Father Brown

Father Brown
  • calificación: 7,40
  • año de publicación: 2013
  • Géneros : , Drama
  • Países: United Kingdom
  • Duración: 45 minutos

Series inspirada por las historia de GK Chesterton, un predicador catolico que tiene un truco para resolver misterios en su pueblo inglés

  • 1. The Hammer of God
    The brother of the vicar of the village where Father Brown has his parish church is a cad and a wastrel. When he's found near the church tower with his head smashed by a very small hammer, the local blacksmith is the first suspect, but it's his wife who confesses the murder!
  • 2. The Flying Stars
    When an alcoholic woman is found drowned near her home, Father Brown suspects murder, although the police think it's an accident.
  • 3. The Wrong Shape
    A poet hangs himself in his locked conservatory. Father Brown thinks that it was not a suicide, but a murder.
  • 4. The Man in the Tree
    Lady Felicia finds in her park a man on a tree,fallen from a passing train on a nearby viaduct.The man has been stripped and tortured, and Sid is accused of the crime.
  • 5. The Eye of Apollo
    Susie is fallen under the spell of the charismatic leader of a sect. When his wife dies in a suspicious accident, Father Brown intervenes but the prophet has a cast-iron alibi.
  • 6. The Bride of Christ
    When two nuns are murdered,Father Brown investigates in the convent with the help of a young nun,very keen on detective fiction.
  • 7. The Devil's Dust
    A radioactive girl is missing and only Father Brown can find the responsible for her disappearance.
  • 8. The Face of Death
    When Clarence Clifton is murdered at a charity treasure hunt its organizer Professor Galloway believes he was the intended victim as they wore identical fancy dress. Daniel Walsh,whose father had recently been killed by a car driven by the professor's wife,Lady Margaret,is the chief suspect and disappears. Then Lady Margaret is killed,after sacking servant Thomas Dilcott,secret lover of her daughter Lucia. The villagers suspect Daniel but Father Brown looks closer to home for the solution.
  • 9. The Mayor and the Magician
    At a fete to raise funds for a Polish school unpleasant mayor William Knight is electrocuted by a microphone. Valentine arrests his long suffering wife Eleanor after a screwdriver is found in her handbag but there are plenty of other suspects,including his young daughter and the secretary he sacked after their affair was discovered, whilst he was also accused of bribery and corruption. As Father Brown solves the mystery a magician at the fete turns out to be the husband,presumed dead,of his housekeeper Mrs McCarthy,who walked out on her decades earlier. Now dying he …
  • 10. The Blue Cross
    When the notorious thief Flambeau declares his intention to steal a valuable blue cross from the church Father Brown,against the advice of Valentine,decides to take it to safety to Newbury abbey by train. He meets a trio of fellow passengers,one of which he is sure is the thief but his efforts to flush him out lead to the theft of the cross. Facing dismissal for his rash action the father agrees to meet with Flambeau and do a deal to return the artefact.
  • 1. The Ghost in the Machine
    Charlotte McKinley asks Father Brown to exorcise her house, which she believes is haunted by the ghost of her sister Elspeth, who disappeared nine years earlier. The priest believes somebody is fabricating a ghost but then Charlotte disappears from a locked room. Inspector Valentine suspects Charlotte's husband Victor, a former doctor struck off for irresponsible prescription and previously believed to have killed Elspeth. A skeleton is unearthed but it is not Elspeth's and a coded message in a book leads Father Brown to discover the fates of both sisters along with …
  • 2. The Maddest of All
    Wearing only a hospital gown Felix Underwood returns to the village and says ‘Murder’ before collapsing, apparently dead. At his funeral however the ‘corpse’ comes back to life but with a loss of memory. He was a patient at Danvers Retreat, a psychiatric hospital for service personnel, which Father Brown visits, along with new Inspector Sullivan, discovering a body hidden in a well. Father Brown gets himself admitted to Danvers Retreat in order to get close to a young woman who supplies clues in biblical texts and to solve both the murder and the mystery surrounding …
  • 3. The Pride of the Prydes
    Impoverished aristocrat Sir St John Pryde plans to sell estate land, which antagonizes his tenants led by left-wing Alan Archer. On the day Pryde castle is opened to the public tour guide Audrey Diggle is murdered after claiming that she has evidence to state that the Prydes are not the lawful heirs to the title though St John's nephew Jago believes his uncle was the intended victim and St John's daughter Bunty is secretly in love with Archer. After an attempt to kill Jago Father Brown unmasks the murderer, in the process demonstrating that a supposed family curse has…
  • 4. The Shadow of the Scaffold
    Violet Fernsley is due to hang for killing her violent husband Ivan but Father Brown believes in her innocence. The Fernsley family close ranks but the priest is puzzled by the fact that Polish farm-hand Piotr Symanski disappeared around the time of the murder and also seems to have been slain. Ivan's brothers' squabbling over possession of his farm seems to incriminate one or both whilst Sullivan is suspicious of the fact that prison warder Charlie Denham is Violet's lover. Father Brown naturally deduces that the real murderer is the least likely suspect.
