Tig N' Seek with subtitle

Follow 8-year-old Tiggy and his gadget-building cat, Gweeseek, as they search for the lost items of Wee Gee City. With Tiggy’s cheerful attitude and Gweeseek’s exceptional inventing capabilities, the duo humorously navigate day-to-day dilemmas at the Department of Lost and Found.

  • 1. The Five Rules of Finding
    Tiggy and Gweeseek use Chief's Five Rules of Finding to discover their own method of finding and locating Boss' missing tie.
  • 2. Cat Burglar
    While Tiggy and Boss work hard to cover their tracks after they're caught up in a cat burglary, a new churro cart catches Gweeseek's eye.
  • 3. Cat Toy of the Future
    Tiggy's attempt to create a new toy for Gweeseek turns the Department of Lost and Found into Cat Central.
  • 4. Episode 4
  • 5. Episode 5
  • 6. Episode 6
  • 7. Episode 7
  • 8. Episode 8
  • 9. Episode 9
  • 10. Episode 10
  • 11. Episode 11
  • 12. Episode 12
  • 13. Episode 13
  • 14. Episode 14
  • 15. Episode 15
  • 16. Episode 16
  • 17. Episode 17
  • 18. Episode
  • 19. Episode 19
  • 20. Episode 20
  • 1. The Curse
    Tiggy and Gweeseek discover a terrifying music box and with it, a curse.
  • 2. Breaking News
    Tig and Seek rope the crew into a fake finding mission in order to impress a local newspaper reporter.
  • 3. Tiggy Two-Shoes
    Tiggy acts out to prove he can be a bad boy.
  • 4. Gloppy Joes
    Tiggy causes chaos in the Department when he pretends to love Boss's cooking.
  • 5. Cookie Trouble
    Tiggy and Gweeseek face their most devious foe yet: a cookie scout named Skippy.
  • 6. Nibbles
    Tiggy passes himself off as a cat expert to Prangle Penguin with disastrous results.
  • 7. Tragic Magic
    When Tiggy tests out a new magic trick, people in the office mysteriously disappear.
  • 8. Hair Today
    A mix-up at the groomers causes Tiggy to mistake a cranky, hairless cat for Gweeseek. Guest star: Louie Anderson as Chester the pet groomer.
  • 9. The Decider
    When Boss and Nuritza fight over a large pencil, Tiggy must decide who keeps it.
  • 10. Game Over
    In a spoof of after school special, an arcade game obsession pushes Tiggy and Gweeseek past the brink of sanity.
  • 11. Fretting Zoo
    Tiggy seeks vengeance upon an adorable baby goat who humiliated him.
  • 12. The Ring
    Tiggy and Prangle Penguin compete for Mrs. Grendelson's heart.
  • 13. The Boss Method
  • 14. Just One Lil' Thing
  • 15. Just Kitten 2: The Puppetmaster
  • 16. A Night at the Ballet
  • 17. Must Love Bugs
  • 18. Can You Believe This Guy?
  • 19. Fan Friction
  • 20. Development Shorts

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Tig N' Seek
  • calificación "Tig N' Seek": 7,30
  • Géneros : Анимация, Семейный
  • año de publicación: 2020
  • Países: Соединенные Штаты
  • Duración: 12 minutos
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