How Not to Live Your Life with subtitle

A man who is a neurotic, single twenty-nine-year-old, fails to navigate his way through the very basics of life. His biggest enemy is his overactive mind, which plays out countless scenes of things he shouldn't do or say.

  • 1. Home Sweet Home
  • 2. The Field Trip
  • 3. Fake Wake
  • 4. The Young Ones
  • 5. Like Father Like Don
  • 6. The Break Up
  • 1. Don's New Flatmate
  • 2. Don Dates a Cougar
  • 3. Don the Singer
  • 4. Don Goes Gay
  • 5. Don Gets Healthy
  • 6. Don and the Wedding
  • 1. Don's New Job
  • 2. Don's Angry Girlfriend
  • 3. Don's Posh Weekend
  • 4. Don Meets His Maker
  • 5. Don Dates a Homeless
  • 6. Don Does Therapy
  • 7. Don the Musical
  • 1. It's a Don-derful Life
    It's Christmas time in the Danbury household and Don is making a final desperate attempt to lead a normal life. But he has to contend with an out-of-control OAP, a violent Santa and someone close to home winning over his dream girl.

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How Not to Live Your Life
  • Rating "How Not to Live Your Life": 8.30
  • Genres: Комедия
  • Year of issue: 2007
  • Countries: Великобритания
  • Duration: 30 minutes
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