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When she left Stonehaven - ‘for good this time’ - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind…

  • 1. Summons
    After a year in Toronto, Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort) has carved out a dream gig as a freelance photographer and is in a fiery romance with sexy, smart ad exec Philip McAdams (Paul Greene). There's just one problem: Elena is the only female werewolf in known existence, and has managed to keep that secret from the man she loves. But Elena's year of self-imposed exile in Toronto is shattered after the body of a young woman is found, killed by a “wolf” on the outskirts of Bear Valley in Upstate New York…close to the ancestral home of her Pack – Stonehaven. Alpha…
  • 2. Prodigal
    Now in Stonehaven, Elena works with the Pack to determine which werewolf is responsible for the murder, while keeping her distance from Clay. She's anxious to track the Mutt and return to Toronto where Philip has just landed a new ad campaign from James Williams (James McGowan). In town, Elena, Clay and Nick locate the boarding house where the killer werewolf is staying but he's nowhere to be found. Elena is able to decipher by his scent is that he is a newly-made Mutt, but what isn't clear: who is he, and what is his plan? Obviously it's to keep on killing, as …
  • 3. Trespass
    Tensions at Stonehaven flare when a pack of hunters, on a search for the killer wolf, come upon the dead body before the Pack has a chance to deal with it. To distract the hunters, Elena spooks their dog with a look - it lunges at her, tearing into her arm. Clay worsens the situation when he hurls the dog to the ground. Tempers flare and the dog's owner, Braxton (Evan Buliung), vows he will make Clay pay. With Brandon now responsible for three deaths, Jeremy realizes the newly-turned Mutt is targeting the Pack. He lays out a plan of action: Clay and Elena will go into…
  • 4. Grief
    Elena and Logan return to Stonehaven for Pete's funeral. But Pete's death isn't the only burning issue - Pete wasn't killed by the rave Mutt; there's another murderous werewolf at play! Jeremy sends Clay and Elena into Bear Valley to track the Mutt who killed Pete. The scent leads them to the Bear Valley Motel, where they locate the room where Pete's murderer has been shacking up, along with his photo album of trophy kills. They realize someone is turning psychotic killers into werewolves and turning them loose on the Pack. But why?
  • 5. Bitten
    When Sheriff Morgan discovers Michael Braxton's abandoned truck at the edge of Stonehaven property, all eyes turn to the Danvers family, and all suspicion turns to Clay, specifically. Jeremy offers to involve the family in a search party sweep of the territory, but when the locals (including Braxton's hunting buddies) cry fowl about Clay's involvement, only Nick and Elena are sent out to help find Braxton. As the Pack works to protect Clay from being set-up for Braxton's murder, we show (via flashback) the events leading up to Elena getting bitten by Clay - their …
  • 6. Committed
    Back in Toronto for Becky's wedding, Elena swears she catches a glimpse of Santos on the street…. is he stalking her?? To allay Philip's concern over her shift in mood, Elena reveals a bit of her history of sexual abuse in the foster care system, telling Philip the “ghost” she saw in the crowd was a foster brother named Jason. At the wedding, Elena finally wins over Philip's mother Olivia (Sherry Miller) who admits she thinks she's good for her son, an especially well-timed nod of confidence considering Philip has just asked Elena to move in with her. Santos then …
  • 7. Stalking
    Daniel Santos, having now stepped out of the shadows as the leader of the Mutt uprising, requests a meet with the Pack to discuss a potential truce. The Pack sees this as a perfect opportunity to set a trap for their enemies and end the uprising once and for all. En route to the meet, Jeremy and Antonio are waylaid by an injured woman, and the two are quickly ambushed by Santos and Thomas LeBlanc. Antonio jumps to Jeremy's aid, battling the two Mutts - the attack leaves Jeremy injured and Antonio barely clinging to life. Clay arrives and rushes them back to Stonehaven…
  • 8. Prisoner
