The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Banks family, a respectable Californian family, take in a relative - Will Smith, a street-smart teenager from Philadelphia. The idea is to make him respectable, responsible and mature, but Will has got other plans…

  • 1. The Fresh Prince Project
    Will comes to live with his aunt and uncle in Bel-Air. Phillip isn't too impressed by Will's behavior, especially teaching Ashley to rap and ruining his image to his members of the law firm. Vivian tries to remain neutral in all this. Carlton and Hillary look at Will with disdain.
  • 2. Bang the Drum, Ashley
    After Ashley reveals to him that she does not enjoy playing the violin he takes her to and trades her violin in for a drum set. Then reveals that he has already hired Ashley a teacher. Jazz.
  • 3. Clubba Hubba
    Will tries to impress a girl's father so he can date her. Mr. Banks, Carlton, and Geoffrey try to teach him how to be a gentleman in a My Fair Lady way.
  • 4. Not with My Pig, You Don't
    Philip's parents come to visit for the weekend when he wins a prestigious award. After finding the rehearsed lines of the Banks' to be boring and deciding to kill the story, Will talks to the interviewer telling her embarrassing stories about Philip's past “barnyard life” he heard from Philip's parents.
  • 5. Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy
    Will gets a visit from an old pal named Ice Tray, who, to Vivian's and Philip's dismay, warms up to Hilary.
  • 6. Mistaken Identity
    While Philip and Vivian go on a trip to Palm Springs in Mr. Furth's helicopter, Will and Carlton drive Furth's car there as well. They get pulled over for “stealing” the car. Hilary babysits Ashley as Geoffrey has the weekend off.
  • 7. Def Poet's Society
    Will enters into an after school program, following the girls into a Poetry class he makes up a poem on the spot to impress the girls. After creating a poet, Christina asks to bring the made up poet to Poetry Night. After Jazz doesn't come through with an impostor, Will uses Geoffrey as the fake poet.
  • 8. Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (1)
    When Will and Carlton compete for dates for a Hallowe'en party, Will boasts of knowing famous people (seen in fantasy flashbacks).
  • 9. Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect (2)
    When Will and Carlton compete for dates for a Halloween party, Will boasts of knowing famous people (seen in fantasy flashbacks).
  • 10. Kiss My Butler
    It is Geoffrey's birthday and Will decides to set him up on a blind date as a gift. Will winds up thinking she is perfect and breaks up the two dancing at a nightclub. Later when Geoffrey comes home, he gives Will Helen's phone number stating she would be more fit for Will.
  • 11. Courting Disaster
    Will joins the school basketball with Carlton already on it. Will becomes the star of the team and Carlton becomes jealous and the competition between the two starts. Carlton decides to steal the ball from Will and take the game winning shot.
  • 12. Talking Turkey
    Will's mom comes to the Banks' for Thanksgiving. She gets angry that the kids of the house leave all of the work to Geoffrey. After Vy criticizes Vivian for being to easy on the kids, she decides to make them cook Thanksgiving dinner. Carlton also invites his English teacher to the dinner.
  • 13. Knowledge Is Power
    Hilary rats Will out for several things including getting in at 3 in the morning the previous day in order to get the family car instead of Will. Will plans revenge, while going to find out where Hilary is shopping he learns that she dropped out of college three months ago. Will uses this in order to get Hilary to slave for him while he is punished. Hilary tries to get Carlton to go against Will, but he also uses it against her.
  • 14. Day Damn One
    Ashley and her friends ask Will to tell a scary story at their slumber party before they go to sleep. Will tells the tale of his first day at Bel-Air Academy.
  • 15. Deck the Halls
    Will realizes that Ashley has never experienced a real Christmas before and goes out of his way to let her have one. He decorates the inside of the mansion and also the outside fully, upsetting some of the neighbors.
  • 16. The Lucky Charm
    One of Philip's clients is very superstitious and befriends Will because of a couple of coincidences, he thinks Will is his good luck charm and let's Will decide on some major decisions.
  • 17. The Ethnic Tip
    Will proposes a black history class be instituted at Bel-Air Academy, and gets a surprise when Aunt Viv arrives to teach it.
