Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
  • Rating: 8.40
  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Countries: Australia
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Our lady sleuth sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of late 1920's Melbourne, fighting injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger sharp wit.

  • 1. Cocaine Blues
    Almost as soon as the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher disembarks at Melbourne, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery. Between investigating a cocaine smuggling ring, a back alley abortionist, and the poisoning of a friend's husband, Phryne's life is one adventure after another. But of course she finds time for a romantic encounter with a dashing Russian dancer.
  • 2. Murder on the Ballarat Train
    Phryne Fisher, accompanied by her new maid Dot, finds her journey on the Ballarat Train interrupted when their rail-car is gassed with chloroform. Phryne offers her detective skills to solve the case of a young amnesic girl and the murder of a fellow passenger.
  • 3. The Green Mill Murder
    Phryne Fisher's evening at the hottest jazz club in Melbourne, The Green Mill, is interrupted by a sudden death on the dance floor. Phryne must take to the skies in a biplane to solve a murder that involves hot jazz and a man from her own past.
  • 4. Death at Victoria Dock
    As his employees strike, a businessman asks Phryne to find his missing teenage daughter. Outside a shot rings out, and Phryne finds herself cradling a dying man. Soon, her investigations uncover forbidden love, religious iconography, and anarchists.
  • 5. Raisins and Almonds
    Phryne Fisher is on the scene when a young man is found dead in a bookshop. Miss Fisher is willing to bet her hat that it is a case of poisoning. Phryne investigates murder, alchemy, and Zionism alongside Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.
  • 6. Ruddy Gore
    Twenty years after an actress commits suicide, her ghost comes back to haunt the theater. That night the curtain rises on Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigore and one of the players dies on stage. Phryne has taken on difficult cases before, but has never one quite like this. Alongside her inquiries at the theater, Phryne finds reasons to visit Chinatown, both to investigate the illicit opium trade and to meet the gorgeous Lin Chung.
  • 7. Murder in Montparnasse
    When the widow of artist Pierre Sarcelle pays a visit, Phryne is reminded of the time she spent in Paris. Ten years earlier, Phryne had posed for the renowned painter. Meanwhile, Bert and Cec witness a fellow war veteran die in a hit and run car accident. Phryne's friends suspect that it was no accident and ask for the sleuth to investigate the murder.
  • 8. Away with the Fairies
    An author of fairy stories is poisoned at the offices of Women's Choice magazine. The editor is convinced someone has it in for the magazine. While Phryne investigates the death, Dot takes on the challenge of writing the magazine's advice column. Meanwhile, Phryne is reunited with her lover Lin Chung.
  • 9. Queen of the Flowers
    The Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher has just days to teach deportment and etiquette to a group of unruly teenage girls before the annual Flower Parade. However, when one of her pupils washes up dead on the beach, dancing lessons no longer seem important.
  • 10. Death by Miss Adventure
    Dr MacMillan brings the case of a factory worker's gruesome death amongst the machinery to Phryne's attention. Dot goes undercover to help in the investigation. When a second suspicious death occurs, the case turns personal and Phryne must solve the case before a dear friend is framed for murder.
  • 11. Blood and Circuses
    A dead body makes an appearance in a circus act gone horribly wrong. Phryne poses as a magician's assistant to investigate. The scene brings back memories of the last time she saw her younger sister, Janey. As children they would sneak into the big top show, until the night Janey disappeared.
  • 12. Murder in the Dark
    Aunt Prudence's chambermaid is found strangled and floating in the swimming pool, the day before cousin Guy's engagement party. Phryne's own family falls under suspicion. The daring Miss Fisher rushes to the scene for a spot of detection and chance to appear as Cleopatra at the fancy dress ball.
  • 13. King Memses' Curse
    Investigating Murdoch Foyle leads Phryne to a murdered antiques dealer and a case involving Egyptology and reincarnation. With her closest friends in grave danger, can Phryne finally defeat her arch-nemesis and solve the mystery that has haunted her for years?
  • 1. Murder Most Scandalous
    Dot's sister, Lola, visits and implores Phryne to investigate the murder of fellow showgirl, Lavinia. Meanwhile, Jack's ex-wife begs him to take over the investigation of a murder in which her father apparently killed a woman inside a locked room! Jack and Phryne meet at the crime scene where it seems impossible for another to have committed the crime. Phryne goes undercover as a fan dancer and Jack visits the bordello where the rich and powerful go to play and the police are definitely not welcome to try to catch the real killer!
  • 2. Death Comes Knocking
    Phryne plays host to ghostly soldiers and exotic spiritualists. Aunt Prudence is swept up in the new spiritualist fad and enlists the famed Mrs Bolkonsky to contact her dead godson, Lieutenant - Colonel Roland Claremont. The séance leaves Phryne certain there is something amiss - but it has nothing to do with the psychic realm. A message from beyond the grave leads to the death of a war veteran and Phryne uncovers a past murder that lay buried in the battle field for more then ten years - before returning to haunt the perpetrators.
