Adjective Prepositional Phrases

Adjective Prepositional Phrases
  • 06.09.2018
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An adjective prepositional phrase describes a noun or pronoun. It answers the questions which onewhat kindhow much, or how many.
Adjective: The wind's sound made a whistling noise.
Prepositional Phrase: The sound \of the wind made a whistling noise.


On the other hand, adverb prepositional phrases modify a verb, adjective, or adverb. They usually tell whenwherehowwhy, or to what extent (how manyhow muchhow long, or how far), and under what condition.

Adjective prepositional phrases can also follow linking verbs; however, this is not very common.



You seem \under the weather(Under the weather describes you, not how you seem.)


More than one adjective phrase can modify the same noun.

The sound \of the players \from the gym distracted us.
The sound \of the players
The sound \from the gym

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