Todos odiamos a Chris

Todos odiamos a Chris
  • calificación: 7,40
  • año de publicación: 2005
  • Géneros : Comedy
  • Países: United States
  • Duración: 20 minutos
  • Complejidad : 9

Serie de TV americana que nos cuenta sobre la vida de un adolescente que es acosado por la gente que lo rodea, en su escuela y en casa. Él es el hijo mayor de la familia y siempre lo castigan por las travesuras de sus hermanos. Todos sus intentos de ser aceptado fallan, pero él intenta mantenerse optimista.

  • 1. Everybody Hates the Pilot
    Chris and his family move to Bed-Stuy and Chris attends a predominantly white middle school where he meets his new friend, Greg and ends up in the crosshairs of the school bully, Joey Caruso.
  • 2. Everybody Hates Keisha
    Chris has a crush on Keisha, the girl next door and when Rochelle asks Keisha to help Drew with his math, Chris makes his move to impress her, but is heartbroken when he catches Drew kissing Keisha. Julius finds himself in an uncomfortable position when he suddenly becomes attracted to Keisha's mom, Sheila. Also, when the school principal orders Caruso to stay away from Chris, Greg sticks close to him.
  • 3. Everybody Hates Basketball
    The school basketball coach recruits Chris for the basketball team, but there's one problem: he doesn't know how to play. But a bad grade on a pop quiz could kick him off the team. Meanwhile, Rochelle has her suspicions about a new tenant in their building.
  • 4. Everybody Hates Sausage
    When Julius buys a big crate of sausage, he makes everyone eat it with every meal. But Tonya refuses to, causing friction between the her and Rochelle. While at school, Chris is sentenced to 3 days of detention after a rumor goes round about him beating up the school bully, Joey.
  • 5. Everybody Hates Fat Mike
    Despite his parents' warnings, Chris lends his bike to a kid who disappears with it; While Julius is on strike, he proves to be a better housekeeper than Rochelle which makes her very angry.
  • 6. Everybody Hates Halloween
    In order to impress a girl Chris goes to an adult party where the girl will be. With some urging from his friend he decides to go as the eccentric singer Prince.
  • 7. Everybody Hates the Babysitter
    When Rochelle and Julius go out for the night, they hire a sitter to look after Chris, Drew, and Tonya. But the babysitter keeps leaving the house and Chris covers for her. Julius and Rochelle's night-out is anything but romantic when the restaurant gets robbed.
  • 8. Everybody Hates the Laundromat
    Chris spends all day at the laundromat while watching his younger brother and sister. His parents try to get a good deal on a new TV.
  • 9. Everybody Hates Food Stamps
    Julius finds $200 worth of food stamps but Rochelle is too embarrassed to use them; Chris and Greg have a big argument over their science project.
  • 10. Everybody Hates Greg
    Toyna keeps getting Chris into trouble and Chris is sick of it, so he decides to hang out at Greg's house without permission from either of their parents. When Greg's father comes home and Chris finds out Greg isn't allowed to have anyone over when his dad's not home, Chris hides in the closet to avoid getting into trouble.
  • 11. Everybody Hates Christmas
    Rochelle and Julius don't have enough money to get Chris his new Walkman that he wants for Christmas. Drew tells Toyna the truth about Santa Claus, which makes Tonya question about other things her mom and dad told her.
  • 12. Everybody Hates a Part Time Job
    In order to get a new leather jacket, Chris goes to work with Julius. When Drew and Tonya's school is shut down because of lead paint poisoning, the two play a game of “I Dare You” which gets out of hand when Toyna ends up in the emergency room.
  • 13. Everybody Hates Picture Day
    Chris gets a new outfit for school picture day, but Caruso ends up stealing it. Drew hides Toyna's shoe when she breaks his toy. Rochelle sells make-up at home to makes some extra money.
  • 14. Everybody Hates Valentine's Day
    Chris gets a bunch of “I hate you” cards from Caruso and also develops a crush on a girl named Tangee on his bus ride. Tonya reveals that she has a boyfriend which surprises Julius, and Drew gets a bunch of Valentines' cards from a lot of girls.
