Stranger Things

Stranger Things
  • Rating: 9.00
  • Year of issue: 2016
  • Genres: Thriller, Drama, Horror
  • Countries: United States
  • Duration: 52 minutes
  • Complexity: 10

Life in the small American town of Hawkins changes when a small boy strangely disappears. His mother is in despair, and the head of the local police investigates the case. Searching the forest, he finds a lost girl with supernatural abilities.

Comments 3

  • 17.07.2022 09:53
    I don't know why but my subtitles are late for this series
  • 30.09.2018 10:10
    we want 2nd season
  • 08.08.2018 08:50
    Where is the 2nd season? 3rd season already announced... But there is no 2nd on ""...
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