Raven's Home

Raven and Chelsea are now divorced single mothers raising their two separate families in one chaotic…

  • 2. The Falcon and The Raven – Part Two
    Raven finally admits to the kids that she has visions too and shares a special moment with Booker and they try to combine their psychic powers to find the missing money. Feeling left out, Nia pretends to have a vision.
  • 3. Because
    When Booker wants to reveal his powers to increase his popularity at school, Raven warns him to keep his psychic powers a secret.
  • 4. Cop to It
    The new building manager accuses someone of tagging the side of their building, and Raven thinks Tess is responsible.
  • 5. Weirder Things
    The kids win a contest to attend a private screening of their favorite TV show, but their plans are interrupted when Raven makes them baby-sit Dreamweaver Kema's precocious niece.
  • 6. The Missteps
    Nia and Tess form a step dance squad to take down the school’s reigning champs, but their friendship is tested when they can’t agree on how the team should be run.
  • 7. All Sewn Up
    When Nia gets caught up in wanting to be a trendsetter, she goes against her mother’s wishes and uses the money she saved up to buy an expensive jacket. Meanwhile, Booker has a vision that Mitch put a curse on him.
  • 8. Oh Father, Where Art Thou?
    Raven has a vision that Devon is stuck in a snowstorm and may not make it to the Father/Daughter dance at Nia's school.
  • 9. The Trouble With Levi
    When Levi is moved up to Booker's science class, he inadvertently cramps Booker's style with his classmates.
  • 10. Head Over Wheels
    When Levi asks his friend, Isabella, to come over, she says yes but never shows up. The next day at school, Isabella says she showed up but couldn't get up in a wheelchair.
  • 11. The Most Interesting Mom in the World
    While doing a school report on their mother, Booker and Nia lie about Raven's life to make their presentation seem more exciting.
  • 12. Sleevemore Part One: Frozen
    When Booker freezes mid-vision, Raven takes him to Dr. Sleevemore, the same doctor who helped her when she was a teen.
  • 13. Sleevemore Part Two: Found
    When Booker loses his powers to see glimpses of the future, he gains new abilities as an incredible chef and magician; Nia discovers she has Booker's powers to see visions.
  • 14. Sleevemore Part Three: Future
    Raven Baxter and her best friend Chelsea, both divorced single mothers, raise their children together in a Chicago apartment. Their lives turn upside down when they realize one of Raven's twins has inherited her ability to see the future.
  • 15. Switch or Treat
    Great-Aunt Maureen arrives a bit too late to warn the Baxters how “freaky” Halloween can be for psychics.
  • 16. Switch or Treat
    Great-Aunt Maureen arrives a bit too late to warn the Baxters how “freaky” Halloween can be for psychics.
  • 17. Just Call Me Vic
    Encouraged by her twins, Raven finally begins seriously pursuing the possibility of achieving the job of her dreams by seeking out an assistant–preferably an unpaid one. Meanwhile, her father, Victor comes to visit.
  • 18. New Dog, Old Trick
    When Raven accompanies Nia on her retreat for the Young Leaders of Tomorrow, she becomes more focused on talking to Shinee Dubois about her new fashion line.
  • 19. It's Your Party and I'll Spy If I Want To
    When Nia and Booker throw an epic 13th birthday party with no moms or kids allowed, they're forced to tell Raven and Levi they can't attend.
  • 20. Winners and Losers
    Booker and Nia are excited to be named student ambassadors of their school, until they learn that their first job is to welcome Mitch as a new student.
  • 21. Keepin’ It Real
    Raven convinces a social influencer to appear at the launch, but the kids threaten everything.
  • 4. Twister, Sister
    The twins find a deeper appreciation for each other during a trip to visit their father in Texas.
  • 5. Dress to Express
    Booker and Levi find themselves on opposite sides of the Carver School dress code, while Nia and Tess clash over the authenticity of each other's recent fashion choices.
  • 6. Diss Track