  • 15. Everybody Hates the Lottery
    Julius and Rochelle struggle to give up the things they like: chocolate turtles and lottery tickets. Meanwhile, Chris claims to be a pro at “Asteroids”, but when he hears that someone beat his score, it's up to him to defend his title.
  • 16. Everybody Hates the Gout
    Chris gets an “F” on his report card and tries to figure out a way to change his grade before his parents find out. When Julius is sick with the gout, he starts watching The Young and the Restless.
  • 17. Everybody Hates Funerals
    When Rochelle's dad, Gene unexpectedly dies during a family dinner, Rochelle starts acting less than normal and Chris is shocked to see his mother not acting like herself.
  • 18. Everybody Hates Corleone
    Sick of the constant bullying from Caruso, Chris attempts to get kicked out of Corleone. Meanwhile, Julius' smelly new job may drive the family away.
  • 19. Everybody Hates Drew
    Fed up with Drew being the best at everything, Chris decides to take up karate. But when the two brothers challenge each other, Chris ends up breaking Drew's hand. Meanwhile, Toyna gets a lesson in gossip at the beauty salon.
  • 20. Everybody Hates Playboy
    Chris finds a Playboy magazine in Julius' toolbox and takes it to school, but the assistant principal confiscates it, Chris attempts to get it back. Julius is surprised when he finds out that Rochelle has money stashed in their room. Toyna teases Drew because of his fear of spiders.
  • 21. Everybody Hates Jail
    Chris tries to sell cookies for his class trip to Washington DC, but he ends up in jail for saying the cookies were stolen. Julius and Rochelle get tickets to see “Dreamgirls”, but their plans are thwarted when Drew and Toyna come down with the chicken pox.
  • 22. Everybody Hates Father's Day
    Chris tries to find a gift for Julius for Father's Day, but all Julius wants is a day to himself.
  • 1. Everybody Hates Rejection
    Chris asks a girl on a date, but gets stood up; Rochelle clashes with new neighbor Louise over the establishment of a neighborhood watch program.
  • 2. Everybody Hates the Class President
    Chris runs for 8th grade class president, and Julius is diagnosed with high blood pressure.
  • 3. Everybody Hates Elections
    Chris has to prepare a speech as part of his campaign for class president; Mr. Omar the funeral director moves into the rental apartment but winds up increasing Julius's stress.
  • 4. Everybody Hates a Liar
    Chris leads the neighborhood into thinking that he and Tasha are a couple. Drew feels left out when Rochelle doesn't have enough time for him. Julius is obsessed with trading stamps.
  • 5. Everybody Hates Malvo
    When Chris is robbed at work by the neighborhood's well-known criminal Malvo, he is scared to tell Doc who robbed the place. Julius gets a Betamax and is upset when Tonya accidentally tapes over Julius' stories.
  • 6. Everybody Hates the Buddy System
    The new vice-principal pairs Chris and Caruso up as buddies on a school field trip, but Chris and Caruso end up being left behind. Toyna takes Rochelle's hoop earrings and then loses one of them. Julius searches for a Wayne Gretzky hockey jersey for Drew.
  • 7. Everybody Hates Promises
    Chris finds out that he can't fulfill his campaign promises as class president, causing him to become increasingly unpopular at school; Rochelle's brother comes to stay with the family temporarily but shows little interest in finding a job or moving out.
  • 8. Everybody Hates Thanksgiving
    Julius' successful younger brother joins Chris' family for Thanksgiving dinner and Julius works hard to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal.
  • 9. Everybody Hates Superstition
    Chris's luck changes after he borrows a pair of socks from his father; Drew and Tonya conspire to get their parents to buy them things.
  • 10. Everybody Hates Kris
    Julius works at a department store dressed up as Santa Claus along with Chris dressed up as an elf, but Julius gets fired for freaking the kids out and Chris ends up in the hospital.
  • 11. Everybody Hates Eggs
    For a class project, Chris has to take care of an egg as if it were a baby; Julius looks for ways to save money on the electric bill.
