• Évaluation: 8,00
  • Année d'émission: 2015
  • Genres: Crime, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Horror
  • Pays: United States
  • Durée: 42 minutes
  • Complexité: 9

Après qu'une jeune fille est devenu un zombie, elle ne veut pas tuer les gens. Pour obtenir les cerveaux elle est devenu médecin légiste. Bientôt elle découvre que chaque bouchée est non seulement une façon de survivre mais qu'elle récupère des souvenirs de la personne.

  • 1. Pilot
    Olivia “Liv” Moore was a rosy-cheeked, disciplined, over-achieving medical resident who had her life path completely mapped out, until the night she attended a party that unexpectedly turned into a zombie feeding frenzy. Now as one of the newly undead, Liv has devised a clever way to resist her baser urges to devour fresh human brains - she's taken a job in the Seattle coroner's office. In this appropriately dead-end job, Liv can secretly snack on the brains of the many Jane and John Doe corpses that make a final stop in the morgue.
  • 2. Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?
    Liv and Clive work together to solve the mysterious death of a well known painter.
  • 3. The Exterminator
    Liv and Babineaux learn the victim in a hit and run was the killer in one of Peyton's cases.
  • 4. Liv and Let Clive
    Clive refuses Liv's help when one of his former criminal contacts is murdered.
  • 5. Flight of the Living Dead
    Liv must eat the brains of her murdered sorority sister in order to gain insight about the crime.
  • 6. Virtual Reality Bites
    Liv inherits agoraphobia – and computer gaming skills – after eating a hacker's brain.
  • 7. Maternity Liv
    When a pregnant woman dies, Liv develops a strong maternal instinct from eating her brain.
  • 8. Dead Air
    Liv gains insight after eating the brains of a talk show host who specialized in relationships.
  • 9. Patriot Brains
    Liv and Clive investigate the death of a former sniper; Major gets closer to the truth.
  • 10. Mr. Berserk
    A journalist working on a story linking psychotic episodes with an energy drink is murdered.
  • 11. Astroburger
    A person close to Major dies of an apparent suicide; a secret computer file comes to light.
  • 12. Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat
    After a group of drunken teenage girls cover up an accident, one of them is murdered.
  • 13. Blaine's World
    Liv and Clive discover new evidence in the Max Rager case and go see Vaughn Du Clark.
  • 1. Grumpy Old Liv
    Liv eats a cantankerous old man's brain to learn the details of his death; Ravi thinks Major is experiencing a side effect of the cure; Liv visits Blaine.
  • 2. Zombie Bro
    Liv eats the brain of a murdered, hard-partying fraternity brother; Ravi asks Major to come with him as he searches desperately for the cure; Blaine meets with a mysterious person from his past.
  • 3. Real Dead Housewife of Seattle
    Liv eats the brains of a trophy wife who was pushed to her death from her home's balcony by a hired hit man; Liv and Ravi discover Peyton is back in Seattle.
  • 4. Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues
    During an investigation, Liv consumes the brain of a country-singing waitress; Blaine tries to reunite with a former business associate; Ravi is thrown by Peyton's return; Major's downward spiral continues.
  • 5. Love & Basketball
    Liv, Babineaux and Ravi investigate a peewee coach's death; Liv gives Major a pep talk; Blaine and Ravi work together on the cure; Suzuki's widow visits Babineaux.
  • 6. Max Wager
    Liv unwittingly crosses paths with the most dangerous man in Seattle while investigating the murder of degenerate gambler Harry (guest star RAY GALLETTI). Detective Babineaux has a super-fan moment when he and Liv question NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Owens (guest star and former basketball champ RICK FOX) at Harry's funeral. Meanwhile, Blaine's father (recurring guest star ROBERT KNEPPER - Prison Break) makes a huge discovery, and Ravi delivers some bad news. Major continues to struggle.
  • 7. Abra Cadaver
    When a macabre celebrity magician is killed while attending a magic conference, Liv must eat his brain to figure out which of his many rivals or detractors killed him. Detective Babineaux and the rest of Liv's friends are treated to a goth-magician version of her that no one truly enjoys. Meanwhile, Blaine comes to Liv seeking her help in stopping whoever is killing zombies. Can she unmask the murderers, and then make them disappear (right into a jail cell) or will she be the one getting sawed in half?
