Drake & Josh

Two teens become step brothers. One is an awkward geek and the other is a popular musician.

  • 1. Hug Me, Brother: Pilot
    Drake Bell a kid on the wild-side.Josh Peck a kid well he is into school and loves hanging out.But Drake's mom married Josh's dad.Now they share the same room and they have a sister named Megan who loves pulling pranks on them.
  • 2. Dune Buggy
    Drake takes a dune buggy that his friend gave them for a ride when he is not suppose to and he ends up at the hospital after he crashes.
  • 3. Believe Me, Brother
    After meeting Susan, Drake's new girlfriend, Josh becomes convinced that her flirtation is more than friendly behavior.
  • 4. Two Idiots and a Baby
    Josh offers to babysit Walter's boss's baby son while Walter, Audrey, Walter's boss, and Walter's boss's wife go to a restaurant. But Josh soon regrets offering to babysit for the baby. Who knew a baby could be so much trouble? Josh is so sure that things can't get any worse when Drake leaves the babysitting job to go to a band gig–but it does. Josh called Drake and Drake came as soon as possible, because he knew the baby was his responsibility too.
  • 5. First Crush
    Josh has a crush on fellow schoolmate Kathy, but feels awkward every time he goes near her, so Drake teaches him how to be himself when he talks to her. Josh lies and tells her he plays the guitar, so Kathy invites to play a song for her at her birthday party, something that puts Josh in a predicament. Elsewhere, Drake gets a gig at the Brew Note, a local coffee shop. But it's short-lived when Drake accidentally throws a live snake into the audience that Megan put in his backpack.
  • 6. Grammy
    Drake and Josh are excited that they have the house to themselves when Walter, Audrey, and Megan leave for the weekend, but it turns out that Josh's grandma is coming to babysit, something that Drake isn't looking forward to since she hates him. He's also angry that he can't go to Rock Shock that night since he doesn't have tickets. Later on, his friends show up with supposedly free ones, but they end up being counterfeit ones. Josh and his grandma arrive to bail him out. When they get home, Grandma challenges Drake to a basketball game. If he wins, he's off the hook,…
  • 1. The Bet
    Drake and Josh make a bet to swear off junk food and Video Games. Megan makes both of them swear to dye their hair pink. When Drake and Josh's mom and dad discover them making a bet, they both make a bet as well. When things get really crazy, Drake and Josh can't hold onto their bet much longer and decide to break it!
  • 2. Guitar
    Drake wins an autographed guitar signed by Devin Malone, lead singer/guitarist for Drake's favorite band, Zero Gravity. However, Josh accidentally blows it up with an faulty amplifier, so he buys another guitar that looks exactly like Drake's. After finding out Zero Gravity is playing in San Diego, Josh tracks down Malone at the concert arena and asks him to sign it, which he does. When Josh accidentally breaks Malone's hand by slamming it shut on the guitar case, the other band members begs Drake, who tracks down Josh at the arena, to fill in for Malone. After a …
  • 3. Movie Job
    Josh inadvertently makes Crazy Steve, a somewhat unstable employee of The Premiere, quit his job. After witnessing it, Helen DuBois, the manager, hires Josh to replace him. Drake, tired of always running out of money for movie tickets, decides to get a job there, too. Helen, unfortunately, admires Drake's work quality rather than Josh. Josh decides to come up with a plan by putting gold balls on multiple buckets of popcorn and to whoever finds one, will win free movies for a month. Unfortunately, the plan goes haywire when everyone starting wrestling and punching …
  • 4. Football
    Drake, tired of being embarrassed by Josh every time he talks to a girl, wants him to try out an after-school activity. He becomes equipment manager for the school's football team, much to the disgust of Drake. When Josh offers to bake brownies for the team, Megan puts flower dirt inside the batter. The team's quarterback gets so sick from the brownies that Josh ends up taking his place for the upcoming game. Josh, worried that he will get mauled from the opposing team, wants to drop out. Drake has a different idea, they assign Zeke Braxton, the school's janitor who …
  • 5. Pool Shark
    Drake takes advantage of Josh's billiard skills by hustling local kids and swindling them out of their money.
  • 6. Smart Girl
    In an attempt to woo girl, Drake joins the school Academic Team. In order to keep his cover, he and Josh concoct a scheme whereby Drake receives the answers via walkie talkie.
  • 7. Little Diva
    Drake and Josh become a spoiled child actress's personal assistants, but when she accidentally gets knocked unconscious, the brothers formulate a plan to bring her to the premiere of her new movie, without letting anybody realize she's unconscious.
  • 9. Driver's License
    The boys' dad, Walter, is very excited that both of his sons are going to get driver's licenses. However, Drake fails the test, and doesn't get one. He doesn't tell Dad, and has Josh drive him everywhere. Later, when Drake wants to impress a girl, he tells her that he has a driver, by the name of “Chives.” And unfortunately Chives turns out to be Josh. During the ride, Drake and Josh switch positions, so that Drake is driving. He gets pulled over by a cop, and, of course, has no license. He explains that Josh was driving most of the way, and ends up getting a ticket! …
  • 10. Number One Fan
    A little girl from Josh's campfire kids troop gets an obsessive crush on Drake.