  • 18. Young and the Restless
    Philip's mother joins the family for the weekend after recovering from a cold, Philip wants her to relax for the weekend but she wants to be more active.
  • 19. It Had to Be You
    Jazz asks Will the favor of taking his sister out on a date after she moves into town, Will turns it down until Jazz introduces the two. Will takes her on a date and learns that she has her whole life planned out for the two already.
  • 20. Nice Lady
    Geoffrey's old employer Lord Fowler and his daughter come to the Banks' house for the weekend. Will wants to use the car to go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Nevada, Philip and Viv won't let him so he makes a proposition to be on his best behavior for the week. Lady Penelope winds up not being what Will thought she was.
  • 21. Love at First Fight
    One of Vivian's students, Kayla Samuels comes over for dinner and Will tries to impress her but fails. It upsets Will that he fails so they next day they have an argument but wind up liking each other. Will starts taking time away from her studies and Aunt Viv tells him to cut back on seeing her so she can have a good future ahead of her. Vivian winds up lecturing Kayla and revealing things about her struggle to be successful.
  • 22. Banks Shot
    Vivian goes away to Berkeley for the weekend, leaving Hilary in charge of the house while Philip is at the office. Will steals the car keys to go to the pool hall he winds up losing his money and the car to a hustler. Philip goes down to the pool hall to claim the money back, playing the hustler.
  • 23. 72 Hours
    Will makes a bet that Carlton wouldn't last a weekend in Jazz' neighborhood, Compton. Carlton starts to fulfill the bet, by not only fitting in, but getting along with the guys in “The Hood”. Will has to find a way to stop him from going to MacArthur Park at night, to “Hang with the crew”.
  • 24. Just Infatuation
    Ashley's birthday is nearing and when the family ask's her what she would like for her birthday shows a picture of a boy, Little T. Hilary knows T's agent so she has him come to Ashley's birthday party to perform a song for her. They hit it off and set up a date for the next day. Will and Carlton disagree with the date, so they decide to follow them on their date.
  • 25. Working It Out
    Hilary lands a new job as an assistant to an actress, Marissa Redman. Ms. Redman turns out to be completely bossy. Will surprises Hilary with Jazz in the office and Marissa takes a liking to Will, wanting to bring him to a restaurant opening, she puts Hilary's job on the line if she can't set the date up. Will will only do it if Hilary goes on a date with Jazz.
  • 1. Did the Earth Move for You?
    Phil and Vivian feel that will and his new girlfriend are moving to fast.
  • 2. The Mother of All Battles
    Will and Carlton try to help solve Ashley's bully problems at school until Philip and Vivian find out and try to solve the problem their own way.
  • 3. Will Gets a Job
    Will gets a job to help pay for his prom.
  • 4. PSAT Pstory
    Will and Carleton take the PSATs with surprising results while Geoffry is up for his annual raise.
  • 5. Granny Gets Busy
    Philip gets upset when he sees his mother spending time with a new man. The kids bet each other that they can't do something the other sex would normally do.
  • 6. Guess Who's Coming to Marry?
    Much to their surprise, the family learns that Vivian's sister is engaged to a white man.
  • 7. The Big Four-Oh
    Vivian has a mid-life crisis after her 40th birthday party and decides to become a dancer.
  • 8. She Ain't Heavy
    Will has a blind date and likes the girl, Dee Dee, a lot, but her weight is an obstacle to him when it comes to asking her for the school dance.
  • 9. Cased Up
    Will drives without car insurance, and faces the consequences.
  • 10. Hi-Ho Silver
    Will and Carlton think that the famous actress Sonya Lamor (Zsa Zsa Gabor) has stolen Vivian's silverware.
  • 11. The Butler Did It
    Philip and Vivian take a weekend vacation and leave the kids home alone, Hilary and Carlton set up a video shoot with Bell Biv De Voe in their house, and then everyone must rush to clean up after Philip and Vivian decide to come home early.