  • 12. Everybody Hates Hall Monitors
    Chris signs up to be a hall monitor in order to gain some respect. But when the students don't take him seriously, Greg gives Chris some advice to step up his game, but his newfound power goes to his head which nearly threatens his friendship with Greg. When Toyna invites her girlfriends over, they're more interested in hanging out with Drew than with her. Julius struggles to get some sleep, but Rochelle keeps complaining to him about her job.
  • 13. Everybody Hates Snow Day
    On a snowy day, Chris arrives at school only to find that classes have been canceled and he is expected to spend the day with Principal Edwards, the only other person there.
  • 14. Everybody Hates the Substitute
    A black substitute teacher takes over Chris' class while Ms. Morello is away, but the teacher ends up giving Chris a hard time, prompting Chris to figure out a way to get rid of him. Toyna discovers that she can her own way by accusing Drew of hitting her, and Mr. Omar gets on Julius' last nerve.
  • 15. Everybody Hates Cutting School
    Chris and Greg cut school to see “Ghostbusters”, but they run into Ms. Morello at the movies. Julius spends an agonizing day at the DMV trying to get his license renewed. Rochelle volunteers at a book fair at Drew and Toyna's school with disastrous results.
  • 16. Everybody Hates Chain Snatching
    When Chris stops Malvo trying to steal a gold chain from Vanessa, Malvo demands that Chris get him a gold chain. Tonya tries to win tickets to a Billy Ocean concert. Rochelle discovers that Julius has been hiding a credit card from her.
  • 17. Everybody Hates DJs
    Chris decides to become a DJ, but his new career takes a wrong turn when he accidentally scratches Rochelle's James Brown album. Drew asks Julius to take him to a magic show, but Julius is afraid of rabbits.
  • 18. Everybody Hates Baseball
    Chris is stuck between a rock and a hard place when he has to make a decision about going to a baseball game with Julius and Drew or go to the movies with Tasha. Rochelle forgets to mail Tonya's letter to the Billy Ocean fan club. Rochelle's brother, Michael asks Vanessa out on a date.
  • 19. Everybody Hates Gambling
    Chris becomes the neighborhood odd-maker after predicting a basketball game's outcome for Doc, but a bookie could bring Chris' lucky streak to an end. Tonya and Drew bet each other in checkers. Julius places a bet on an upcoming basketball game behind Rochelle's back.
  • 20. Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes
    Chris starts telling dirty jokes after listening to his parents' comedy records. Rochelle tries to find a man for her mother, Maxine. Drew avoids a girl in a neighborhood who likes him.
  • 21. Everybody Hates Math
    Chris turns to Rochelle to help him with his algebra for a match competition at school. But when Rochelle's teaching methods don't work, Chris decides to meet with Rochelle's mom, Maxine, who is good with algebra. Tonya takes the blame when Drew breaks Julius' favorite chair.
  • 22. Everybody Hates the Last Day
    With the end of the school year near, Chris plans his revenge against Caruso for making his life at school miserable. Tonya is jealous about Drew graduating from elementary school. Julius tries fixing Mr. Omar's clogged sink, but ends up making it worse.
  • 1. Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor
    At the end of the 8th grade, Mrs.Morello hands out the Grade Eight Perficiency Assesment Test (GEPA) and Chris doesn't study so he thinks it doesn't count. So, he purposely does bad on the test, which makes him See Mr. Avich, the guidance counselor, who tries to get Chris into a special needs class
  • 2. Everybody Hates Caruso
    Caruso is beat up by one of Chris's classmates. As a result, the absence of Caruso's power throws the entire school into chaos.
  • 3. Everybody Hates Driving
    Julius allows Chris to park the family car across the street, but he takes the car to school instead. Meanwhile, Rochelle goes to court to dispute a speeding ticket.
  • 4. Everybody Hates Blackie
    Chris is allowed to get a dog after the house is robbed. The dog turns out to be impossible to train, until Chris discovers that the dog only understands Spanish.
  • 5. Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad
    Since the rest of the family is sick, Chris is forced to spend a few nights at Mr. Omar's apartment, where he discovers Richard Pryor for the first time.
