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Mad Men

Mad Men
  • Avaliação: 8,60
  • Ano de emissão: 2007
  • Géneros: Drama
  • Países: United States
  • Duração: 49 minutos
  • Complexidade: 9

A série descreve a vida de uma agência de publicidade que está localizada em um prestigiado distrito de Nova York. O enredo está focado na vida de Don Draper, o diretor criativo, e retrata mudanças sociais nos EUA na década de 1960.

  • 1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
    In 1960 New York City - the high-powered and glamorous “Golden Age” of advertising - Don Draper, the biggest ad man in the business, struggles to stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing times and the young executives nipping at his heels.
  • 2. Ladies Room
    Don Draper is reluctant to talk about his past, or his childhood, whether with his wife Betty or his boss Roger Sterling. Joan Holloway teaches Peggy Olsen how to wrangle a free lunch out of some of the ad men. Roger Sterling raises the issue of working for the upcoming Nixon presidential campaign and while Don doesn't have much enthusiasm, senior partner Bert Cooper insists that they will go ahead and orders Don to put a team together. The creative team has to come up with an ad campaign for a new deodorant in an aerosol spray can. Betty Draper's doctor recommends …
  • 3. Marriage of Figaro
    Pete Campbell returns from his honeymoon with tall tales and a big grin on his face. He does tell Peggy Olson that their fling before his marriage was for one night only. Don Draper runs into an old army buddy who knows him under the name of Dick Whitman. He also takes a tour of Rachel Menken's store but in a private moment, their mutual attraction becomes evident. The Drapers have friends over for their daughter's birthday party, including the divorcée who lives down the street. Don however is obviously unhappy with his lot in life and seems to be carrying a burden …
  • 4. New Amsterdam
    Pete Campbell oversteps the mark when he pitches an idea for ad campaign to the head of Bethlehem Steel without telling Don Draper. Draper wants him fired but learns a lesson in corporate politics. Pete's wife wants to buy a Manhattan apartment but he has to approach his cold and distant parents for a loan. Pete's in-laws, however, are more forthcoming.
  • 5. 5G
    Don Draper is shaken when his past life comes back to haunt him. After his picture appears in a local newspaper, Adam Whitman, a man who claims to be his younger brother, approaches him. Don, or Dick as his brother knows him, initially denies everything but in the end admits to having taken on a new name. He refuses however to have anything to do with him and tries to buy his silence. When one of the ad men gets a short story published, Pete Campbell is frustrated that his own stories have yet to see the light of day. When his wife approaches an old beau to see if he …
  • 6. Babylon
    The Agency is looking to land an advertising contract to promote tourism to Israel. Don and his team try to come with a theme but know so little about the country they're stumped so Don calls Rachel Menken to see if she has any ideas. Roger Sterling is getting tired of sneaking around with Joan Holloway and suggests she should her own apartment but she knows better. Peggy comes up with an advertising concept during a testing session for a new line of lipsticks and she's subsequently asks to write copy.
  • 7. Red in the Face
    When Don invites Roger home for dinner, too much alcohol fuels repercussions between Don and Betty and between Don and Roger. Joan puts Roger off for the weekend, spending time with her roommate Carol instead. Pete exchanges a wedding gift for a rifle, and then shares a hunting fantasy with Peggy. Bertram Cooper arranges for the Nixon campaign to meet with him, Roger, Don, and Pete.
  • 8. The Hobo Code
    Pete Campbell and Peggy Olsen start an office romance. Peggy's copy for the lipstick account goes over well and the men in the firm congratulate her. A new telephone receptionist, Lois Saddler, takes a liking to Salvatore Romano but his own interests seem to lie elsewhere. Don Draper gets an unexpected bonus from Bert Cooper and wants to take Midge on a surprise trip to Paris. She seems too involved with her beatnik friends however. Don reflects on his unhappy childhood and in flashbacks he reveals some life lessons he learned early on when a hobo spent the day …
  • 9. Shoot
    Don is courted by Jim Hobarth, head of a larger ad firm who offers him more money and more creative resources to join them. Betty Draper rekindles her interest in modeling after Hobarth suggests she should try it. She doesn't realize it's all part of the strategy to get Don on board. Peggy Olsen is fretting over her weight gain but doesn't appreciate Joan's advice about getting ahead in the office. The ad team tries to counter the advertising coming out of the Kennedy campaign. Pete Campbell comes up with an idea to keep Kennedy's image off TV in key States.