    Nia, Tess and Booker are ecstatic over the popularity of their Chi-Lective music video that has gotten thousands of likes on MeTube, until Levi shows them a diss track that’s been posted by a rival group, The 3 Go’s, that makes fun of Booker.
  • 7. Disorder in the Court
    Levi’s dad, Garrett, returns from prison, but Raven, Chelsea and the kids are dismayed to discover that he has stolen Chelsea’s invention “The Schmop.”
  • 8. School House Trap
    The kids make it to the next round in the Radio Eclipse music competition, but Raven threatens to take away their band when Booker gets a bad grade.
  • 9. Cali Dreams
    The kids head to L.A. with the whole family to compete in the finals of a music competition hosted by radio personality and former boy band star, Chris Springlakes.
  • 10. Creepin' It Real
    When a new neighbor moves in next door on Halloween, the kids collect enough evidence that suggests he could be an evil being.
  • 11. Girls Just Wanna Have Phones
    Tess and Nia square off with Chelsea and Raven to see who can go without technology the longest.
  • 12. Friday Night Tights
    Booker joins ballet club to win over Danni, but quits when the coolest kid in school makes fun of it.
  • 13. It's Not Easy Being Green
    Booker gets jealous when Danni strikes up a friendship with Nia and Tess. Levi helps Raven and Chelsea realize they should combine their businesses.
  • 14. Crewed Up
    Levi starts hanging with a “nerdy” posse, making Booker jealous.
  • 15. Sorry to Father You
    Chelsea and Raven’s relaxing spa weekend goes awry after leaving their kids with Devon.
  • 16. Bah Humbugged
    When Booker has a vision that his mom and dad are getting back together over the Holidays, he tries to recreate every family tradition from Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza to help set the mood. Meanwhile, Raven and Garrett butt heads in the kitchen.
  • 17. The Foreign Identity
    When Nia gets a crush on the new French exchange student, Timothée, she pretends to be a sophisticated Brit to win him over and enlists Booker to help her keep up the ruse.
  • 18. What About Your Friends?
    Unbeknownst to her kids, Raven still catches glimpses of the future, and unbeknownst to her, Booker has just learned he has these same abilities. Hilarity ensues as Raven and Booker’s visions collide, but no matter the situation, they figure everything out together as one big happy family.
  • 19. Adolessons
    Booker and Nia endure growing pains; Chelsea has a “magical” encounter.
  • 20. Close Shave
    When Booker shirks his responsibilities, helping Mr. Arthur at the local barbershop to attend a concert promoted by Chris Spring-Lake, Mr. Arthur recruits Raven to do her son’s work.
  • 21. Hoop Streams
    When the school’s basketball team makes it to the National Championship, Tess rallies everyone to help her host a live telethon to raise funds for the team to travel.
  • 22. Slammed
    When Booker becomes responsible for choosing who will represent the class at the district poetry slam, Nia thinks she has a guaranteed spot on the team. Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea start a DIY renovation on their new business space.
  • 23. On Edge
    When Mr. Arthur tells Booker that he isn't ready to go from sweeping floors to cutting hair at the barbershop, Booker opens his own mobile barbershop in the boys' school bathroom.
  • 24. The Story So-Fa
    When Nia and Levi surprise their moms with a new couch and donate the old one, Raven and Chelsea reveal that they stored Chelsea's settlement money in the cushions!
  • 25. In-Shoe-encer
    Nia becomes an influencer after winning a contest sponsored by a shoe company … until Levi breaks the news that the shoe company doesn’t stand for the things Nia believes.
  • 26. Level Up
    Raven and Chelsea anticipate an appearance on Chris Spring-Lake's TV show, will spotlight their new joint business venture. Unfortunately, the self-absorbed host only seems capable of promoting himself.

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Raven's Home
  • Genres: Comedy, Family
  • Rating: 8.20
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Countries: United States
  • Duration: 22 minutes
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