  • 12. Something for Nothing
    Will gets lucky at a fund raiser and wins some money. When Will doesn't follow the clubs tradition, it starts rumors about the Banks family. Ashley is too young to go to the fund raiser so her and Geoffrey set up their own poker night.
  • 13. Christmas Show
    Will finds out that his mom is seeing a new man while on a holiday skiing trip to Colorado. When the adults go out to the lodge for the Christmas party, a knock on the door brings the kids trouble.
  • 14. Hilary Gets a Life
    Philip and Vivian force Hilary to get a job after going over the family's credit card bills.
  • 15. My Brother's Keeper
    Will has a game coming up with Malibu Prep in which a scout will be in the crowd. He meets a player from the other team. After learning that Marcus has a child Will must choose between being greedy or realizing what the scholarship would mean to Marcus.
  • 16. Geoffrey Cleans Up
    Geoffrey falls for the woman next door while thinking she is a butler. When he finds out she is just visiting and is worth 25 million dollars he must decide whether he wants to continue seeing her, or not.
  • 17. Community Action
    Jazz stays at the Banks house when he has no place to go. Hilary must do community service at the clinic after going to court for parking tickets. While there she meets a doctor.
  • 18. Ill Will
    Will has to go to the doctor for a tonsillectomy. While he's there we find out that Will is afraid of hospitals. The Banks' learn that Geoffrey is writing his memoirs on the family.
  • 19. Eyes on the Prize
    Philip tries to work on repairing things in the house. Will goes on a game show and he must decide which of his friends will be his parter.
  • 20. Those Were the Days
    When an old friend comes to town, Phil and Vivian have to decide between friendship and the law.
  • 21. Vying for Attention
    Will's mom comes to visit with her new boyfriend and Will has problems with sharing his mom with another man.
  • 22. The Aunt Who Came to Dinner
    Will and Carlton set up dates with two French women visiting L.A. Their parents are supposed to be going away for the weekend, but when Will's aunt shows up unexpectedly, everyone's plans change.
  • 23. Be My Baby Tonight
    Will is stunned when Ashley asks him a question about the birds and the bees.
  • 24. Strip-Tease for Two
    Vivian trusts Wil and Carlton to take her heirloom bracelet to the jewelry shop to have it reset. Before they do that, Carlton tells Wil about a hot insider tip he got on a company's stock, and they can make thousands. They don't have the money to buy the stock, but the boys figure the appraised value of the bracelet will easily cover its cost. So, they take it to the pawn shop and sell it, then buy the stock. That night, they watch a news report where the company has announced bankruptcy. Uh oh - now not only have the two lost money on a bad tip, they don't have any …
  • 1. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    Will returns from his Summer vacation in Philly with his mom. He brings back with him a new style and it rubs off on Ashley. Phil kicks Will out.
  • 2. Will Gets Committed
    Vivian and Philip clean up their old neighborhood and everyone in the family has to pitch in. Vivian acts strange all day, and she finally tells Philip the reason - she is pregnant.
  • 3. That's No Lady, That's My Cousin
    Philip and Vivian tell the family they are expecting a baby. Hillary is expected to move out to make room for the baby. Ashley wants to fit in at a new school so she dresses like the girls Will is interested in.
  • 4. Hilary Gets a Job
    Hilary gets a job as a weather girl.
  • 5. Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe
    The love of Carlton's life (Voorhies) surprises him with a bundle of joy—a son.
  • 6. P.S. I Love You
    A plain girl at school starts giving Will expensive gifts; Will pretends to like her because he likes the gifts. Philip enters the political race to become a judge, running against his mentor.
  • 7. Here Comes the Judge
    Will gets arrested for numerous outstanding parking tickets.
  • 8. Boyz in the Woods
    In order to spent time with them before they go off to college, Phil takes Will and Carlton camping and things go terribly wrong.
  • 9. A Night at the Oprah
    The Oprah Show personal contact Philip Banks to appear on the show with his family. The Banks travel to Chicago and Will is ecstatic. Unfortunately, he is not invited to be part of the show.
  • 10. Asses to Ashes
    Philip loses the judge election, and Judge Robertson and Will have words. Judge Robertson dies after the argument. Philip gets appointed Judge.