  • 10. Long Weekend
    It's Labor Day weekend and most of the men are sending their wives away for a few days. Don Draper's wife Betty is dreading the thought, as her father and his new girlfriend, whom she detests, will be staying with them. With the election approaching, the team at Sterling Cooper is gloomy since the Nixon campaign has not been following their advice. Roger Sterling was hoping to spend Friday night with Joan Holloway but having just seen the movie _Apartment, The (1960)_ , she is feeling a bit used. She plans a night on the town with her old college friend who has some …
  • 11. Indian Summer
    Peggy is given the opportunity to write copy for a new weight loss device that everyone knows is useless. She finds an interesting use for it, however. Afraid of losing the Lucky Strike cigarette account, Bert Cooper gets Roger Sterling to come in for a one-hour meeting but he has another attack. Don Draper becomes a partner and takes over from his friend Roger, but some of the ad men are sharpening their resumes nonetheless. Pete Campbell wants a promotion but Draper doesn't seem too interested. Pete sneaks into Don's office and takes home a parcel sent by Adam …
  • 12. Nixon vs. Kennedy
    Election night arrives and the staff of Sterling Cooper has a party while watching the returns. The election is close and it's obviously going to be a long night. Now a senior partner in the firm, Don Draper must hire a new head of account services, a post that Pete Campbell yearns for. Aware of Draper's secret past, he tries to strong-arm him into giving him the job. With his secret out, Don panics and he asks Rachel Menken to run away with him. Regaining his composure, Don calls Pete's bluff leading to a confrontation with Bert Cooper.
  • 13. The Wheel
    Don and Betty Draper have an argument when it becomes apparent that he doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with her family and she plans on going only with the children. He also learns some information about his brother Adam. Pete Campbell confirms that he has landed an account from his father-in-law for a new skin care product called Clearasil. He objects however when Don gives the account to Peggy Olson, who he has just been promoted to junior copywriter. Peggy proves her mettle in auditions for the weight loss device but later is feeling unwell and goes to the …
  • 1. For Those Who Think Young
    On Valentine's Day, the staff of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency is hustling and checking out the newest office equipment. Don and Duck clash over an account, and Betty hears from an old friend.
  • 2. Flight 1
    A plane crash causes the firm to go after the account for the airline involved and drop the smaller airline they have an account with. Peggy pays a visit to her mother and sister, who are now guardians of a child.
  • 3. The Benefactor
    Harry tries to gather support around a controversial sponsorship in order to bolster his career. When Don ditches work for a day, trouble brews on the set of a commercial. Later, Betty joins her husband when he attempts to placate his clients with an amicable dinner.
  • 4. Three Sundays
    A last minute pitch meeting has Sterling Cooper staffers working double time in preparation. Peggy's family hosts lunch for their church's new priest, and Don and Betty have a family weekend together. Also, Roger Sterling is smitten with a “date” that Pete and Ken provide to a client for a business lunch.
  • 5. The New Girl
    Joan finds Don the perfect secretary, and Don finds himself in the middle of issues between TV comedian Jimmy and his wife, Bobbie.
  • 6. Maidenform
    Don and Duck try to bury the hatchet, and Peggy attempts to join in on the execs' after-hours meetings. Also, Duck receives a family visit at the office.
  • 7. The Gold Violin
    To show that he has “arrived,” Don buys a new car. Pete, Harry and Ken come up with a plan to attract new business, and Don's secretary makes a serious error, which could mean trouble for Joan. Cooper gets a new piece of office art that attracts the interest of the Sterling Cooper staff.
  • 8. A Night to Remember
    Betty becomes suspicious that Don is having an affair after her conversation with Jimmy Barrett, Joan helps out in the television department, and Peggy helps the church with a dance flyer.
  • 9. Six Month Leave
    Don checks in to a hotel after his separation from Betty. Back at the office, he is forced to get rid of Freddy against his will because of his drinking problem.
  • 10. The Inheritance
    Don and Betty try to keep up appearances as they go to Betty's parents after her dad has a stroke. Peter has a long-dreaded meeting with his mother before he and Kinsey leave for a convention in Los Angeles.