  • 5. The Mysteries of the Rosary
    Professor Ambrose is abducted after sending his friend Father Brown an ancient prayer book which supposedly can locate the long disappeared Lannington rosary, said to hold healing powers. Aided by Lady Felicia's chauffeur Sid the priest uses the book to find clues which will lead him to the rosary. There is a deadline as a ransom note arrives, informing the father that the rosary must be delivered to save his friend's life whilst the quest is complicated by the arrival of supposedly reformed criminal Flambeau, who claims he is working as a mercenary for the Papacy to …
  • 6. The Daughters of Jerusalem
    The father is laid up with a broken leg, strait-laced young Father Roland standing in for him. When unpopular village gossip Mrs Bunyon is killed after a row at a cake baking contest Mrs McCarthy and Lady Felicia gather evidence for Father Brown to unmask the murderer - who has also killed MRs Bunyon's baking rival Vera Thimble. Many years earlier both women gave evidence which led to the hanging of a man accused of murdering a young child. Father Brown draws the connection and tries to save a third witness from becoming the next victim.
  • 7. The Three Tools of Death
    Alice Armstrong is receiving electric shock treatment for memory loss after her accidental shooting her mother. Six weeks after her mother's death her father Sir Aaron is also found dead from a blow to the head, his hands tied. Suspicion falls on Jim Magnus, the chauffeur and a former petty crook and on Peter Royce, the secretary, who loves Alice and was sacked after telling Sir Aaron not to send her back to hospital. But a conversation with debt collector Eddie Monk informs Father Brown that the dead man owed huge sums of money and another confession suggests that …
  • 8. The Prize of Colonel Gerard
    Ex-colonel Gerard is poisoned after arguing with his nephew Edward. Edward is a former POW from Korea and the colonel claims he has been brain-washed but Edward sticks to his story that Gerard killed his father in order to marry his widow Ada. None of the household - including Ada's brother Rupert and his adopted daughter Jia-Li - seem upset at the colonel's death and each had a motive for murder. Then Father Brown is poisoned - hopefully he can recover in time to unmask the killer.
  • 9. The Grim Reaper
    Farmer John Tatton and his son Alfred do not get on, John accusing the boy of being a useless drunk like his late mother. Alfred confronts the family doctor Adam Crawford, taunting him for having a much younger wife Oona, who has just confided in Mrs McCarthy that she is pregnant. Alfred is found dead, mangled in farm machinery and soon afterwards anonymous letters appear, accusing Dr Crawford of the crime as Oona was supposedly having an affair with the dead man - something she denies. Dr Crawford confesses to the murder of Alfred but Father Brown knows better and …
  • 10. The Laws of Motion
    Audrey McMurray, a rally driver and property owner, may appear to be a philanthropist but her ruthless treatment of her tenants has caused Harriet Welsby's husband to kill himself whilst she openly cheats on her husband Walter with young mechanic Gary Bakewell. Audrey is killed in a hill climb after somebody tampers with her car's brakes and Harriet is arrested after threatening her. Then Gary confesses but Father Brown is convinced that Walter and his wife's secretary Phyllis, who are lovers, are the culprits though he has difficulty in persuading Sullivan to let him…
  • 1. The Man in the Shadows
    Lady Felicia's chauffeur Sid sees a man disposing of a body but the police claim that the dead man, Archie Waterson, drowned himself and warn Sid to say nothing. Archie was working as an art restorer for eccentric Lord Masters but when Father Brown and Lady Felicia visit it is apparent that the supposed restoration is a front for an MI5 operation, headed by Daniel Whittaker, whom Lady Felicia knew in the war. Whittaker tries to blackmail Felicia into finding out what Father Brown knows about the dead man since the priest has found a message from Archie which will lead…
  • 2. The Curse of Amenhotep
    Father Brown and Lady Felicia are visiting a museum owned by her Egyptologist friend Sir Raleigh Beresford, who has just married the much younger Caterina. Caterina insists on opening a sarcophagus, an action which allegedly carries a curse and some time later she is found dying in a locked room. Sir Ralph's son Leo was having an affair with Caterina, making him a prime suspect, but then Raleigh's adoring secretary Valerie admits to the murder. Father Brown does not believe her and discredits her account before unmasking the real killer.