  • 11. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home from the Forum
    When Philip backs out of taking Vivian to Lamaze class, Will reluctantly offers to be her coach. Will meets a single pregnant woman who is a sportswriter. She invites Will to attend a game with her, where she goes into labor.
  • 12. The Cold War
    Carlton is upset when Paula breaks up with him. She then pursues Will and they begin to date. After getting the picture of an ultrasound from the doctor, Philip & Vivian ask Geoffrey to hid it so they do not find the sex of the baby.
  • 13. Mommy Nearest
    Will's mother is in town after a broken engagement with Robert. She tells Will that after he graduates from high school, he can move back to Philadelphia. Will wants to stay in California for college.
  • 14. Winner Takes Off
    In an attempt to get back at Geoffrey, Will and Carlton give him a fake lottery ticket and trick him into thinking he won $26,000,000. As a response, Geoffrey quits and the boys must convince him to come back.
  • 15. Robbing the Banks
    Philip hires an ex-convict as a handyman, and the Banks house is robbed, but who did it?
  • 16. Bundle of Joy
    The family gets ready for the baby, and Ashely is jealous.
  • 17. The Best Laid Plans
    Will wants to take the next step in his relationship with his current girl Monique, but she is an old fashion girl and wants to wait until marriage. so him and jazz get together to set up a fake wedding. Monique, thinking they are married, is now willing to go all the way, saying that will is a good and honest man. will Will be the man and take her, or will he man up and tell the truth?
  • 18. The Alma Matter
    Princeton University starts talking to students at Will & Carlton's school about admissions to the university. Will is accepted, but Carlton is not. At night, Carlton has a vision of his guardian angel - Tom Jones.
  • 19. Just Say Yo
    Will is run down with work, school, and his girlfriend, and has trouble staying awake. He decides to take amphetamines to help him. Carlton asks will for vitamins and Will accidentally gives him the uppers. Carlton ends up in the hospital.
  • 20. The Baby Comes Out
    The baby is a week overdue and the whole family comes to console her. With Vivian finally having the baby and only Ashley and the injured Geoffrey in the house, how will Vivian get to the hospital?
  • 21. You Bet Your Life
    Will and Carlton decide to look at a possible college for Will. On the drive, they decide to stop in a casino in Las Vegas. At the casino, they get noticed by heavyweight boxing champ Riddick Bowe.
  • 22. Ain't No Business Like Show Business
    Will's friend Keith, a comedian from Philadelphia, visits Will and the Banks family. His sense of humor tickles Will's funny bone, causing Will to think that a career in comedy might work for him, too. Meanwhile, Vivian is away and Phillip demands the attention of his children in her absence.
  • 23. The Way We Were
    Philip and Vivian are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and the others put together a scrapbook. This is a flashback show with clips from the previous seasons as the scrapbook is put together.
  • 24. Six Degrees of Graduation
    It's time for graduation and Will is failing in his music course. His teacher will give him a passing grade if he sings at the graduation ceremony - with 12 year olds.
  • 1. Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Part 1
    Will and Carlton move into their new “crib”, and immediately throw a party, but being on the guest list becomes a non-requirement.
  • 2. Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Part 2
    Will and Carlton are thrown out of their apartment by the landlord because of the wild party being held at their place.
  • 3. All Guts, No Glory
    Will withdraws from philosophy class at college because it seems too difficult. Later he realizes the professor was actually a good one who held stimulating discussions. He tries to get in the class again but can only attend without credit.
  • 4. Father of the Year
    While working at the school bookstore, Will sees how the women flock over a single dad, and decides to try and pass Nicky off as his son to meet the ladies. While doing so, a picture is taken of the two by Candace, who is the school photographer, and it is put in schools newspaper as “Father of the year”.
  • 5. It's Better to Have Loved and Lost It...
    Carlton loses his virginity to whom he believes to be Miss Right, then he finds out she isn't.
  • 6. Will Goes a Courtin'
    Will and Carlton form a rivalry against Philip because of their unpaid rent. Since Philip was receiving no money he decides to take action and sue them. Despite Will and Carlton being faced with this challenge they are prepared to fight back.