  • 11. The Jet Set
    Don blows off the convention in Los Angeles when he meets a beautiful, exotic woman. Back at Sterling Cooper, a member of the creative staff comes out of the closet, and Duck falls off the wagon and initiates his power play.
  • 12. The Mountain King
    Don drops off the Sterling Cooper radar and visits the wife of the man whose identity he stole. Back at the office, Bert and Roger consider the merger offer, Peggy makes a play for a real office, and Peter loses his father-in-law's account.
  • 13. Meditations in an Emergency
    Under the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Don returns to New York just as Betty finds out that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, everybody at Sterling Cooper contemplates their futures as news of the merger slowly leaks out.
  • 1. Out of Town
    Don accidentally learns a secret about Salvatore during a business trip to Baltimore. Back at the office, the firings continue, but the new management appoints Peter and Ken as new co-heads of accounts.
  • 2. Love Among the Ruins
    Don is brought in to save the day for a P.R. campaign involving the building of the new Madison Square Garden, only to have the rug pulled out from under him. At home, Betty argues with her brother over how to care for their sick father.
  • 3. My Old Kentucky Home
    Roger Sterling throws an expensive party with his new wife, Joan throws a dinner party, Peggy and Paul get stoned while working on an ad campaign, and Don's daughter Sally steals money from her grandpa.
  • 4. The Arrangements
    Don has reservations about a misguided potential client who wants to sell jai alai as the “new national pastime.” Meanwhile, Sal produces the “Patio” television commercial, Peggy searches for a roommate, and Betty's father passes away.
  • 5. The Fog
    Betty has hallucinations of her dead father as she delivers her baby, Peter considers trying to sell the untapped “Negro market” to a reluctant client, and Peggy begins to question her future at Sterling Cooper.
  • 6. Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
    The bosses come in from London to reorganize Sterling Cooper, but a key player's career is sidetracked by a freak accident. Meanwhile, as Joan prepares to leave her job, her husband gives her some bad news.
  • 7. Seven Twenty Three
    As Don secures an account with Conrad Hilton, Sterling and Cooper try to strong-arm Don into signing a contract. Meanwhile, Betty meets with her acquaintance from the governor's office, and Duck tries to get Peggy to leave Sterling Cooper.
  • 8. Souvenir
    Don and Betty renew their love affair while on a business trip to Rome, while Peter has a bout of infidelity with an au pair in his building while his wife is away.
  • 9. Wee Small Hours
    Betty tries to meet with Henry Francis again, while Don steps up his pursuit of his daughter's former teacher. At the office, Don disappoints Conrad Hilton and is forced by a client to fire Salvatore over an unwelcome advance.
  • 10. The Color Blue
    As Sterling Cooper prepares for its 40th anniversary party, the bosses in London drop a bombshell to Lane. Miss Farrell's troubled brother pays a visit to her and Don, and Betty stumbles onto her husband's secrets.
  • 11. The Gypsy and the Hobo
    An old flame and potential client reenters Roger Sterling's life, Joan's husband searches for a new job, and Don finally comes clean to Betty about his true identity.
  • 12. The Grown-Ups
    On the weekend of the John F. Kennedy assassination, Pete finds out that he lost the promotion to Cosgrove, Roger Sterling's daughter's wedding goes off as planned, and Betty musters up the courage to respond to Don's confessions.
  • 13. Shut the Door. Have a Seat
    With another sale on the horizon, Sterling, Cooper, and Draper convince Lane Pryce to fire them and then join them as they start up a new advertising firm. At home, Betty follows through with her plans to divorce Don.
  • 1. Public Relations
    The new firm is struggling for business, so Peter and Peggy resort to a cheap publicity stunt to lure a client. Meanwhile, Don's personal problems and an unflattering newspaper interview puts his and the firm's image in jeopardy.
  • 2. Christmas Comes But Once a Year
    Freddy returns with a valuable new client, the firm reluctantly throws a Christmas party for its most important client, and Don prepares for his first Christmas away from his children.
  • 3. The Good News
    Don flies to Los Angeles to visit Anna before his New Year's vacation to Acapulco, but her bad news influences him to cancel his vacation and return to New York, where he discovers that Lane has problems of his own.
  • 4. The Rejected
    Peter finds out that he will become a father, and has to break some bad business news to his father-in-law. Meanwhile an office focus group study for a client has some unintended personal consequences for Don.
