Una mujer judía Hasidic en Brooklyn vuela de Berlín de un matrimonio arreglado y es llevada por un grupo de músicos hasta que su pasado deje de llamar

  • 1. Part 1
    Born and raised in a New York Hasidic community, Esty struggles after a fruitless first year of marriage. She runs away to Berlin and finds new freedom.
  • 2. Part 2
    Esty's Berlin friends challenge many of her old beliefs but also provide a safe space to explore new ways of being. Yanky and Moishe search for Esty.
  • 3. Part 3
    As Moishe secretly gathers evidence against Esty, she realizes she needs help to audition for the scholarship she desperately needs.
  • 4. Part 4
    Moishe brutally confronts Esty, sending her running to Leah for help. After Esty has her audition, she and Yanky have it out.

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  • Géneros : Драма
  • calificación: 8,00
  • año de publicación: 2020
  • Países: Соединенные Штаты
  • Duración: 54 minutos
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