  • 7. Hex and the Single Guy
    Hilary drags the family to a psychic for a séance to say goodbye to Trevor. Will doesn't believe the psychic is for real and mocks him. Because of that, the psychic curses him and bad things happen later that day.
  • 8. Blood Is Thicker Than Mud
    Both Will and Carlton try out for the same frat house at college. Everyone likes Will, and finds Carlton a bit of a geek.
  • 9. Fresh Prince After Dark
    On the same day Will finally has a date with Jackie, he has the opportunity to go to the Playboy mansion because Hilary, much to the dislike of Uncle Phil, has been asked to pose for Playboy.
  • 10. Home Is Where the Heart Attack Is
    Uncle Philip has a heart attack.
  • 11. Take My Cousin... Please
    Will tries to set up Hillary on a date with his teacher in order to get better grades in his class.
  • 12. You've Got to Be a Football Hero
    At a party, Will wants to impress Jackie and make a fool of the guy she's dating. He ends up making a fool of himself.
  • 13. 'Twas the Night Before Christening
    Baby Nicky is being christened on Christmas Eve. Will tells everyone he is going to get the music group Boyz II Men to perform.
  • 14. Sleepless in Bel-Air
    Will needs to study but he waits till the last second. Things get made complicated by a cricket in the house and Ashley trying to stay out on her first date later than her curfew.
  • 15. Who's the Boss?
    When the profits of the Peacock Stop are down, they hire Carlton as the new manager. Will does not want to work with Carlton.
  • 16. I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams
    The big sports game is coming up and pranks against each team starts. Will steals the other teams statue and they retaliate by stealing Carlton, the team good luck charm. Phillip has the home alarm system upgraded and it causes problems.
  • 17. When You Hit Upon a Star
    Will has a date with a celebrity visiting the college and ends up missing his surprise birthday party.
  • 18. Stop Will! in the Name of Love
    Will and his date double dates with Ashley and her boyfriend. Will is overly protective of Ashley that it ruins everyone's fun.
  • 19. You'd Better Shop Around
    Will goes with Phillip and Carlton to buy a new car. When Carlton wants Phillip to buy a car that Will thinks is dull, Will convinces Phillip to get a convertible. The owner of the lot offers Will a job and Will accepts. It isn't long that Will is the best salesman on the lot and he's being considered for an executive position so he drops out of school.
  • 20. The Ol' Ball and Chain
    Jazz announces he's about to get married. And the woman he's about to marry was just recently released from prison. And when she's alone with Will, she makes a pass at him.
  • 21. The Harder They Fall
    Lisa's very protective father wants to scare Will out of having a relationship with her.
  • 22. M Is for the Many Things She Gave Me
    Phillip's former girlfriend Janice visits, and Vivian is jealous and annoyed. Will likes Janice's daughter Wendy and flirts with her. However, Janice flirts with Will. Phillip finds out that Will and Janice slept together.
  • 23. Mother's Day
    Jazz and Jewel decide it is time to start a family, but they are having problems conceiving.
  • 24. Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse
    Will's father Lou shows up after fourteen years and spends a lot of time with Will. Will's very pleased with this, uncle Phil however thinks Lou will again disappoint his son.
  • 25. For Sale by Owner
    Donald Trump stars as himself, interested in buying the Banks estate. While the family considers the offer, they think about all the good times they had in the house.
  • 26. The Philadelphia Story
    Will is excited to visit Philadelphia with everyone from California. When Will returns home, he finds that his old friends consider him a chicken for running off to California.
  • 1. The Client
    Will is trying his best to advance Ashley's singing career.
  • 2. What's Will Got to Do with It?
    Will gets a little over-zealous with managing Ashley and Phil kicks him off the deal.
  • 3. Reality Bites
    Will reluctantly takes Nicky to the mall to see the child-hero Dougie the Whale. When Dougie starts yelling at the stage hands, Will talks to Dougie to behave for the children.