  • 5. The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
    Don is forced to compete with a cocky upstart rival for a potential account with Honda motorcycles, but Roger's prejudice causes unexpected problems. Meanwhile Betty considers a psychiatrist for Sally because of her behavior.
  • 6. Waldorf Stories
    Don has a wild lost weekend after winning a CLIO award, while Peggy is forced to work all weekend in a hotel room with an “uninspired” co-worker. Meanwhile, Peter is livid after he learns that the other partners hired Ken Cosgrove.
  • 7. The Suitcase
    Don deliberately delays returning an important call from California, because he knows it's bad news about Anna. Instead, he keeps himself occupied by forcing Peggy to miss her birthday dinner to pull an all-nighter with him for a client.
  • 8. The Summer Man
    While Don's thoughts turn inward while he deals with Anna's death, Peggy is placed in a difficult situation when an obnoxious new hire in the creative department is disrespectful to Joan.
  • 9. The Beautiful Girls
    Sally makes an unwelcome surprise visit to the office to see Don, Peggy tries to stop an acquaintance from publishing an article that could get her in hot water, and Roger Sterling tries to reconnect with Joan.
  • 10. Hands and Knees
    Don becomes frightened that his lie will be exposed when government agents question Betty about him, Lane has shocking news for his father when he comes to bring him home, and Joan is forced to have an abortion.
  • 11. Chinese Wall
    The partners try to keep their cool after they discover that Roger has lost their biggest account, Peter's wife goes into labor, and Don tries to convince Faye to compromise her ethics to drum up new business.
  • 12. Blowing Smoke
    Don makes a bold, desperate move to save Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but the other partners are furious with his actions. Meanwhile, Sally's psychiatrist suggests that she is improving, but Betty is skeptical.
  • 13. Tomorrowland
    Don takes the kids to California and comes back with a surprise announcement. Meanwhile, Betty fires the kids' nanny before they move out of the old house over one questionable incident, and Peggy gets a shot at a new account.
  • 1. A Little Kiss
    Megan throws Don a surprise birthday party, the war between Pete Campbell and Roger Sterling intensifies, and new mother Joan begins to wonder if she still has a job when she's ready to come back.
  • 3. Tea Leaves
    Betty discovers that she has a tumor, Peggy interviews an obnoxious young copywriter for a job, the firm tries to get the Mohawk Airlines account back, and Don and Harry try to court The Rolling Stones to record a commercial.
  • 4. Mystery Date
    Three news items affect the SCDP staff and their families. The first news item is the rape and murder of nurses in Chicago. Although Henry's mother Pauline, who is babysitting Sally while Henry and Betty are on a business trip, doesn't believe such news stories should be heard or read by someone of Sally's age, it ultimately becomes a meeting point for the two in what is otherwise an antagonistic relationship. The second news items is the general race riots taking place across the country. This news item initiates a meeting point between Peggy and Dawn, the two …
  • 5. Signal 30
    While Lane needs some help closing with a potential new client, Peter begins to crack under the pressure of both his home life and work life.
  • 6. Far Away Places
    A peaceful hotel getaway ends in disaster for Don and Megan, an LSD trip could have a disastrous effect on Roger's marriage, and Peggy loses her cool after an unsuccessful pitch meeting.
  • 7. At the Codfish Ball
    Don gets a visit from the in-laws and his children just as he's about to receive a prestigious award and tries to save the Heinz account. Meanwhile, Peggy and her boyfriend take the next step in their relationship.
  • 8. Lady Lazarus
    Megan convinces Don that she should give up her job at the firm so that she can pursue a career on Broadway, while Peter has a fling with an acquaintance's wife.
  • 9. Dark Shadows
    A depressed Betty tries to make things uncomfortable for Don and Megan, Roger tries to take out some secret weapons for a meeting with a prospective Jewish client, and Don makes a snap judgment that angers the creative department.
  • 10. Christmas Waltz
    Lane searches for a way to get rid of a sizable debt, the firm prepares to pull out all the stops when it gets a second chance to land Jaguar as a client, and Don tries to comfort Joan when she reaches her breaking point.
  • 11. The Other Woman
    Peter asks Joan to make an unspeakable sacrifice to help secure the Jaguar account, Peggy prepares to make a drastic move in response to Don's treatment, and Megan's acting career begins to create tension with her and Don.