  • 3. Dead Man's Chest
    Buried treasure and pirate legends bubble to the surface in the seaside holiday town of Queenscliff. Phryne finds herself at the pointy end of a Spanish dagger.
  • 4. Deadweight
    Constable Hugh teaches boxing to poor Tom, who leaves gang after cop knifed. Is gang leader stabbed in revenge? by police? rival gang? for blackmail? or for beating of aboriginal Jimmy in Biggs's illegal ring?
  • 5. Murder à la Mode
    Set in the Fleuri sisters' exclusive fashion salon at the ‘Paris end’ of Collins Street. When Phryne arrives at Madame Fleuri's for a fitting, she unexpectedly finds herself amidst a crime scene. The salon's benefactor has been found impaled on her own hairpiece in the sumptuous powder room, and everyone present is a suspect! Phryne uses her innate understanding of haute couture fashion to help Jack uncover an elaborate scheme.
  • 6. Marked for Murder
    Inspired by a Kerry Greenwood short story and set amidst the passion and fanaticism of 1929 Australian Rules Football. When Phryne is duped into investigating the coach's missing ‘lucky cap’, she discovers a gruesome murder instead - the local team Captain is found hanging by a rival team's scarf and it seems at first a clear - cut case of murderous sabotage. Phryne's investigation is complicated by the return of Jack's ex - wife, her dashing fiancé - and the Deputy Police Commissioner's fanatical support for the opposition team. As she uncovers a past crime, Phryne …
  • 7. Blood at the Wheel
    In the fast-moving world of an all-women's motorcar garage, Phryne's mechanic Ailsa is preparing for an annual rally put on by the Victorian Automobile Association. Everything changes when Gerty, the driver for the ladies' team, is found dead in her roadster. The crash deals a solid blow to the case for women drivers and has Phryne up in arms struggling to convince Jack that her friend's death was no accident. Jack has his own inner battle to contend with - coming to terms with the absolute desolation he experienced when he mistakenly thought the motorcar accident …
  • 8. The Blood of Juana the Mad
    Inspired by a Kerry Greenwood short story and set at a university college. When the fresh corpse of Professor Katz turns up in place of a cadaver in Dr Mac's anatomy lecture she demands that Phryne and Jack - now estranged - work together in her interest. As they step around each other to investigate the murder and the disappearance of a valuable manuscript - the Book of Hours of Juana the Mad - a web of college pranking, politics and eugenics theory looks set to unravel. Not only do they solve the crime, but Jack and Phryne accept they work better together - in the …
  • 9. Framed for Murder
    A journey into the twilight world of silent movies. Hollywood has a stranglehold on the Australian industry and with ‘talkies’ on the way, the exotic ‘Bride of Babylon’ production is in serious jeopardy. With one of Phryne's oldest friends producing the movie, she has no choice but to get involved when the lead actor is murdered on set. She steps in to solve the crime and save the production - juggling the roles of principal investor and private investigator. The show must go on, and when the director is also killed, Phryne takes the reins.
  • 10. Death on the Vine
    When Phryne and Dot arrive at an idyllic vineyard they quickly become involved in investigating a suspicious death but hostile townsfolk do everything they can to drive them out of town. Meanwhile Hugh prepares for a daunting task.
  • 11. Dead Air
    When Phryne installs her new wireless she wasn't expecting to encounter murder on the airwaves and Dot realises her future is up in the air too. With Jack undercover it's up to Hugh, Dot and Phryne to solve the puzzle before more people die.
  • 12. Unnatural Habits
    When the death of a teenager leads Jack & Phryne to investigate a halfway house for pregnant and wayward girls they find their investigation blocked at every turn. With Jack's job in jeopardy solving this case just got personal.
  • 13. Murder Under the Mistletoe
    Christmas in July turns deadly when the ghosts of an old Christmas mine collapse come back to haunt Aunt Prudence. Trapped by heavy snowfall in a house with a murderer means failing to solve the case could cost them their lives.
  • 3. Murder and Mozzarella
    The murder of an Italian grandmother in her restaurant kitchen sets more than spaghetti sauce simmering, as two rival immigrant families juggle the demands of cooking, love, and an Italian crime syndicate.
  • 4. Blood and Money
    A street urchin hires Phryne to find his missing brother, leading to a sinister trail of dead boys. Hugh wrestles with career and engagement problems.
  • 5. Death and Hysteria
    When Phryne's Aunt Prudence opens her home to psychiatrist and natural healer, Hayden Samuels, to conduct his sanatorium for ‘hysterical’ women, Phryne takes on more than she bargained for.
  • 6. Death at the Grand
    After a hotel concierge falls to his death with Phryne's stolen bag, the trail of clues leads to her eccentric father, Baron Henry Fisher, who may finally have gotten himself into trouble too deep to be fixed by charm.
  • 7. Game, Set and Murder
    Miss Fisher hosts a tennis tournament, setting the scene for murder and mayhem.
  • 8. Death Do Us Part
    The man intent on killing Phryne's father escapes from the hospital on the same night that a prominent scientist is murdered. As Phryne and Jack race the clock to save Baron Fisher, Hugh and Dot make final wedding preparations.

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