The Fall

The Fall
  • Rating: 8.30
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Genres: Thriller, Drama
  • Countries: United Kingdom
  • Duration: 60 minutes

A psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented female Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him.

  • 1. Dark Descent
    Outwardly a respectable young family man and Belfast psychotherapist,in reality Paul Spector is the dangerous stalker of lawyer Sarah Kay,breaking into her flat and stealing her undies. The police are called but fail to persuade Sarah to move out. At the same time local officer Jim Burns calls in his English colleague Superintendent Stella Gibson to assist in solving the murder of architect Alice Monroe. Stella sees links between Alice's slaying and that of Fiona Gallagher and suspects a serial killer though not everybody takes her seriously. On the night that the …
  • 2. Darkness Visible
    Having killed Sarah, Spector ritually bathes her and paints her nails, snips off a lock of her hair and takes a necklace. Later he masturbates over film he has taken of her corpse. Stella refuses to speak to local reporter Ned Callan as to her involvement in the Monroe case. Afterwards, she has meaningless sex with young police sergeant James Olson. Next day she is angry to see that Callan has written an article about her arrival in Belfast. She is then called out to the murder scene of Sarah and asks to take over the investigation. She learns from the pathologist …
  • 3. Insolence & Wine
    Stella learns from ACC Burns that the new victim is Jimmy Olson. She confesses to having had sex with him,unaware that he was married,and is advised by Burns to arm herself. Rob Breedlove,who runs a brothel in which Alice's widower Aaron has an interest,is also perturbed by Jimmy's death. Stella holds a briefing to alert her officers to the fact that they are dealing with a serial killer,who is addicted to his crimes. She gives a press conference at which Ned Callan poses awkward questions,before selecting her team and giving an accurate profile of the murderer. …
  • 4. My Adventurous Song
    DCI Eastwood tells Burns that he took a call on Olson's phone which was made at a hotel by rogue cop Rob Breedlove,whom they link to Aaron Monroe,his businessman father Morgan and a prostitution racket. When quizzed about it Breedlove kills himself but Burns confronts Morgan Monroe with his findings. Spector is censured by his boss for making an impromptu and empathetic house call to his client Liz Tyler,a battered wife whose husband James has complained about him. However Spector ensures that Liz goes to a refuge whilst arranging for her husband's arrest. Spector …
  • 5. The Vast Abyss
    Spector is frustrated and angry for he has failed in his perfect murder,killing Jack Brawley whilst Annie Brawley survives and is taken to hospital,where Stella tests for DNA on her body. Spector's wife Sally Ann sees him on CCTV footage of Sarah Kay's last recorded movements and makes him go to the police station to eliminate himself from enquiries. Sally Ann covers for him but is angry when he lies about his nocturnal jaunts by admitting to an affair with the under-age baby sitter. Sally Ann leaves him but he wins her back. After an Identikit picture of ‘Peter’ is …
  • 1. Walk the Line
    Stella interviews Annie, who cannot recall anything about her attacker. Later Stella and Burns revisit Annie's house where she is menaced by locals over her affair, now public, with Olson. Baby-sitter Katie tells Sally Ann that Spector assaulted her, causing Sally Ann to ring her husband in Scotland, to where he has fled, and told him to keep way from her and her family. Spector, however, returns to Belfast to stay in a guest house. He confronts Katie, who tells him she believes he is the killer but he denies it and leaves. Stella is anxious to interview Rose Stagg, …
  • 2. Episode #2.2
    Gibson realises that her mistakes have put the life of witness Rose Stagg in danger. Desperate to save Rose's life, she steps up the police investigation as serial killer Paul Spector continues to stalk Belfast's streets.
  • 3. It's Always Darkest
    Stella tells her team that Spector is their prime suspect and has them interview Sally Anne. She is unable to alibi her husband for the Brawley murder and directs them to Katie, whose reaction makes Stella suspicious. Katie meets Spector, who persuades her that he is not the murderer but finds Stella superior and irritating and wants to upset her and a smitten Katie agrees to help him. Spector somehow manages to get into Stella's hotel room and finds her diary, in which he finds evidence that she is prone to nightmares in which Olson figures. Thus he gets Katie to …
  • 4. Strangler
    From the hotel's CCTV Stella realizes that Spector entered her room and knows she is on to him. He is due to see Annie again but Stella has the visit cancelled and moves Annie to another room, where she tells Stella she believes Spector to be the man who killed her brother. Stella is called away to see another body, meeting DS Tom Anderson, but the corpse in question is a suicide and not Rose Stagg. The police enter Spector's house whilst he and his wife - now temporarily together - are out but find nothing and are forced to leave after staging an accident. Spector is…
  • 5. The Fall
    Jim Burns visits an unfrocked paedophile, Father Jensen, in prison. Years ago he ran an orphanage attended by Spector, though then he was Peter Baldwin, later adopted by the Spectors, which was when his criminality began. The police arrest Katie at the hotel where Spector stays, after she has flushed evidence down the toilet. They also pick up Spector after he has been involved in an attempted abduction and shooting by James Tyler, whose wife left him after Spector counselled her. Sally Ann is also charged with perverting the course of justice by giving her husband an…
  • 6. In Summation
    Stella starts questioning Paul.
  • 1. Silence and Suffering
    Stella Gibson has finally arrested Paul Spector, but he has been shot by jealous husband James Tyler, leaving the staff at Belfast General Hospital battling to save his life. As the shooting hits the news, the powers-that-be question Gibson's handling of the case, while Spector's young partner-in-crime Katie plots to help him.
  • 2. His Troubled Thoughts
    Gibson and Burns are hauled over the coals by the Police Ombudsman and the Policing Executive for their conduct and handling of the case. When Spector’s name is released to the press as the arrested suspect in the Belfast Strangler case, his wife and family are forced to deal with the consequences.
  • 3. The Gates of Light
    Spector's legal team move into action, determined he won't stand trial.
  • 4. The Hell Within Him
    Gibson comes face to face with the depths of Sally-Ann's desperation.
  • 5. Wounds of Deadly Hate
    Spector's legal team are determined that he will never stand trial. Anderson and Ferrington make a discovery from the past that may help Gibson build her case.
  • 6. Their Solitary Way
    The series concludes as Gibson and Anderson put fresh evidence to Spector, with explosive results. Spector's new-found friendship with another inmate develops, with devastating consequences.

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