  • 4. Grumpy Young Men
    While on a double date the girl Will wants, kisses Carlton. This results in a wrangle. Meanwhile, Philip and Hillary try to teach Ashley to drive a car.
  • 5. Fresh Prince: The Movie
    Will and Carlton play poker with Jazz but think he is cheating. To get even with Jazz, Will and Carlton make up a story about their witnessing a murder and being in a witness protection program.
  • 6. Will's Misery
    Will has a date with Lisa in a cabin. However, things don't go the way Will thought they would go.
  • 7. Father Knows Best
    Ashley decides she does not want to attend private school. She enrolls in a public school to find out what it is like in the real world.
  • 8. Soooooooul Train
    Philip and Vivian once were on Soul Train and are invited again for a special show. Vivian is very enthusiastic about it, Philip however doesn't want to go.
  • 9. Love Hurts
    While Will and Lisa are on a date, another guy starts to pick on them. Lisa steps in and uses self defense techniques to get rid the heckler. Will is embarrassed and takes tae kwon do lessons.
  • 10. Will's Up a Dirt Road
    Will, in an attempt to impress Lisa, makes a photo of Jay Leno by night and sells the picture to an editor. However, Will doesn't know the editor works for a sleazy gossip magazine and ends up being sued for libel by Jay Leno.
  • 11. Will Steps Out
    Will realizes the depth of his feelings for Lisa when he dates another woman. Susan Powter becomes the personal trainer to the Banks family.
  • 12. Same Game, Next Season
    Will is going to meet the father of Lisa and wants to make a good first impression.
  • 13. Three's a Crowd
    Hilary bought a house. Will and Carlton are on their annual weekend ski trip and things don't exactly go as planned.
  • 14. It's a Wonderful Lie
    Lisa tells Will is OK if he wants to go out with his friends one night and she will go out with her friends. They each lie about what they are going to do, and happen to both go to the same party. Worse, they find Ashley at the same party.
  • 15. Bullets Over Bel-Air
    Will and Carlton are at the ATM machine and somebody try to kill Carlton for his money but Will takes the bullet for him.
  • 16. A Decent Proposal
    Still in the hospital from being shot, Will thinks about his future. He asks Lisa to marry him.
  • 17. Will Is from Mars...
    Will and Lisa go to a relationship counselor so Uncle Phil will pay for their honeymoon.
  • 18. The Wedding Show (Psyche!)
    Feeling that their opinions and feelings are being ignored, Will and Lisa run off to Las Vegas to get married.
  • 19. Slum Like It... Not!
    Will talks Philip into buying an apartment building. The state of the building however is not what they expected.
  • 20. As the Will Turns
    Will finds out what it is like to have a woman in his life that controls things. Also, Will lands a part in a soap opera and begins to see himself as a major star, spending money to fit his new status.
  • 21. Save the Last Trance for Me
    While at a magic show, Will is unknowingly hypnotized and begins to act like a child at the ring of a bell.
  • 22. To Thine Own Self Be Blue... and Gold
    A family friend visits Philip. He asks WIll to do something illegal and Will tries to find a way to avoid the issue. Carlton and Hilary try to find a match in online dating and end up being matched with each other.
  • 23. Cold Feet, Hot Body
    Will meets a new student at the university who seems determined to be Will's girlfriend despite the fact that he is engaged.
  • 24. Love in an Elevator
    The guys are throwing a bachelor party for Will. On the way, Will, Carlton, and Jazz get stuck in an elevator. They recall past events for each of them, shown in flashbacks.
  • 25. For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll
    Will gets cold feet about the wedding.
  • 1. Burnin' Down the House
    Will attempts to make dinner for Philip and his boss, but ends up burning the kitchen. He asks Geoffrey to help with the dinner and hide the damage.
  • 2. Get a Job
    Will and Carlton compete for a job at Hilary's talk show. Will wins the job and has to take out a comedian's sister as part of his duties. Will is looking forward to it until he sees what the sister looks like.
  • 3. Stress Related
    Will, in his new job on Hillary's show, over medicates Hillary and has to try and protect her chances at getting a new sponsor.