  • 3. The Invisible Man
    When the circus comes to the village newly wealthy clown Reggie Smythe reminds waitress Laura Hope, engaged to young Nicholas, that she once promised to marry either him or circus hypnotist Arthur Welkin, whichever made their fortune first. Laura is quick to point out that she was only joking but then Reggie is found stabbed to death after being threatened by Arthur Welkin though Welkin has an alibi. Laura amazes everybody by agreeing to marry the hypnotist so Father Brown announces that he will conduct the ceremony - and so uncover the truth.
  • 4. The Sign of the Broken Sword
    Father Brown and Lady Felicia visit the local barracks for the unveiling of the Dunkirk war memorial for which they have helped raise funds. The hero of Dunkirk was Colonel St Clare, who allegedly killed several Nazis with his broken sword but at dinner drunken Major Rawlings accuses St Clare of cowardice and is later found slain with the sword. St Clare is the obvious suspect but Father Brown, believing him to be innocent, discovers another person who remembers what happened at Dunkirk and has waited fifteen years before taking action.
  • 5. The Last Man
    As the village cricket team prepares for its annual match against rivals Hambleston Indian doctor Chandraty steps in as its captain to the annoyance of bigoted club secretary Peter Wallander, who also suspects that loutish Vince Lennon, the team's star bowler and adopted son of academic Jane Milton is having an affair with his young wife . Lennon is murdered and turns out to have been blackmailing several of the villagers whilst an ancient law states that the team's defeat could lead to the new squire of Hambleston, parvenu Max Scullion, acquiring the cricket ground …
  • 6. The Upcott Fraternity
    Whilst Father Brown is visiting the Upcott seminary for trainee priests young student Thomas Potts confesses to him that the recent drowning of his friend Douglas Hitchens was no accident before he plunges to his death from the bell tower. Father Brown suspects foul play but is blocked by the sinister Father Lewis and so, with the connivance of the elderly rector Father Palfreyman, sends Sid in undercover to pose as a trainee. He soon learns of the Secret Fraternity, an elite group of students, and believes that they are covering something up - but which of them is a …
  • 7. The Kembleford Boggart
    When the travellers come to the village the overbearing Jeremiah Moxley objects and accuses them of robbing the church. Whilst Jeremiah's daughter, successful novelist Hannah - of whom he is wholly over-protective - is at a reading Jeremiah is killed in the style of a murder in Hannah's latest book. The prime suspect is young gypsy Alfons but Father Brown is convinced of his innocence and in proving it exposes a family secret that Jeremiah was desperate should not be made public.
  • 8. The Lair of the Libertines
    Marooned in the country Father Brown, Lady Felicia and Mrs McCarthy come across the Hotel Cuba where the exotic Madame Chania is organizing a weekend of hedonism for three wealthy playboys. Two prostitutes are expected but one is found dead and soon the guests are being murdered. Madame Chania would seem to be responsible but Father Brown uncovers a case of hidden identity and exposes a murderer who kills purely for the pleasure of it.
  • 9. The Truth in the Wine
    Father Brown attends an open day at the vineyard Colonel Forbes-Leith runs with French viticulturist Gregoire Bisset but the wine is contaminated by a dead dog in the vat. Suspicion falls on sinister handy-man Henry Gibbs, who is blackmailing the colonel, whom he knew in the war, and when Gibbs is shot dead the colonel is arrested. Father Brown visits him in prison and discovers that he is not who he seems to be and that he is covering for the person he believes to be the real murderer.
  • 10. The Judgement of Man
    The local art gallery has the priceless painting ‘The Judgement of Man’ on loan from the Vatican and curator Binkie Cadwallader is flattered to be interviewed by the glamorous reporter Rebecca Himmelbaum. Father Brown is convinced that Flambeau is out to steal it and is proved right when Lady Felicia's gallant new American friend Chip Corner turns out to be the thief in disguise. But there is another miscreant out to steal the painting and Rebecca has her own agenda, to punish Binkie for a wartime betrayal.As a result Father Brown and Flambeau enter into a bizarre …
  • 11. The Time Machine
    Father Brown visits student Jacob Francis at the family home as Lady Felicia is worried about him. Jacob's father died a year earlier, a presumed suicide, but Jacob is sure that he was murdered and has built a time machine in which he claims he can travel back to prove the case. His other relatives are cynical though his vision of the near future seems to be accurate. But when Jacob also dies Father Brown suspects that his theory was correct and tries out the time machine for himself.
