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Alexa and Katie

Alexa and Katie
  • calificación: 5,00
  • año de publicación: 2018
  • Géneros : Comedy
  • Países: United States
  • Duración: 1 minutos

Mejores amigas de toda la vida Alexa y Katie están ansiosamente anticipadas para el inicio de primer año de escuela secundaria. Las amigas confrontan una crisis que lleva a sentirse excluidas en un tiempo que parece que importa más encajar en donde están

  • 1. Bad Hair Day
    Alexa's plan to hide her cancer from her classmates and start high school like everyone else is totally doable … until she starts losing her hair.
  • 2. Wigs
    Episode 2
  • 3. Basketball
    There's a rumor going around school that someone in the class has cancer. Katie tries out for the basketball team, and Lori starts working from home.
  • 4. Ungroundable
    Alexa goes out of her way to prove she can't be punished. Jennifer surprises Jack with a backyard campout but has a hard time getting him to unplug.
  • 6. Picture Day
    Now that Alexa's secret is out, everyone's being unbearably nice – even Gwenny. Jennifer and Jack invite themselves over to watch the World Series.
  • 7. The Play, Part 2
    To kiss or not to kiss? Katie's new life as a thespian has Alexa feeling a little left out. Jennifer accuses Lori of stealing her thunder.
  • 8. Support Group
    Alexa's got such a great support system at the hospital that Katie isn't sure where she stands. Lori pours her anxieties into baking.
  • 9. Winter Luau
    The doctors order Alexa to stay home, but she can still come to school – on an iPad. Jennifer works overtime to convince Jack her job is cool.
  • 10. Thanksgiving
    Alexa insists on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but Lori has trouble letting go. Katie's desperate to connect with her dad on a deeper level.
  • 11. Secret Sleepover
    Dave can't wait to show Lucas his alma mater. And with her family away for the weekend, Alexa's ready to break all the rules.
  • 12. Winter Formal, Part 1
    Lucas longs for “bro time” now that Dylan and Alexa are hanging out. Dave's nose detects a cat … and he's not wrong.
  • 13. Winter Formal, Part 2
    Alexa's first high school dance is right around the corner. But a risky flu outbreak means she might not be able to go.
  • 1. Second First Day
    Sophomore year is off to a good start for the girls until Katie twists her ankle. That gives Alexa something else to focus on while waiting to hear from her doctor.
  • 3. #GWENCAS
    Katie applies for a job at the coffee shop without telling her mom. When Lucas and Gwenny go out on a date, the girls are determined to sabotage it.
  • 4. Tryouts and Latte Doubts
    Alexa gets the doctor's OK to play basketball but struggles on the court. A heart-to-heart with another young cancer patient reminds her of how far she has come.
  • 5. PB Without J
    When Alexa and Dylan get into a fight right before the big Halloween party, Katie's sure she can fix it. But what if they're not meant to be together?
  • 6. Shop 'Til You Cry
    Alexa claims she's fine – so the girls take her shopping for a Sweet 16 dress. Back at the house, a stressed-out Lucas goes to Dave for dating advice.
  • 7. Katie's Beautiful Mind
    When Katie needs help prepping for a math midterm, Alexa offers to ask Dylan. Meanwhile, Jennifer still doesn't know her daughter has a job.
  • 8. The Ghost of Cancer Past
    Alexa's working overtime to keep Christmas on track. But finding her old hospital bag stirs up memories that throw her off her holiday game.
  • 9. New Years... Whoops!
    It's New Year's Eve, and a bold new Katie is finally ready to confess her feelings for Ryan. Cue the fireworks – and a flaming espresso machine!
  • 10. Sweet Sixteen
    An expensive mistake means Katie can't afford to go to London. But she's keeping it a secret so she doesn't ruin Alexa's epic birthday party.
  • 1. Last First Day
    Alexa eases Katie's anxiety with an epic plan to crush senior year. Jennifer starts her new job, and Jack and Lucas help solve each other's problems.
  • 2. Rules for Better Barista-ing
    Alexa's full of advice after getting her driver's license — but she doesn't know everything. Meanwhile at Wired, the new hire is Katie's worst nightmare.
  • 3. The Girl Who Cried Yelp
    After dating Joe for six months, Jennifer's ready for him to meet her family and friends. It's just dinner … but Katie's got some concerns.
  • 4. Choose Your Own Adventure
    With college applications looming, an aptitude test reveals Katie's true passion. But pursuing it is scary — and Alexa's “dream job” doesn't feel right.
  • 5. Speaking of Cancer
    Alexa agrees to speak at Lori's carnival-themed Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser, where Katie's coffee kiosk brews unexpected jealousy.
  • 6. The Smoke Show
    College acceptance letters are here. But did Alexa and Katie get into the same school? And why are things suddenly so weird between Alexa and Spencer?
  • 7. Last Dance
    Senior prom is on Saturday, and Katie needs a date. (See also: the courage to tell Alexa something important.) Lori and Joe go overboard at game night.
  • 8. This Feels Right
    The girls are finally graduating from high school and getting ready to leave home for college. But will they stay together or go their separate ways?

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