  • 4. Bourgie Sings the Blues
    Carlton is worried about the interview at Princeton and is afraid of another disappointment. Will does his best to check him up, but nothing seems to work. Carlton does not want to go to the interview, so Will goes for him.
  • 5. The Script Formerly Known As...
    Hilary tells Will that as talent coordinator, he has to get better guests for the show. Will lines up some of the jurors that have been dismissed from Philips trial. When they go on the show and explain why, Will & Hilary are in trouble.
  • 6. Not, I Barbecue
    Will and Carlton go on a double date with two beautiful women and everything seems great - until the boyfriend of one of the women shows up.
  • 7. Not with My Cousin You Don't
    The Banks get a new intercom system installed in their home, and of course Will and Carlton have to test it out in their own way. They overhear Ashley and her boyfriend talking about having sex.
  • 8. Viva Lost Wages
    It's Carlton's birthday. His father gives a trip to Vegas for Carlton and Will as a gift. Carlton becomes addicted to gambling and loses all the money as well as the return home tickets. They enter a talent contest to try to win the prize.
  • 9. There's the Rub: Part 1
    It's Thanksgiving time. Hilary's television show is filming at a homeless shelter; Will and Carlton go to the shelter to volunteer. Philip hurts his back; Will suggests they go to a massage parlor to help his pain.
  • 10. There's the Rub: Part 2
    Philip and Will get arrested at the massage parlor because the girls try to give more than a massage. Hilary and Carlton continue to volunteer at the homeless shelter and realize how fortunate they are.
  • 11. I, Ooh, Baby, Baby
    Hilary is ecstatic when her show is scheduled for national broadcast. She thinks her life will be complete when it airs, but soon realizes she wants something more in her life.
  • 12. Boxing Helena
    Will is the victim of ridicule after being K.O.'d by a girl at a health club.
  • 13. I, Clownius
    A man in clown suit takes Phil, Will, and Carlton hostage at the courthouse.
  • 14. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1
    Phil decides to join the political field. Vivian suffers the result of his decision since he is never available. Ashley gets a chance at modeling.
  • 15. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2
    Vivian and Phil are separated due to Phil not having time for her. Will & Carlton find a way to get them to reconcile.
  • 16. I, Bowl Buster
    Instead of going to Princeton, Carlton wants to become a professional bowler.
  • 17. The Butler's Son Did It
    A man claiming to be Geoffrey's son comes to visit. Geoffrey quizzes him and accepts that he is his son. Frederick soon charms everyone in the house - except Will. Will is determined to find the real story.
  • 18. Hare Today...
    The minister at church thinks Vivian's devotion to the church is her way to be near him, so he makes a pass at her. Carlton and Will argue about her will get to sing at the Easter service. Nicky's pet rabbit dies when Philip sits on it.
  • 19. I, Whoops, There It Is
    The episode features bloopers from the past seasons of filming the series, and Dick Clark steps in to help Will showcase the bloopers. Will interviews the actors that appear in the series.
  • 20. I, Stank Horse
    Ashley is anxious to get into the School of Performing Art, and a friend of Will's says he will help her with her acting. Her first commercial requires she wear a bikini. Will and Carlton buy a horse that is being retired from racing.
  • 21. I, Stank Hole in One
    Because Carlton is fed up with losing every year, Will teams up with Philip at the annual golf tournament.
  • 22. Eye, Tooth
    Hillary's show gets William Shatner to appear on the show, and the producers think it is time Hillary's show to move to New York. Ashley sees it as a chance for her to move to NY also. Will is upset since he will lose a job.
  • 23. I, Done: Part 1
    It's Phil's birthday and he says it is wonderful time with everyone moving to new places and challenges. Even Geoffrey is moving back to London. Phil announces they are selling the house and moving away. Will realizes he is in the slow lane.
  • 24. I, Done: Part 2
    As members of the Banks family and Geoffrey prepare for their moves, Will tries to pretend that he also has big plans for moving forward. After admitting the truth, Will makes a decision to stay in California and finish school.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Rating: 7.90
  • Year of issue: 1990
  • Countries: United States
  • Duration: 22 minutes
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