  • 8. The Hurt Stalker
    Detective Babineaux arrives at the crime scene of a wedding planner who was shot to death, and is shocked to realize that he used to date the victim. To make matters worse, it seems the murder victim was stalking Detective Babineaux, and he is now the number one suspect in her murder. Liv and Ravi pose as an engaged couple in order to infiltrate the victim's wedding planning business. Meanwhile, Major is having a tough time dealing with Liv after she's consumed the brains of a stalker. Recurring guest star STEVEN WEBER appears as Vaugh Du Clark.
  • 9. Cape Town
    Mr. Boss is in the picture as Liv gets super-hero brains. Major gets some real insight into zombie functioning. Ravi gets more desperate to find a cure for zombies.
  • 10. Method Head
    Liv and Clive visit the set of a popular TV show to find out who killed one of the main characters.
  • 11. Fifty Shades of Grey Matter
    Things become interesting for Liv when she and Clive investigate the murder of a young librarian who was secretly a writer of erotic fiction. Meanwhile, things heat up between Blaine and someone quite unexpected, and Major is hit with an unforeseen snag in his plan.
  • 12. Physician, Heal Thy Selfie
    Detective Babineaux and Liv are investigating a triple homicide, and Liv is shocked to learn that the victims' bodies are missing their heads. A very hungry Liv is forced to consume the brain of an unfortunate social media-hungry soul who was recently run over by a bus. Meanwhile, Peyton (recurring guest star ALY MICHALKA) leans on Ravi for support, and things get interesting when Blaine's worlds start to collide.
  • 13. The Whopper
    Liv investigates the murder of Big Fish, a pathological liar. After chewing down a brain burger, she see-saws between spouting truth and lies the whole episode.
  • 14. Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind
    The death of the owner of Ravi's favorite coffee shop, ‘Positivity’, leaves Liv seeing the bright side to everything around her. Meanwhile, the newly found tainted Utopium has unexpected effects on the latest guinea pig. Blaine finds himself in a sticky situation and Liv makes an important discovery about her room mate.
  • 15. He Blinded Me... With Science
    While investigating the murder of a research scientist who was recently demoted at her job, Liv and Detective Babineaux are shocked to learn where she had been employed. Meanwhile, Blaine pays Ravi a visit at the morgue, and Liv discovers something new about Drake (recurring guest star GREG FINLEY). Lastly, Vaughn du Clark (recurring guest star STEVEN WEBER) confronts Major.
  • 16. Pour Some Sugar, Zombie
    Liv consumes the brain of a recently murdered stripper and uncovers some extremely useful information. Meanwhile, Blaine isn't quite himself lately, and Ravi makes a startling discovery. Lastly, Major and Ravi are helping Peyton (recurring guest star ALY MICHALKA) move back in with Liv when she receives a surprising phone call.
  • 17. Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be
    Liv and detective Babineaux are investigating the murder of Bailey Barker, a type-A, ambitious, hyper-competitive and driven student near the top of her class. After consuming Bailey's brain, Liv becomes very much like the girl she was before becoming a zombie.
  • 18. Deadbeat
    Liv and Ravi are in need of help and find an unlikely ally in Blaine. Detective Babineaux and Dale Bozzio pursue a new lead on an old case. Meanwhile, when Major finds himself in a world of trouble, sleazebag Brant Stone comes to his rescue. Vaughn’s evil side reaches a whole new level of mean.
  • 19. Salivation Army
    Working together on a mission, Liv, Detective Babineaux and Major crash Vaughn’s Super Max Rager party, where Rob Thomas performs a song from his solo career. Meanwhile, Blaine reaches out to Peyton for help, which does not sit well with Ravi.
  • 1. Heaven Just Got a Little Smoother
    Liv has discovered there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed. In fact, there’s a private military contractor employing a small zombie army, and that army is preparing for the day humans learn of their existence. Major was exonerated for the crimes of the Chaos Killer, but is still considered a pariah. He manages to land a job with the one and only place that will hire him. Meanwhile, Blaine is accused of lying.
  • 2. Zombie Knows Best
    When Liv, Clive and Ravi arrive at the scene to investigate a fatal car accident, they begin to suspect foul play was involved. Both starving, Liv and Major consume the brains of the accident victims, a well-meaning father and his angsty teenage daughter. Meanwhile, when Clive is brought in for questioning about a family that was murdered, he’s forced to reveal his past history with them. Lastly, Peyton extends an olive branch to Ravi, and Major hits a road block in his search for Natalie.
  • 3. Eat, Pray, Liv
    To help Clive solve the murder of a lifestyle guru, Liv consumes his brain and takes on his zen approach to life. Ravi's old boss, Katty Kupps, is getting closer to discovering the truth while also getting closer to Ravi. Meanwhile, Blaine and Peyton continue their budding friendship, much to Ravi's dismay. Lastly, Major is struggling a bit at his new job.