  • 6. Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy
    After Chris's first article for the school paper is rejected, he creates a bogus story about a serial killer in Bed-Stuy–which only gets him in more trouble.
  • 7. Everybody Hates Houseguests
    Greg's friendship with Chris is put to the test when he spends the week at Chris's house, and Julius has an eventful first week as a taxicab driver.
  • 9. Everybody Hates the New Kid
    When a second black kid enrolls in Chris's school, the two become fast friends, which makes Greg jealous. Julius becomes nervous when the IRS gives the family a larger-than-expected tax refund.
  • 10. Everybody Hates Kwanzaa
    Julius talks the family into celebrating Kwanza instead of Christmas this year because Kwanza is cheaper. Meanwhile, Chris helps Kill Moves find his mother as part of his school Christmas assignment.
  • 11. Everybody Hates the Port Authority
    The family plans to go to a relative's funeral in South Carolina, but Chris and Julius lose the ticket money to a three-card monte dealer.
  • 12. Everybody Hates Bad Boys
    Chris models himself after a popular rapper and takes on a bad boy persona in order to impress Tasha. Julius gets the family a free dinner at an expensive restaurant, but the restaurant is less than hospitable.
  • 13. Everybody Hates the First Kiss
    Chris tries to get himself invited to a spin-the-bottle party so that he can get a chance to kiss Tasha. He winds up kissing another girl, which only causes unforeseen problems.
  • 14. Everybody Hates Easter
    Chris plans to take Tasha to an Easter pageant after she breaks up with her boyfriend; Rochelle seeks to win the hat competition at church.
  • 15. Everybody Hates Gretzky
    Chris accompanies Drew as they skip school to get Wayne Gretzky's autograph for Drew.
  • 16. Everybody Hates the BFD
    Chris accepts a $250 Black Funeral Directors scholarship from Mr. Omar so that he can pay for Run-DMC concert tickets, but he gets more than he bargained for.
  • 17. Everybody Hates Ex-Cons
    Malvo is out of prison. But instead of coming after Chris, he asks for his help in getting him into high school. Julius and Drew put a wager on a Mets/Dodgers series, and Tanya's new friend uses her as an alibi to lie to her mom.
  • 18. Everybody Hates Earth Day
    Chris tries to enlist Julius to help him collect cans for an Earth Day project. Meanwhile, Tonya is reprimanded at school while mimicking her mother, causing Rochelle to try and stop yelling anymore.
  • 19. Everybody Hates Being Cool
    Chris and Greg try to become cool, and Chris gets suspended from school when Greg is busted with a cigarette and blames it on Chris. And that's where the real trouble begins for him.
  • 20. Everybody Hates the Ninth-Grade Dance
    Chris catches a lot of grief for asking a white girl from his class to the ninth grade dance, so he backs out of it, which only makes things worse. Julius and Drew help out a relative starting a business, and Tanya takes up ballet.
  • 21. Everybody Hates Mother's Day
    Chris buys a knock-off version of an expensive perfume from Risky as a Mother's Day present, and Rochelle gets a rash from it. Julius discovers that he talked Drew into giving away an old toy that is worth $150.
  • 22. Everybody Hates Graduation
    Chris tries to get accepted into the Bronx Science Academy so that he can go to high school with Greg, Julius helps his brother start a Mix Tape business not knowing that they're illegal, and Drew helps Tanya with her ballet recital.
  • 1. Everybody Hates Tattaglia
    Chris is relieved to find out that he is not the only black person at his new high school. However, he does run into problems because he is the only non-white student in his homeroom class, and the teacher can't stand him.
  • 2. Everybody Hates Cake
    An androgynous boy in Chris' home ec class helps him meet a cute classmate. Rochelle learns that Tasha's mom is an ex-con. Drew and Tonya get a job babysitting Mr. Omar's fish.
  • 3. Everybody Hates Homecoming
    Chris gets a cute girl to go to the homecoming dance with him, and discovers that her parents are the Huxtables. But he may be forced to ditch her when he finds out that Greg is down and needs his attention.