  • 12. Commissions and Fees
    Lane's entire world comes crashing down after getting busted for forging Don's signature on a check, and Sally experiences an awkward rite of passage while spending the weekend with the Drapers.
  • 13. The Phantom
    As the partners consider expanding the office space, Don begins seeing ghosts and gets a request to advance Megan's acting career. Meanwhile, Peter's affair comes to a disappointing end, and Megan's mom briefly reunites with Roger.
  • 1. The Doorway: Part 1, Part 2.
    Don and Megan take a trip to Hawaii for the holidays, Sally's friend visits the Francis family, a comedian torpedoes Peggy's Super Bowl ad campaign, and Roger gets some bad news about his mother.
  • 1. The Doorway, Part 1
    Don and Megan take a trip to Hawaii for the holidays, Sally's friend visits the Francis family, a comedian torpedoes Peggy's Super Bowl ad campaign, and Roger gets some bad news about his mother.
  • 2. The Doorway, Part 2
    Don strikes up a friendship with the surgeon in his building, Peggy tries to save her campaign, Roger makes a scene at his mother's funeral, and Betty goes to Manhattan to find Sally's friend.
  • 3. Collaborators
    At CGC, Peggy is feeling unliked by her underlings, as it is implied to her that she is too tough on them. Over at SCDP, two clients are causing minor problems. Herb Rennet at Jaguar wants Don and Pete to recommend a specific strategy to head office. Don doesn't agree with the strategy, but Pete believes they have to give him what he wants or risk losing them as clients. Can Don and Pete provide a united front at the Jaguar meeting? And Raymond Geiger at Heinz, head of their beans division, tells Don and Ken in confidence that he doesn't want them providing any …
  • 4. To Have and to Hold
    Don works in secret on a Heinz ketchup campaign while Megan gets a love scene on the set of her soap opera. Meanwhile, Harry makes his power play while Joan has more trouble with the secretaries.
  • 5. The FloodMartin Luther King
    It's April 4, 1968. Ginsberg is on a date, one he didn't want to go on, but was set up by his father at the last minute as a total surprise to Michael. Many of the staff of both SCDP and CGC are at an advertising awards dinner. Both these events are unexpectedly interrupted when news that Dr. <a href=“/name/nm0455052/”>Martin Luther King</a>, Jr. has just been shot dead. Beyond the immediate shock of the news and the pall that it places over the general populace, it has more profound effects both personal and professional. People are concerned about general race rioting, which does occur. Don is concerned …
  • 6. For Immediate Release
    As the firm prepares to go public, Don and Pete's actions cause them to lose two huge clients. However, Roger uses a new connection to put them in position to gain their biggest client ever.
  • 7. Man with a Plan
    Things quickly become awkward after the two firms merge, Don asserts his dominance over Sylvia, Pete has to deal with his ailing mother, and Bob Benson helps out a sick Joan.
  • 8. The Crash
    The merged companies start to sort things out such as new offices but also deciding who to let go. Ted Cheough makes an immediate impression with the staff. He's not too keen when he finds Don is late for a brainstorming session with the creative team for a potential new client, Fleischmann's margarine. Don is unapologetic about missing the meeting and goads Ted into drinking match that he easily wins. Ted gets payback when he and Don fly to a meeting in Ted's airplane. Bert Peterson is no sooner in the office than Roger fires him…..again. Joan finds herself in …
  • 9. The Better Half
    Peggy becomes unsatisfied with her apartment and with Abe, Don has an eventful weekend with Betty while Megan has problems on the set, Roger has time with his grandson, and Pete begins exploring his options outside the firm.
  • 10. A Tale of Two Cities
    Cutler and Chaough prepare to make radical changes to the firm while Sterling and Draper are visiting a client in Los Angeles. Joan's decision to go after a new account on her own leaves Pete furious and frustrated.
  • 11. Favors
    Don is preoccupied with keeping Sylvia's son from being drafted, Peggy has a rat in her apartment, Don and Ted bury the hatchet, Pete has a problem with his mother's new nurse, and Sally makes an accidental discovery about her father.