  • 11. Mean Teacher
    Drake has a girlfriend with a laughing problem. He really wants to break up with her so bad, but can't. The reason why is because she is the daughter of Drake's mean teacher who hates him and threatens him with summer school if he breaks up with her precious daughter. Drake must find a way to make his girlfriend break up with him. By trying to find a way, Drake has invited her to dinner and started to act like a total slob, but that didn't work out, until she broke up with him.
  • 12. The Gary Grill
    Drake and Josh buy Gary Coleman grills from two men named Buddy and Guy, but the grills happen to be illegal and Drake and Josh get arrested, the Megan gets Drake and Josh out of prison by tricking the two guys who gave Drake and Josh the grills and then Drake and Josh run in to Gary Coleman and trick him saying his money is in the prison cell, Gary goes to Drake and Josh's house and takes away everything they spent the money on except the vibrating chair.
  • 13. Drew & Jerry
    Josh befriends Drake's doppelganger, a classmate named Drew, and Drake becomes jealous, fearing that Josh is trying to replace him.
  • 14. Honor Council
    When Drake is falsely accused of playing a practical joke on one of his teachers and threatened with suspension, he and Josh plead their case before the Honor Council.
  • 1. Drake and Josh Inn
    When their parents spend the weekend in a hotel, Drake and Josh are left in charge of Megan; their parents give them 200 dollars, to spend on food or emergencies. Drake immediately spends the wad of cash on useless items like a Mexican robot and packages of bubblegum. With no money left for food, Drake and Josh create a bed-and-breakfast in their home. At first, there's only a single couple staying there, but then when over fifty college kids show up with no place to stay, the house turns into a chaos zone. The situation worsens when the scenario is aired on …
  • 2. The Peruvian Puff Pepper
    Drake and Josh compete in a Salsa-Making Contest where a new Plasma Screen TV is the grand prize.
  • 3. We're Married
    Josh's long time e-pal Yooka decides to visit from Yudonia, but when a Yudonian "
  • 4. Mindy's Back
    It's Science Fair time at Belleview High, and Josh is sure that this year, his is the project to beat.
  • 5. The Affair
    When Drake and Josh mistakenly assume that Walter's suspicious behavior means that he is having an affair, they decide to take matters into their own hands, but ultimately end up cheating only themselves.
  • 6. Playing the Field
    Fueled by a love of the opposite sex and fear of commitment, Drake breaks up with his girlfriend only to realize that he may have made the wrong decision.
  • 7. Helen's Surgery
    When Josh's boss, Helen, goes through laser eye surgery, resulting in temporary blindness, she asks for Drake and Josh's help. After Drake sees Helen's ultra-cool apartment, complete with a hot tub, he throws a party without Josh knowing. Unfortunately for him, Helen's sight returns in the middle of the party and her reaction shocks both Drake and Josh.
  • 8. Paging Doctor Drake
    After a botched weightlifting routine, Josh injures his toe and is forced to the hospital.
  • 9. Foam Finger
    A six-year-old argument between Drake and Josh is suddenly rekindled when their conflicting accounts of a incident at a San Diego Padres game finds them each placing the blame on the other.
  • 10. Girl Power
    Drake's new girlfriend might be tougher than him. Josh trying to impress Mindy's parents might be even tougher.
  • 11. Sheep Thrills
    When Drake and Josh find out Megan have adopted a pet sheep, they want nothing to do with it.
  • 12. Megan's New Teacher
    Josh gets the opportunity to act as a student teacher for his little sister Megan's class and everybody hates both him and his utterly boring teaching methods. His awful teaching and the piles of homework and hard tests he dishes out cause Megan's friends and classmates to turn on her, leaving her out of play-dates and birthday parties. Desperate for revenge, Megan uses her cleverness to publicly embarrass Josh and get him instantly fired during a science lesson.
  • 13. Little Sibling
    Drake gets in trouble at school and is assigned to mentor a young boy.
  • 14. Theater Thug
    A TV producer casts Josh in crime-show re-enactments and is constantly mistaken for the real criminal.
  • 15. The Demonator
    Drake and Josh are desperate to ride the awesome new roller-coaster, the Demonator, at their favorite amusement park, Mystic Mountain. However, their parents, who are going out for the night, force the boys to stay home and watch over their great-grandfather, who's recovering from surgery. After their parents leave, Drake issues the help of their geeky friends, Craig and Eric, to watch over the grandfather, while Drake, Josh, and Megan (who they agree to take after she threatens to tattle on them) jet off to ride the Demonator. However, nothing goes according to plan;…
  • 16. Alien Invasion
    As a horrible prank on Megan Drake and Josh start making her software to pick up space communication detect a UFO. They then start making sounds to scare Megan and they finally while Megan's outside pretend to be aliens. They got tricked also as Megan had a real alien!!!!!!