  • 4. Everybody Hates the English Teacher
    Chris talks the English teacher to show movies based on books instead of reading the actual books, but their friendship is short-lived. Julius' plan to raise Mr. Omar's rent backfires when his apartment fails inspection.
  • 5. Everybody Hates My Man
    Chris gets in over his head when he helps a star football player with his studies. Julius suddenly has a new outlook on life when he takes a job helping Mr. Omar at the funeral home.
  • 6. Everybody Hates Doc's
    Chris can't stand working for Doc's new young girlfriend at the store, so he deliberately breaks them up. Meanwhile, Tanya starts wearing a stuffed bra to school.
  • 7. Everybody Hates Snitches
    Chris' plan to snitch on a shooter and collect the reward money backfires when Jerome is put in jail. Meanwhile, Julius sets up the perfect anniversary for Rochelle, only to see it accidentally fall apart.
  • 8. Everybody Hates Big Bird
    Chris starts dating one of the nerdiest girls in the school, but doesn't want anyone to know about it. Meanwhile, the entire neighborhood bets on whether the Giants or the Jets will lose first.
  • 9. Everybody Hates James
    Ms. Morello forces Chris to become a “big brother,” the family gets an answering machine, and Julius tries to get marital advice from a new talk show called “Oprah.”
  • 10. Everybody Hates New Year's Eve
    While Chris tries to find a way to get to Times Square for New Year's Eve, Julius becomes a hero after he talks a jumper down from the George Washington Bridge.
  • 11. Everybody Hates Mr. Levine
    Chris tries to be friendly to the last white man left in Bed-Stuy, Rochelle begins acting like she's in her 20s, and Greg tries to find a way to stop being considered Chris's sidekick.
  • 12. Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets
    Chris joins the wrestling team to get a varsity letter, Rochelle puts the entire family on a diet, and Drew tries to put together a girl group.
  • 13. Everybody Hates Fake IDs
    Chris and Greg try to get fake IDs so that they can go to a Fat Boys concert, Drew buys a pair of X-ray glasses, and Rochelle gets upset when Julius won't let her give him a surprise birthday party.
  • 14. Everybody Hates PSATs
    Rochelle wants Chris to do well on the PSATs so that she can show him off to an elite African American club she wants the family to join. As a result, he cheats and gets a perfect score.
  • 15. Everybody Hates Boxing
    Mr. Thurman convinces Chris to take up boxing, a new neighbor has the hots for Julius, and Rochelle gets lonely for Julius while he takes on extra shifts
  • 16. Everybody Hates Lasagna
    Chris is forced to hide some marijuana for a neighborhood punk on the run from the police. Out of fear, he decides to bake it in his lasagna for his cooking class.
  • 17. Everybody Hates Spring Break
    Greg breaks his leg after he is hit by a car, but Chris doesn't want anyone to know that he was driving the car. Meanwhile, Julius tries to take Tanya and Drew to Amityville for a beach vacation during Spring Break.
  • 18. Everybody Hates the Car
    Chris buys his first car, which only leads to a series of unforeseen problems. Meanwhile, everybody else in the house accidentally stumbles into everyone else's private business.
  • 19. Everybody Hates Back Talk
    Chris comes to blows with Rochelle when he refuses to clean the dishes, and Mr. Omar gives his notice to vacate because he believes he is dying.
  • 20. Everybody Hates Tasha
    Chris runs into unexpected problems when Tasha becomes his girlfriend, Rochelle finds out that Julius is still technically married to another woman, and Drew and Tonya have a contest to see who can be quiet the longest.
  • 21. Everybody Hates Bomb Threats
    Chris calls in a bomb threat to get out of doing a punishwork assignment, and Rochelle tries to get rid of a “mojo” placed on her by one of her customers at the salon.
  • 22. Everybody Hates the G.E.D.
    Chris opts to take the G.E.D. over repeating the 10th grade, Drew tries to go on Amateur Night at the Apollo, Julius tries to get $25 back from somebody who owes him, and Tanya graduates from sixth grade.

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