  • 13. In Care Of
    Sunkist has requested from SC&P a dedicated west coast representative. Despite it being a demotion, Stan asks Don to be that person as Stan has his own ideas of what that west coast position means: the beginning of another advertising firm of his own. Considering Stan's request, Don contemplates his own future based on his recent past behavior, both professionally and personally. He has finally come to the realization of it being destructive and he makes a decision for himself and Megan which would get them away from many of Don's problems, such as Sally's revelation …
  • 1. Time Zones
    Don is on the outside looking in on the forced indefinite paid leave from his job. While Ted heads back to New York for a few days, Don takes the opportunity to head to Los Angeles in part to meet with a California transformed Pete while he reunites with Megan, who is living full time there while pursuing what looks to be a promising acting career. Back in New York, Peggy avoids Ted at all cost while she learns to deal with the new “Don”, Lou Avery, most specifically on the Accutron account for which she is getting consulting help from Freddy Rumsen. On top of that, …
  • 2. A Day's Work
    It's Valentine's Day, but there is not much love in the air. Don is still not feeling the love from the other partners, his job situation of which he has not told anyone outside of the office, that including his family. Dawn at least has agreed to keep him in the loop of what is going on in the office as best as she can. Sally, who is in town unexpectedly for the day, drops in on him, which leads to a further rift between father and daughter. Peggy forgets that it's Valentine's Day until she sees a bouquet of roses sitting in her outer office which she assumes are …
  • 3. Field Trip
    Don has a less than satisfying telephone conversation with Dawn, the ultimate problem being Don's remote location and Dawn having other priorities in the office. Then, Don has a telephone conversation with Alan Silver, Megan's agent, which leads to Don making a last minute trip to Los Angeles to surprise Megan. The surprise also ends up being ultimately less than satisfying for both. Next, Don sets up a meeting with Dave Wooster to talk business, which again ends up being a little less than Don wanted. All these events make Don come to the realization that he wants …
  • 4. The Monolith
    In a chance meeting with George Payton, Pete not only learns some news about his father-in-law, but also that a new national account in the form of fast food chain Burger Chef might be up for grabs, which would be a major coup for Sterling Cooper. The strategizing about what to do about Burger Chef takes into account the fact that Don is back at work, albeit in a much diminished capacity, as among the many stipulations are that he refrain from drinking at work except with clients, and that he report to Lou. Regardless, Lou, feeling threatened by Don's return, spends …
  • 5. The Runaways
    Either by design or by accident, Stan finds out about what Lou does in his spare time, this activity which Lou *seemingly* wants kept secret. Stan decides he cannot resist spreading the news amongst the creative staff. This action places Stan in an awkward position, but places Don in a bind with regard to getting away to Los Angeles for the weekend. That last minute weekend trip is to visit with Anna's niece, Stephanie, who telephones out of the blue with the news that she is well-advanced in a pregnancy, and implies that she has no money and the father is no longer …
  • 6. The Strategy
    Peggy is persuaded into assigning Don to deilver the pitch for BurgerChef, but she is reluctant as to whether the work is good enough. Pete visits Trudy and his daughter, the result of which doesn't please Bonnie. Meanwhile, Bob pitches a proposal to Joan, bringing bad news to the company.
  • 7. Waterloo
    Infighting at the office continues as Don receives a letter from the firm's lawyers saying he's in breach of the terms of his employment - by crashing the Philip Morris meeting - and is fired. Don calls an impromptu meeting in the open space outside Roger's office where the matter is put to rest. While chatting on the phone with Megan who is in California, he realizes they've come to the end of the road. Don, Peggy and Pete head off to Indianapolis to make their pitch to Burger Chef. It's the night that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon and everyone …
  • 8. Severance
    Don tries to track down a friend. Joan struggles to solve a problem with an account. Peggy is set up by an unlikely person.
  • 9. New Business
    Don receives unwanted advice from Roger; Peggy and Stan do not agree on an account's personnel.
  • 10. The Forecast
    Roger pawns off a project on Don; Joan goes on a business trip; Peggy and Pete cannot agree.
  • 11. Time & Life
    Don comes up with a big idea; Roger asks Joan to help him fix a clerical error.
  • 12. Lost Horizon
    Don is rewarded for his work. Joan butts heads with a co-worker over an account.
  • 13. The Milk and Honey Route
    Don has a difficult time sleeping, a taxing friend blindsides Pete, Henry arranges a family reunion while facing a new challenge.
  • 14. Person to Person
    The stories of Don Draper, his family and his co-workers at Sterling Cooper and Partners conclude.

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