Frankie Drake Mysteries with subtitle

The series follows Frankie Drake, a female private detective operating in Toronto in the 1920s.

  • 1. Mother of Pearl
    Frankie is forced to partner with an unlikely ally when she’s the number one suspect in a jewellery heist.
  • 2. Ladies in Red
    Frankie and Trudy are hired by a factory owner to root out communists at his plant, but things soon take an explosive turn.
  • 3. Summer in the City
    When a body turns up in the luggage of a young man, Frankie and Trudy must join forces with reporter Ernest Hemingway to clear his name.
  • 4. Healing Hands
    The ladies wind up in Toronto’s jazz scene while trying to protect a faith healer.
  • 5. Out of Focus
    Frankie and Trudy go undercover to solve a seemingly impossible murder on a silent film set.
  • 6. Whisper Sisters
    Frankie and Trudy are led into the dangerous world of bootlegging while investigating the shooting of a friend's young son.
  • 7. Ties That Bind
    Mary recruits Frankie and Trudy to find a missing teacher and their investigation leads them to family secrets, Chinatown and murder.
  • 8. The Pilot
    A day off turns into a day at the office for Frankie and Trudie when the infant son of a charismatic aviator is kidnapped during an air show.
  • 9. Ghosts
    The horrors of war haunt Frankie when the investigation of a soldier's murder reunites her with a friend left traumatized by his tour of duty.
  • 10. Anastasia
    Frankie is hired to confirm the identity of a young woman claiming to be a Russian princess and protect her from those who want her dead.
  • 11. Once Burnt Twice Spied
    When Frankie gets a mysterious call from a British spy, Mary discovers how she and Trudy met and how Drake Private Detectives was formed.
  • 1. The Old Switcheroo
    An old rival turns up selling antiques but Frankie's convinced it's a scam. The team tries to prove it before she takes the money and runs.
  • 2. Last Dance
    The team investigates a kidnapping gone wrong at the Palais Royale. They learn that the victim is gravely ill and race to find him and save his life.
  • 3. Radio Daze
    Mary is acting in a radio drama, but when she realizes the play is a cover for a heist, she must find a way to warn Frankie.
  • 4. Emancipation Day
    Donations are stolen from a coloured girls' orphanage and civil rights her Marcus Garvey hires the team to catch the thief and find the cash.
  • 5. Dressed to Kill
    Famed French designer Coco Chanel is the target of a brazen assassination attempt and Drake Private Detectives are hired to protect her.
  • 6. Extra Innings
    Frankie investigates the mid game death of a baseball player.
  • 7. 50 Shades of Greyson
    Mary’s job is threatened when she accuses Detective Greyson of hiding evidence.
  • 8. Diamonds are a Gal’s Best Friend
    What starts as a simple case of a missing horse leads the team into the gardens of Toronto’s elite in pursuit of a murderous jewel thief.
  • 9. Now You See Her
    When a magician’s assistant is killed, Frankie goes undercover to find the culprit. But can she see clearly through the smoke and mirrors?
  • 10. Now You See Her
    When a magician's assistant is killed, Frankie goes undercover to find the culprit. But can she see clearly through the smoke and mirrors?
  • 1. No Friends Like Old Friends
    After her wartime friend goes missing in London, Frankie must work with Agatha Christie to uncover the reason behind the disappearance.
  • 2. A Brother in Arms
    Frankie’s floored when a man claiming to be her half-brother shows up at the agency begging her to help his wrongly imprisoned friend.
  • 3. School Ties…School Lies
    To find the killer of a beloved teacher at a swanky private school, Frankie enlists the help of a precocious student.
  • 4. A Brother in Arms
    Frankie's floored when a man claiming to be her half-brother shows up at the agency begging her to help his wrongly imprisoned friend.
  • 5. Things Better Left Dead
    Frankie concocts a chilling ruse to expose a man who claims he can speak to the dead.
  • 6. Life on the Line
    When a toy store owner is the target of a harassment campaign, the gang goes under cover at a telephone exchange to nab the culprit.
  • 7. Out on a Limb
    When a showgirl dies, Frankie's investigation leads her to go under cover as a server at a mermaid-themed nightclub.
  • 8. Ward of the Roses
    The detectives investigate a fire-bombing at the campaign office of a female politician.
  • 9. A History of Violins
    When a priceless violin is stolen, the Drake Detective Agency tracks down the culprit.
  • 10. A Sunshine State of Mind
    Frankie and team must outcon a conman who's stolen money from Nora and Mildred.
  • 1. Scavenger Hunt
    A scavenger hunt our gals are on turns deadly - is it a case of killing off the competition or more personal?
  • 2. Prince in Exile
  • 3. The Girls Can't Help It
    Frankie and Trudy investigate a trio of flappers as they search for a stolen, priceless bottle of wine.
  • 4. A Most Foiled Assault
    Fierce competition and sexism stymie the gal's murder investigation at a female fencing trial.
  • 5. Ghost in the Machine
    Nora is convinced she was visited by the ghost of a murdered woman; she makes Frankie and Trudy search their building. This leads to a shocking discovery.
  • 6. The Guilty Party
    The team investigate whether a man acquitted of a grisly murder is indeed innocent or guilty.
  • 7. Life is a Cabaret
    Witnessing a man's murder; Frankie's search for his lady-friend suspect leads her to an underground cabaret.
  • 8. Sweet Justice
  • 9. Showstoppers
  • 10. A Family Affair

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Frankie Drake Mysteries
  • Avaliação "Frankie Drake Mysteries": 6,90
  • Géneros: Drama
  • Ano de emissão: 2017
  • Países: Canada
  • Duração: 1 minutos
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