    While Nick takes on the gut-wrenching task of erasing Antonio's existence in the human world, and Jeremy is sidelined by with a strange poison, Elena and Clay are left alone to deal with the Mutt situation in Bear Valley. Clay and Elena must hurry to find out what toxin is killing Jeremy. Clay is determined to get whatever information he can out of Cain, who is caged in the War Room. Elena heads to town to track down the mysterious woman who stabbed Jeremy in the Mutt's ambush. The two women confront each other at the Bear Valley Diner, where Elena learns that this …
  • 9. Vengeance
    The Pack comes together to take on the notorious ex-Pack enforcer, Jimmy Koenig (Mackenzie Gray), who has been hired by Santos to kill them. As they move to intercept Koenig in a derelict factory, Clay and Elena must find a way to bridge the emotional gap between them over residual resentment about the bite. At the closed airport, the Pack battles Koenig. Elena is separated from the others and is trapped by LeBlanc, who has come to kill her. She evades him in a nearby parking lot, but is shot and wounded in the shoulder before she manages a daring escape. Meanwhile, …
  • 10. Descent
    Elena returns to Toronto for her photography show with Clay at her side as protection (by Jeremy's orders). She is surprised by Philip, who knows her relationship with Clay is deeper than she's confessed in the past - curious to get to the bottom of it, Philip insists Clay stay with them at the apartment. As the two men sniff each other out, each with their own agenda, Elena tries to prevent her two worlds from colliding. At the art show, Elena is blindsided when Victor Olson, her former child abuser, shows up. Even more terrifying, he's now a Mutt. Philip, already …
  • 11. Settling
    Elena and Clay are holed up in Philip's apartment while Elena attempts damage control with Philip. Philip is now aware of their past as lovers, but there's something he doesn't know (above and beyond the fact that they are werewolves)…she explains that their lives are in danger, feigning that she and Clay are part of a crime family at war. Meanwhile, with the Mutts closing in, Logan is terrified for Rachel and his unborn child. Unable to turn to the Pack, Logan tries to convince Rachel that they have to leave town. He wants to disappear until the Mutt threat blows …
  • 12. Caged
    Devastated by Clay's capture, Elena returns to Stonehaven, where she gets “the call” from Santos. He instructs her to meet with him alone or Clay dies. As Elena attempts to persuade Jeremy to let her meet with Santos, Logan's car pulls into the Stonehaven driveway with Rachel at the driver's seat and a severely injured Logan in the back. Jeremy jumps into ER mode to save Logan's life while Nick calms Rachel's frayed nerves about the “family business.” Recovering from the attack by the Mutts, Philip is interviewed by a Detective. Philip feigns memory loss, but then …
  • 13. Ready
    The Pack has its showdown with the Mutts and more secrets are revealed. The Pack gets some unexpected help.
  • 1. Bad Blood
    The pack continues to track down Malcolm, and Jeremy is forced to deal with the Pack Council. All whilst a new supernatural threat looms.
  • 2. Scare Tactics
    Jeremy keeps Malcolm alive to find Rachel Sutton. The new group is witches. They fail in their first attempt to take Malcolm. A meeting is arranged. They reveal a third group is after Malcolm.
  • 3. Hell's Teeth
    Having lost Malcolm, the Pack is forced into an uneasy alliance with a Coven of witches against a common enemy. But, when this new threat proves to be more powerful than they anticipated, and both the Pack and Coven suffer heavy losses in the confrontation.
  • 4. Dead Meat
    Elena awakens to find herself the subject of painful tests in a hidden compound run by a maniacal and powerful cult leader. Meanwhile, The Pack and witches must resort to dark magic in an effort to track down their missing members.
  • 5. Rabbit Hole
    In order to stay alive, Elena must guide Dr. Bauer through her first Change as the Pack and Coven try to figure out who Aleister is, and where his compound is located.
  • 6. Nine Circles
    Aleister casts a spell on Elena, forcing her into a battle against her own dark fears and demons. Meanwhile, Rachel is locked in a cage with Logan, struggling to come to terms with what he is. Clay and Paige must overcome their personal differences in order to find Aleister's compound.
