter various puzzles. Eventually, they come across Past Betty who was to go on a trip in a week, but met Simon changing her plans. Finn and Jermaine tell her that Betty needs to think about herself and she “changes” her past so that she left that day instead of in a week.
  • 13. Come Along With Me
    In the distant future, many years after the outcome of the Gum War, two friends named Beth and Shermy recover a rusty old mechanical arm that once belonged to Finn after it is dropped by a Prize Ball Guardian. In their home, formerly known as the residence of Marceline the Vampire Queen, the two decide to visit the “King of Ooo” in order to inquire about its origins. They visit the King in his hideout at the top of Mount Cragdor, and are greeted by BMO and his many artifacts and keepsakes of old. After Shermy and Beth accidentally break a few items, BMO asks them to leave. When they present him with Finn's lost mechanical arm, however, BMO agrees to tell them the story of the Gum War.

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