  • 17. Dr. Phyllis Show
    In our season finale, Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyliss Show and relive some of their most outlandish moments.
  • 1. Josh Runs Into Oprah
    After Drake forgets Josh's birthday he tries to make it up to him by taking him to a live taping of “Oprah”. 
  • 2. Vicious Tiberius
    When Josh's teacher asked him to stay at her house, Josh brought Drake along to keep him company. Josh's teacher didn't tell about her extremely protective Rottweiler, Tiberius, who chases them into the bathroom. When they call animal control the dog chases him into the bathroom along with the boys.
  • 3. The Wedding
    The day of their Great-Aunt Catherine's wedding, Drake and Josh are enlisted to drive separately from their parents and sister so they can pick up the wedding cake; the only reason they are attending the wedding is because Aunt Catherine has a spacious beach house, and, seeing as she's 89 years old, the family wants to be sure that they're left the beach house in her will. However, Drake unknowingly lends Josh's friend the car keys, leaving them to drive Drake's friends' beat-up car. Halfway to the wedding, with the cake in the back, they encounter car trouble in the …
  • 4. Mindy Loves Josh
    After Josh's girlfriend, Mindy Crenshaw, tells Josh she loves him, Josh is unable to answer and slams the door in her face. The next day at school, when Josh explains everything to Mindy, she's very understanding and gives him the weekend to sort out his feelings; Drake however suspects foul play. He thinks that, since the annual science fair is next week and Josh needs to finish his project this weekend, Mindy is trying to distract him so he won't be able to focus on his project and she'll win first prize. Josh believes him, but later finds out that Mindy was serious…
  • 5. Who's Got Game?
    Now that Josh is no longer dating Mindy he wants to play the field and challenges Drake to a bet to see who can score more dates.Â
  • 6. The Great Doheny
    Josh meets his idol Henry Doheny, who's one of the greatest magicians ever!
  • 7. I Love Sushi
    Get your chopsticks ready.   The good times roll when the boys work in a sushi factory to earn the money to buy the living room furniture back after an anniversary present for their parents go awry.
  • 8. The Storm
    During a torrential storm, Drake and Josh are stuck inside their house with several eccentric guests, including all their ex-girlfriends.
  • 9. My Dinner with Bobo
    Drake & Josh are tired of fighting over the family car and want to buy their own, but they only have $1200. Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) offers to meet them halfway but Drake & Josh can't decide which car to buy. Later, Drake takes the money and buys the car dealer's mascot, an orangutan named Bobo, to potentially raise a lot more than $2400 in paid performances, which doesn't go over well at first. An eccentric doctor buys the animal from Drake & Josh for a large sum of money, and they are ecstatic until Megan finds out that the doctor may be up to no good.
  • 10. Tree House
    Drake and Josh accidentally burn down their neighbor's tree house. Â
  • 11. Josh Is Done
    Drake has taken advantage of Josh for the last time and Josh decides that he is done dealing with Drake.
  • 12. Eric Punches Drake
    After Bellview High nerd, Eric Blonnowitz accidentally punches Drake he finds a newfound world of fame, popularity and girls.
  • 13. Megan's Revenge
    Josh and Drake take a picture of Megan's beloved pet hamster, and, in reaction, the furry little creature drops dead. Afraid of what Megan might do to them when she discovers the truth, Drake and Josh are on pins and needles waiting for her to get her revenge.
  • 14. Steered Straight
    Drake and Josh parents' sign them up for a “Steered Straight” program, after getting in trouble for using fake ID's. But the problems start when they meet a real thief.
  • 15. Megan's First Kiss
    Drake and Josh figure out that Megan is dating a boy and spy on her and her “boyfriend”, Corey, on their date to the movie theater. During the movie, Corey attempts to kiss Megan, but Drake and Josh intervene, resulting in Corey breaking up with Megan because he thinks she comes from a “freak family”. Later, when Megan refuses to leave her bedroom, and their dad forces them to fix the situation, Drake and Josh invite Corey over and beg him to get back together with Megan. He agrees, that is, if Drake and Josh give him their alarm clock, Drake's guitar, and both boys' …
  • 16. Battle of Panthatar
    Drake and Josh try unsuccessfully to get invited to the birthday party of the most popular boy in school.
  • 19. Helicopter
    Drake wins a free skydive off a helicopter and goes off to do it despite his parents saying no. Josh, being the good brother he is, tries to stop him, but ends up going along for the ride.
  • 20. Dance Contest
    Blessed with his unconventional dance moves, Josh decides to try out for the local dance contest.Â

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Drake & Josh
  • Genres: Comedy, Family
  • Rating: 7.60
  • Year of issue: 2004
  • Countries: United States
  • Duration: 30 minutes
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