Halt and Catch Fire

Set in the early 1980s, series dramatizes the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary…

  • 1. I __ O
    The Texan company Cardiff Electronics gets a new employee from New York. He's apparently working for IBM, but after the he gets the new job it gets clear that he has a hidden agenda, and is not exactly what he claims to be.
  • 2. FUD
    Joe's team must overcome internal differences and start building the new machine.
  • 3. High Plains Hardware
    Despite IBM's raid on Cardiff Electric's clients, Joe has convinced those concerned, most specifically Gordon and Cameron, to continue with the PC project. The company is in a much weakened state because of the raid leading to staff layoffs, which an ill-equipped Gordon is responsible for issuing to the affected engineering staff, and the search for investors for the PC project. Joe and Bosworth have differing views on where those moneys can potentially come from. Gordon, with a much reduced staff, is working on the engineering issues Joe wants for the PC, namely that…
  • 4. Close to the Metal
    With a mid-project success with the BIOS code, Joe makes two bold moves within the office. First, he destroys the book that contains the IBM proprietary code, and second, he invites Wall Street Quarterly to do a story about their PC clone project. The story Joe wants written may not happen first because the reporter, Ron Kane, doesn't see what's happening as being newsworthy, and second as a crisis occurs in the office during Kane's visit, that crisis issue which may in turn be the story. As Joe tries to manage Kane, Gordon tries to manage the actual crisis issue by …
  • 5. Adventure
    The Wall Street Quarterly article and Cameron being able to complete the BIOS code have created renewed public interest in the PC project, upon which Joe wants to capitalize, not only for the project but also for himself. Cameron is dismayed however to learn that Joe's suggested vacation for her was so that he could hire a software engineering team behind her back. She does find that there are like minded individuals among the team, but she isn't sure if she can work under her new boss, the overly bureaucratic Steve. Gordon believes he has a possible solution to the …
  • 6. Landfall
    Cameron and Gordon clash over their differing plans for the computer's operating system while Joe struggles to connect with his colleagues.
  • 7. Giant
    The next phase of the PC project is design. Believing it could be atheistically beautiful and not just another beige box, Joe is able to call in an old friend, top industrial designer Simon Church, to come up with a concept. Simon's arrival onto the scene has the possibility to alienate both Gordon and Cameron, but for different reasons. Gordon is feeling tired of people not listening to him, and acts upon his new-found albeit temporary freedom with the girls while Donna is out of town on business. Donna, on the other hand, may also act upon her new temporary freedoms…
  • 8. The 214s
    Scandal rocks Cardiff Electric as the team finalizes preparations for COMDEX. Bosworth makes a sacrifice for the good of the PC program.
  • 9. Up Helly Aa
    Unforeseen adversaries and new complications threaten to derail all that the Cardiff Electric team has worked for at COMDEX.
  • 10. 1984
    As Gordon and Joe prepare to ship the Giant, a suspicious defect calls their partnership into question. Cameron takes her future into her own hands.
  • 1. SETI
    After the success of Cardiff Electric's revolutionary new computer “The Giant”, Cameron alongside Donna at Mutiny become questionable with each others tactics running the newly found company. Gordon finds himself face to face unexpectly with Joe after the sale of the computer.
  • 2. Run Time
    Joe begins a new job after meeting Sara's father; Gordon grapples with his newfound freedom; Donna is jolted by Cameron's surprising hire at Mutiny.
  • 3. The Way In
    Joe and Sara discuss what he should do about the job offered by her father, which he only found out after accepting it that it was a low level data entry job. Joe believes he has stumbled across an opportunity to reinvent his lucrative self in the process, which requires Jacob's approval to proceed. Joe and Sara decide to host their first Dallas dinner party to which they invite some surprised guests, who feel they can't decline if only out of sheer curiosity. Gordon too has stumbled on a short term task to keep him preoccupied, one that requires him to learn …