  • 7. Bad Dreams
    When the new Spanish Alpha tries to blackmail Jeremy into murdering the Russian Alpha, the Pack has things under control until a surprise visit from Savannah upends their plans. Nick and Paige try to secretly meet Nick's mother.
  • 8. Dark Arts
    Aleister returns to Stonehaven as Clay where he convinces Jeremy to let the Coven complete her initiation ritual on the property. Meanwhile, Clay finds himself trapped in his unconscious, wrestling with Aleister and his own mind.
  • 9. Scavenger's Daughter
    With Aleister's Undoing spell activated, Elena, Clay, Paige and Nick try to find him at Clara's house, only to discover Aleister's sinister endgame for Savannah once the Undoing is complete. Jeremy helps Ruth delve into Left Hand magic in order to take down Aleister from afar, and Logan spirals into his own dark corner.
  • 10. Fine Temporum
    The Pack and Paige arrive at the Deplhi, but Aleister, Clara and Savannah are one step ahead. While Jeremy and his pack fight spelled guards to get to the catacombs, Aleister is already there trying to stop Ruth from killing him. Elena and Paige get to the catacombs first and the fight to stop the Undoing begins.
  • 1. Family, of Sorts
    In order to solidify his power, a war hardened Jeremy has tasked Elena, Clay and Nick with recruiting all North American Mutts into the Pack. Meanwhile, Elena is accosted by mysterious new characters who challenge her with a surprising claim.
  • 2. Our Own Blood
    Elena struggles to deal with shocking news as Clay readies Stonehaven for a possible attack. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Nick find a clue that ultimately leads them back to Stonehaven, where they find the Russian Alpha, Roman Navikev.
  • 3. Right Behind You
    A behind the scenes look at the first season of Bitten.
  • 4. Episode #3.4
    Jeremy attempts to broker a negotiation to end the thirty-year blood feud between Sasha and Roman. Meanwhile, Elena watches over Pack prisoner, Konstantin, who tries to deduce why she is protecting Sasha.
  • 5. Of Sonders Weight
    Jeremy must deal with the fallout of the failed negotiations between Roman and Sasha; first and foremost, how much did Karen Morgan see? As Elena tends to a convalescing Sasha, he tells her the truth about why he abandoned her thirty years ago. And Clay and Alexei must track down the victim of the young wolf's attack.
  • 6. Rule of Anger
    Elena and Clay face off against a deadly new foe in order to save the imprisoned Marsten. Meanwhile, Paige and Nick work together to figure out what is causing the magical outbreaks in Rachel's house. Katia makes a desperate move to save her family.
  • 7. On the Brink
    Paige and Rachel use magic to help Nick track Katia. Elena invites Konstantin to Stonehaven to ask for his help in ending the blood feud, as well as calling off the Russian assassin. Clay and Jorge keep an eye on the Albino, but it ends in more bloodshed.
  • 8. Tili Tili Bom
    When Elena and Clay confront the Russian assassin, they quickly discover he is always two steps ahead. Nearby, Nick and Katia are captured by Roman's henchmen and must struggle to escape, or become the Albino's next victims. Meanwhile, Jeremy gets help from a surprising ally in his lone wolf quest to kill the Russian Alpha, Roman.
  • 9. Shock the System
    Elena rallies the troops, but when she tries to bolster a grieving Sasha, they are lured into the woods to an unexpected fate. Jeremy wages a psychological war against his captor, Roman Navikev. And Clay, Nick and Alexei race against time to save their new Alpha from a fate worse than death.
  • 10. Truth, Changes, Everything
    Elena comes up with a dangerous plan to take back Stonehaven, save the Pack, and change everything forever.

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  • Avaliação "Bitten": 7,10
  • Géneros: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
  • Ano de emissão: 2014
  • Países: Canada
  • Duração: 44 minutos
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