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A behind-the-scenes look at the chaos surrounding the production of a dating competition program.

  • 1. Return
    After suffering a mental breakdown, a young staffer reluctantly returns to work on a dating competition called “Everlasting”, where her sole job is to manipulate the contestants in order to get outrageous footage for the show.
  • 2. Relapse
    A family tragedy strikes one of the girls; Quinn continues to push boundaries.
  • 3. Mother
    Rachel is forced to ask her mother for financial support; Quinn tends to Chet.
  • 4. Wife
    A tabloid story exposes news about Adam's past; Rachel has to produce a romantic date.
  • 5. Truth
    The crew heads to Mississippi for Faith's hometown date with Adam; Rachel makes a discovery.
  • 6. Fly
    Adam meets Mary's family when the show arranges their one-on one date. Rachel and Quinn make some questionable decisions to win a bet with Chet.
  • 7. Savior
    When tragedy strikes the set, the contestants and everyone behind the scenes are all affected.
  • 8. Two
    As the final elimination ceremony approaches, Adam is offered an interesting proposal.
  • 9. Princess
    Quinn and Rachel question their future; the final three contestants return to Adam's vineyard.
  • 10. Future
    An unwanted guest returns to the set; Rachel faces a betrayal; Adam makes a large, life-changing decision.
  • 1. War
    Quinn promotes Rachel to produce Season 14 of “Everlasting” and she then attempts to change history by casting the first African-American suitor. Chet attempts to reclaim control of the show and sways the suitor's opinion to agree with his vision.
  • 2. Insurgent
    Quinn and Chet begin producing two different versions of the show, forcing the crew to choose sides. Rachel fears her new promotion could be at stake, so she takes matters into her own hands and ends up yielding unexpected results.
  • 3. Guerilla
    Chet is allowed to produce a more male-skewing version of the show. Quinn decides to prove her own value. Rachel begins to suspect that Darius is hiding a secret. Chet struggles in a custody battle over his son.
  • 4. Treason
    Darius reveals his secret to Rachel and she tries to find a way to reverse his decision. Quinn and Chet find themselves back on the same team. Chet brings his baby to work. Quinn confronts Rachel.
  • 5. Infiltration
    Coleman invites Rachel to the Impact Awards. Quinn is introduced to the new owner of the network. Darius must make a big decision. Jeremy's relationship with Rachel continues to cause problems on the set.
  • 6. Casualty
    Chet supports Rachel as she copes with a traumatic experience. Quinn pursues a new relationship. Rachel makes a shocking discovery about one of the contestants. Darius makes an unexpected decision.
  • 7. Ambush
    Quinn interferes with Rachel and Coleman's new relationship, Darius decides to take a break from the show with Romeo and Rachel makes a decision with dangerous consequences. Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor stops by the set.
  • 8. Fugitive
    Rachel struggles in the aftermath of an incident with Darius. Quinn works hard to balance everything as things go awry on the set. Chet gets attention from an unlikely source.
  • 9. Espionage
    Coleman tries to convince Rachel to destroy Quinn and Everlasting, but Rachel has an alternative plan. Darius and Jay team up to secure the final contestants. Quinn receives news that changes her perspective.
  • 10. Friendly Fire
    An unexpected turn could foil Quinn's plans. Rachel stands up to Coleman as his plans to expose Everlasting begin to unfold.
  • 1. Episode 1
    Quinn brings Rachel back from self-imposed “exile” in a desperate attempt to keep “Everlasting” afloat following the PR nightmare of the previous season; Silicon Valley mogul Serena becomes the new season's female “suitress.”
  • 2. Shield
    After a poker game with the contestants leaves Serena the sore winner, Chet decides to teach her how to be the woman that all men want to marry. Quinn makes a connection with one of the contestants after meeting Chet's new swimsuit model girlfriend.
  • 3. Clarity
    A patriarchal group date infuriates Serena, who refuses to heed Chet's advice on how women should act. Rachel opens up about her past to Dr. Simon. One of the contestants reveals the real reason why he came on the show.
  • 4. Confront
    Rachel is forced to come clean to Serena. Quinn approves Jay's idea for a new show, but must make a potentially dangerous deal with one of the contestants. Rachel revisits a trauma from her dark past and uncovers distressing news.
  • 5. Gestalt
    Quinn and Jay's new show pitch to Gary does not go as planned. Rachel confronts her father about her past and rescues him from her mother's control. Serena learns a contestant's secret. Jay's arrangement with Alexi becomes even riskier than before.
  • 6. Transference
    Under the watchful eye of Dr. Simon, Rachel attempts to help her father come off his medication, forcing her to make a painful decision. Jay delivers difficult news regarding his new show. Quinn and Chet take matters into their own hands with two of the contestants, making Everlasting gold.
  • 7. Projection
    In the Hometown Date episode, Rachel pushes Serena to make a choice which sends her down a path of uncertainty. To Rachel's horror, Quinn pulls a dangerous stunt which forces Serena to save the day. Chet gets a tempting proposition from Gary.
  • 8. Recurrent
    Rachel confronts her mother while Serena gets ambushed someone from her past, threatening her relationships with the remaining contestants. Chet struggles with Gary's offer.
  • 9. Codependence
    Rachel helps Serena navigate the home stretch and narrow the suitors down to two at Chet's lifetime achievement gala. However, clashing opinions cause a public fight and Quinn's plan to take down Gary takes a turn.
  • 10. Commitment
    A life-changing offer from Serena and a shocking discovery about Dr. Simon drive Rachel to strongly question her future at Everlasting. Chet makes an astonishing confession while Quinn takes one final swing at Gary
  • 1. All In
    Quinn returns from vacation just in time for the start of ‘Everlasting All Stars’, featuring winners and losers from previous seasons. Rachel, having reinvented herself, is determined to make this season memorable.
  • 2. Double Down
    Rachel continues in her pursuit of a “ring,” flirting with each of the contestants and going so far as to sleep with one. She and new producer Tommy work to keep their perfectly planned season from being destroyed by a panicked Quinn.
  • 3. Wild Card
    The first episode of “Passport to Dance” premieres as Everlasting contestants compete to be a guest judge. Alexi, sick of Jay's condescension, acts out on live TV, causing havoc. Quinn and Chet deal with shocking news.
  • 4. Cold Call
    Quinn deals with the news of her “geriatric pregnancy” and August's knowledge of the pregnancy. Chet plans his dream wedding and thinks of their child while Rachel and Jay try to save Passport to Dance, harming Alexi in the process.
  • 5. No Limit
    Quinn's maternal instinct is tested when Chet brings his son to work. The well-being of contestants, their producers, and the show is put at stake as Rachel takes things too far on the set of Everlasting.
  • 6. Tilt
    The Everlasting crew deals with the consequences of the previous episode. Rachel and Quinn double cross each other when the network gets involved. The contestants start to question the lies that Rachel has been telling.
  • 7. Bluff
    Rachel and Quinn go head to head as the betrayals pile up and the contestants become fed up.
  • 8. Sudden Death
    Rachel begins to question her decisions leading up to the finale. Quinn must decide whether to intervene and save the Everlasting finale.

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  • Rating "UnREAL": 7.90
  • Genres: Drama
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Countries: United States
  • Duration: 42 minutes
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