  • 4. Wag the Tongue Slowly
    Clive's patience is tested when Liv consumes the brain of a murder victim who had the reputation of being the ultimate office gossip. Meanwhile, Blaine and Peyton continue to grow closer as they wait to see if Ravi is able to reverse the effects of the cure. Lastly, Major is one step away from fulfilling a promise.
  • 5. Spanking The Zombie
    When Liv consumes the brains of a dominatrix, her bossy and controlling personality makes everyone a little uncomfortable, especially Clive. Meanwhile, Blaine and Peyton have a heart-to-heart.
  • 6. Some Like it Hot Mess
    To help Clive solve the murder of an irresponsible narcissist, Liv consumes her brain and literally becomes a hot mess. Meanwhile, Peyton learns some shocking news. Lastly, Ravi experiences a major setback.
  • 7. Dirt Nap Time
    When Liv and Clive work together to solve the murder of a very charming, but womanizing, preschool teacher, things get interesting when they bring his jealous girlfriend Piper in for questioning. Meanwhile, Peyton is assigned a very interesting case. Lastly, Blaine finds himself in a bad situation.
  • 8. Eat a Kinevel
    Liv shares the brain of a former daredevil with her new boyfriend, and the experience brings them closer. Blaine is back to his old ways. Meanwhile, Ravi makes progress in his new research. Finally, a discovery is made that could put Major in grave danger.
  • 9. Twenty-Sided, Die
    When a Dungeon Master is killed, Liv and Clive discover he was up to more than just playing in his mother's basement. Meanwhile, Blaine's experiment does not go as planned. Lastly, Ravi stumbles across some new information that could prove deadly.
  • 10. Return of the Dead Guy
    Peyton and Liv find themselves on a surprising wild goose chase. Ravi is terrified when the zombie truth hunters' plans are revealed. Elsewhere, Major finds comfort in an unexpected - and perhaps unwelcome - friend.
  • 11. Conspiracy Weary
    Liv and Blaine come to the rescue of one of their own. They consume the brains of a conspiracy theorist and paranoia ensues. Meanwhile, as they continue to search for conspiracy theories that may or may not exist, Liv researches Major's new friend. Finally, Ravi makes a surprising discovery of his own.
  • 12. Looking for Mr. Goodbrain (1)
    When Liv consumes the brains of someone from Ravi's past, not only does it have her wanting to sleep with every guy in Seattle, she also begins having some very intimate visions of Ravi. Meanwhile, Major is faced with a huge decision.
  • 1. Are You Ready for Some Zombies?
    While investigating the murder of a Seattle Seahawk superfan, Liv has a surprising vision. Meanwhile, Major is assigned the task of mentoring young, homeless zombies, and Ravi is still carrying a torch for Peyton. Lastly, Blaine is dealing with a threat looming from his past.
  • 2. Blue Bloody
    It’s a real-life game of clue for Liv after she eats the brains of a despicable dowager and must determine which one of her disgruntled servants killed her. Clive and Bozzio are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, circumstances place Major and Liv in opposition to one another.
  • 3. Brainless in Seattle, Part 1
    Love is in the air after Liv eats the brains of a hopeless romantic, and she can’t stop herself from meddling in Clive’s relationship. Major and Liv continue to try to work through their differences. Meanwhile, Blaine is approached with an interesting offer.
  • 4. Brainless in Seattle, Part 2
    Liv and Clive discover the murder they are investigating was the work of a serial killer. Meanwhile, Major enters dangerous territory.
  • 5. Goon Struck
    While tracking the murder of a hockey player, Liv stumbles onto Chase Graves’ evil plan. Meanwhile, Major is forced to make a horrible decision. Lastly, Peyton tries to contain a volatile situation.
  • 6. My Really Fair Lady
    Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a pretentious theater actor. Meanwhile, Ravi makes a huge sacrifice for Peyton. Lastly, Blaine makes a startling discovery.
  • 7. Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain
    After consuming the brain of a bachelor playboy, Liv heads to a club to meet up with Clive and Ravi. Meanwhile, Major is assigned an enormous task. Lastly, Clive is still struggling with the arrangement he’s made with Bozzio.
  • 8. Chivalry is Dead
    Liv consumes the brain of a murdered live-action role-playing knight in order to solve his murder; Peyton uncovers a truth about Liv; Major embarks on a mission.