  • 4. Play with Friends
    Following the issue with Sonaris, Mutiny is on the verge of financial insolvency, with many of their users, especially their heaviest users, canceling their subscriptions. Cameron and Donna feel they have no other option but to renegotiate with their employees if they want to keep Mutiny going. Some wholeheartedly agree to their proposal, including Tom, who, however, seems not to be there fully in spirit, when he is there, following this point. Bosworth, not officially an employee, decides to use his skills as a salesman to help Cameron and Donna. This situation …
  • 5. Infiltrator
    Cameron and Joe cross paths, sending Cameron into a tailspin; Gordon absorbs difficult news.
  • 6. 10Broad36
    Gordon returns to California, in hopes of reconnecting with his brother; Joe uses his leverage.
  • 7. Working for the Clampdown
    Gordon tells Donna about his health issues. He downplays it in his own life as he starts a new venture with some old colleagues: custom built PCs. Donna has troubles with the health news, not only in that the impression she gets is that he felt he couldn't turn to her because of work issues, but also what it truly does mean for their lives. It is not good timing as Joe brings Westgroup/Jacob's offer to purchase Mutiny to the Mutiny team. The offer on the surface allows the current team to retain creative control, while behind the offer Jacob and Joe are solely …
  • 8. Limbo
    Mutiny is holding its first ever appreciation picnic for its staff and customers. Beyond not liking being the center of public gatherings, Cameron avoids the attending for another reason, as throughout the day she and Tom deal with some business and personal issues. Bosworth receives an unexpected but welcome visitor at the picnic, while Donna basks in what she sees as the success of Community with the number of customers who come to Mutiny solely for that function. Running around with all his nervous energy at the number of orders for customized PCs, Gordon, based on…
  • 9. Kali
    Everyone at Mutiny is still reeling from Westgroup hijacking its community function and its users and appropriating it all as their own called WestNet. Beyond the legal actions, Cameron, Donna and Bosworth have to figure out how to keep from going financially bankrupt. What happens affects both Tom and Bosworth directly. Joe is caught in the middle as Cameron is still certain he had something to do with it all, while Jacob believes Joe, who is angry with what transpired, will do nothing to protect his own future, which will also affect Sara. Meanwhile, Gordon, still …
  • 10. Heaven Is a Place
    The Sonaris virus has destroyed Westgroup's mainframe, which unofficially but publicly is attributed as Joe's doing. As such, this phase of Joe's career, and his marriage, seem once again destroyed. Only one person comes to Joe's defense, albeit solely in private, but which provides him with a glimmer of how to rise from the ashes. With Westgroup out of the way, Cameron, Donna and their team have been able to rebuild Mutiny, without either Bosworth or Tom who have left the company. They are focusing solely on the community aspect of the company, leaving the games …
  • 1. So It Goes
    Gordon enjoys success while Joe works to keep their web project afloat. Cameron extends a business trip. Donna launches a new venture.
  • 4. Tonya and Nancy
    Cameron buys a plot of land to re-center; Joe and Gordon hire a team of websurfers to map the web; and Donna focuses her team on the mission ahead.
  • 6. A Connection Is Made
    Donna makes a play for a heavy hitter; Gordon confronts his daughter about an issue at school; Cameron finds a new fan; Joe sees a new side of Haley.
  • 7. Who Needs a Guy
    Joe and Gordon discuss Comet's future; Donna takes a vacation; a new collaborator challenges Cameron; Bos and Diane make a life-altering choice.
  • 8. Goodwill
    Cameron helps Donna pack up; Bos makes his famous chili; Joe helps Haley recover a memorable keep sake; Gordon and Donna fight.
  • 9. Search
    Donna faces a professional crossroads; Joanie takes a trip; Joe unveils Comet's new look; Cameron asks a favor from a one-time collaborator.

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Halt and Catch Fire
  • Genres: Drama
  • Rating: 8.30
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Countries: United States
  • Duration: 60 minutes
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