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Challenging Verbs: Rise/Raise

Challenging Verbs: Rise/Raise
  • 06.09.2018
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Rise: to rise (yourself).

rise from my bed when I am no longer tired.


Raise: to raise something else.

I always raise my hand in class.
 Present                        Present
Past                         Past Participle
Rise (self)              riserisingroserisen                                            
Raise (object)raiseraisingraisedraised


Notice that the transitive verb (the one you do to an object) is more regular than the intransitive verb (the one you do to yourself). Raise adds -ing and -ed. Rise adds -ing, but changes to rose and risen.

rise in the morning when my alarm goes off.
am rising from my bed right now.
rose from my bed late yesterday.
In the past I have risen as early as 5:00.


raise the window shade every morning.
am raising the window shade now.
Yesterday I raised the window shade.
In the past I have raised the window shade.

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