  • 9. Mac-Liv-Moore
    There's a zombie serial killer on the loose and new Seattle is on lockdown. Liv is trapped in the morgue on white rapper brain and Clive and Ravi are playing Dungeons & Dragons. Meanwhile, Blaine concocts his most sinister plan to date. Lastly, Major is on the hunt for the killer.
  • 10. Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!
    When Liv consumes the brain of a vice detective who doesn't play by the rules, her newfound recklessness gets her into trouble. Meanwhile, Major is coming really close to discovering Liv's secret.
  • 11. Insane in the Germ Brain
    Liv does Clive a solid and agrees to consume germaphobe brain during flu season. Ravi continues his role as surrogate father to Isobel. Major finally gets to the bottom of things, and Chase continues to spiral out of control. Lastly, Peyton struggles with a very important decision.
  • 12. You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away
    Ravi and Clive work together to solve a case. Meanwhile, Major pulls a surprising move on Liv.
  • 13. And He Shall Be a Good Man
    Clive, Ravi, Peyton and Major work together to help Liv.
  • 1. Thug Death
    While investigating a murder case with no body and no brain to eat, the only evidence Liv and Clive have to work with is a grainy video and a little bit of blood found at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Blaine is up to his old tricks.
  • 2. Dead Lift
    Liv, on fitness guru brains, and Clive continue investigating a murder with no body and no evidence. Meanwhile, Peyton approaches councilman Zed with a request but doesn’t get the answer she was hoping for. Lastly, Liv surprises Major with a thoughtful gesture just when he needs it the most.
  • 3. Five, Six, Seven, Ate!
    While investigating the deaths of Gulliver and Nancy, the dynamic duo of Seattle's winning dance team, Liv and Ravi go undercover as dance partners to size up the other contestants aka the prime suspects. Meanwhile, Peyton confronts Major after she's told that one of his soldiers was out of line during a routine lice check at the school. Lastly, Clive and Bozzio receive a shocking surprise during Lamaze class.
  • 4. Dot Zom
    Liv, Clive and Ravi investigate the suspicious death of Cornell Piercey, the head of Piercey Corp, a successful traffic app company. Melissa Schultz, Cornell's ex-girlfriend, is now running the company, makes an interesting reveal to Liv and Clive. Meanwhile, Peyton is focusing on maintaining positive zombie PR in the city. Lastly, Blaine is intrigued when he meets Al Bronson of Bluster Magazine, as she is not at all what he was expecting.
  • 5. Death Moves Pretty Fast
    While investigating the death of independently wealthy, 19-year-old, Harris Miller, Liv, on brain à la Ferris Bueller, attempts to cheer up Ravi who has been spiraling after learning some unfortunate news. Meanwhile, after a nasty fall at the crime scene, Clive is forced to continue his part of the investigation via FaceTime. Lastly, things are suddenly going from bad to worse for Blaine.
  • 6. The Scratchmaker
    After consuming the brain of the ultimate matchmaker, Liv is determined to find the perfect match for Major. Meanwhile, Blaine will stoop to any level to protect himself. Lastly, Don E contemplates an interesting offer.
  • 7. Filleted to Rest
    While investigating the murder of Eleanor Barba, a chef at a high-end restaurant, Liv consumes her brain and becomes an unrelenting perfectionist who knows just how to break a person to their very core. Meanwhile, Major is on a mission to find out who is betraying the commander.
  • 8. Death of a Car Salesman
    Liv and Ravi each consume the brain of a very dislikable car salesman and inherit his competitive nature.
  • 9. The Fresh Princess
    Liv and Clive investigate the murder of Miss Teen Seattle beauty pageant contestant, Laurie-Beth Spano, who went into anaphylactic shock onstage in 1999 and ended up in a coma. At the time, police arrested rival contender Velma Charlet for spiking Laurie-Beth's makeup and she was given a four-year sentence. In present day, Laurie-Beth has passed away and Clive has arrested Velma, for her murder. Velma claims to be innocent and Liv consumes Laurie-Beth's brain in hopes of tracking down the murderer.
  • 10. Night and the Zombie City
    While investigating the murder of private eye Mick Chisel, who was stabbed in the head with an ice pick, Liv consumes Chisel’s brain in hopes of breaking down how this gruesome murder took place.
  • 11. Killer Queen
    Liv and Clive investigate the death of an old school drag queen which leads Liv to eat and shift into the queen’s brain. Meanwhile, Ravi reaches out to Major with an interesting request.
  • 12. Bye, Zombies
    Liv makes a devastating discovery.
  • 13. All's Well That Ends Well
    The human versus zombie war finally comes to a head.

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