  • 12. The Standing Stones
    In a village stricken with polio barmaid Sylvia Swann is stabbed to death at the Standing Stones and her friend Ginnie Godden, the last person to see her alive, is arrested. Father Brown finds evidence to link local herbalist Malcolm to the murder site but Malcolm believes that Sylvia was ritually sacrificed to heal the polio victims and asks Father Brown to help him stop any further deaths.
  • 13. The Paradise of Thieves
    Whilst Father Brown and Mrs McCarthy are in the bank there is an armed hold-up but the robbers flee after the vault is opened to reveal the corpse of Billy Flanders, shady son-in-law of bank manager Samuel Harrogate. A note in the dead man's pocket incriminates Harrogate and Sullivan arrests him. Father Brown however realizes that the two bank clerks stand to gain by the manager's removal and later recognizes one of the robbers who tells the priest who planned the robbery. Father Brown comes to wonder why it was so important that he witnessed the failed heist before …
  • 14. The Deadly Seal
    A mysterious visitor to the confession box informs Father Brown that choleric Bishop Talbot will be murdered so Father Brown joins Talbot at a shooting party where a shot is indeed fired though the victim is the seemingly innocent Albert Davies. The bishop had argued with actor Peter Redhill over his divorce and there is certainly intrigue among Redhill and his fellow players whilst the bishop seems to inexplicably own a large collection of banned plays. In his investigation the father finds that the play's the thing and also uncovers a bizarre pact.
  • 15. The Owl of Minerva
    Sullivan falls out with rival inspector Trueman when journalist Norman Finlay is found dead after threatening an expose and Sullivan is the only person to suspect foul play. Sullivan believes arrogant magistrate Geoffrey Greensleeves is involved as Finlay's corpse was found in his grounds but when there is another murder Sullivan is framed and goes on the run. For once he has reason to be grateful to Father Brown for his intervention as thy uncover an international conspiracy in which nobody is who they appear to be.
  • 1. The Mask of the Demon
    Father Brown investigates the murder of a B movie director when he comes to film in Kembleford
  • 2. The Brewer's Daughter
    Sid is engaged with an heiress arrested for her father's murder.
  • 3. The Hangman's Demise
    Father Brown investigates the murder of a former hangman.
  • 4. The Crackpot of the Empire
    Father brown gets involved in the revenge of a crazy comedian.
  • 5. The Daughter of Autolycus
    Father Brown must help Flambeau in stealing the Pope's gift to the Queen.
  • 6. The Rod of Asclepius
    Lady Felicia's reckless driving lands her in the next hospital bed to Mrs McCarthy.
  • 7. The Missing Man
    Airman Ned LeBroc returns after eight years away, allegedly as a spy, only to discover his wife Meg, assuming he was dead, is marrying his brother Geoffrey. Daughter Millie is pleased to see him, unlike his wing commander father, who regards him as a deserter and coward. When Ned is shot dead Mallory arrests Meg but a card found in Ned's possession leads Father Brown to an unusual club which reveals Ned's secret life and the circumstances of his death.
  • 8. The Resurrectionists
    After young baker Alexander Moore dies in an accident his corpse is stolen from the graveyard and discovered on the premises of undertaker Peter Blackstone, father of Alexander's secret girlfriend Catherine, who is in a feud with his mother Ruth. though he denies taking it. Father Brown realizes that Alexander had faked his own death but that something went wrong. In establishing how and why he uncovers a family secret dating back many years.
  • 9. The Sins of the Father
    Aircraft tycoon Robert Twyman is in receipt of notes stating that if he does not ‘confess’ his spoilt son Calvin will be killed and indeed the boy is strangled. Twyman ‘s butler’s Wallace's strange behaviour makes him suspect but Robert believes the culprit is journalist Rosie Everton, seeking a meaty story. When Rosie is also murdered Mallory arrests Robert but Father Brown believes that visiting psychologist Mordaunt Jackson holds the key to solving the murders.
  • 10. The Wrath of Baron Samdi
    Father Brown hosts a multi-racial jazz quartet whose car has broken down but they are interrupted by Emmanuel Jammite, who claims that cocky musician Joseph Sinclair stole his girlfriend, the band's singer Yveline from him back in Haiti. Emmanuel is a voodoo priest and curses Sinclair, whose corpse is later found floating in a swimming pool. Emmanuel swears his innocence but dies trying to flee from the law. Father Brown believes one of the band members is the true murderer and in trying to confront them almost loses his own life.

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