The Mentalist

The Mentalist
  • Bewertung: 8,10
  • Jahr der Ersterscheinung: 2008
  • Genres: Crime, , Thriller, Drama
  • Länder: United States
  • Dauer: 43 Minuten
  • Komplexität: 9

Patrick Jane verdiente seinen Lebensunterhalt einst als “Psychic” und arbeitet inzwischen für das California Bureau of Investigation. Hier bietet sich ihm die perfekte Gelegenheit, seine hochentwickelte Beobachtungsgabe (die er zum „Gedankenlesen“ nutzte) zum Lösen verschiedener Kriminalfälle zu lösen, inklusive dem grausamen Mord an seiner Frau und seiner Tochter.

  • 1. Pilot
    A double murder seems to be the work of a notorious serial killer named Red John, but CBI Agent Patrick Jane thinks it's the work of a copycat.
  • 2. Red Hair and Silver Tape
    The body of Melanie O'Keefe is found at a Napa Valley vineyard. Teresa believes that the murder is the result of an argument between lovers.
  • 3. Red Tide
    The body of a young surfer girl is washed up on the Santa Marta Beach and Patrick socializes with her friends to find the killer.
  • 4. Ladies in Red
    A wealthy banker is found dead inside a secret vault in his house, and the team delves into his secret life to find out who killed him.
  • 5. Redwood
    A girl is found stabbed to death in a forest and her amnesiac best friend is the prime suspect, although Patrick has doubts and attempts to jog her memory.
  • 6. Red-Handed
    The severed hand of a hotel casino owner is found on the California-Nevada state line. While the CBI suspects it's a mob hit, Patrick uses the opportunity to win big by counting cards.
  • 7. Seeing Red
    A wealthy woman is killed in a hit-and-run. The investigation leads the CBI to a psychic woman the victim regularly visited, whom Patrick, being an ex-psychic himself, suspects of being a con woman.
  • 8. The Thin Red Line
    CBI is forced to work with two Davis police officers to solve a double homicide involving a star witness in a drug trial. However, CBI soon suspects that the officers may have a connection to the other victim in the case.
  • 9. Flame Red
    CBI uncovers three arson cases, all of which involve men in the same real estate business, and who also served in the same National Guard unit.
  • 10. Red Brick and Ivy
    An acquaintance of Patrick requests his help in solving a murder related to a neurological science project which involves animal testing.
  • 11. Red John's Friends
    Patrick makes a deal to try and prove a convict's innocence in exchange for information about Red John.
  • 12. Red Rum
    A young football talent in a small town is found dead, apparently killed in a black magic sacrifice ritual, and the center of the investigation becomes a self-proclaimed Wicca whose cat was allegedly tortured and killed by the victim.
  • 13. Paint It Red
    CBI discovers that an executive's murder is tied to the theft of a valuable painting, and the investigation leads to confrontation between Patrick and a Russian mobster who wanted the painting.
  • 14. Crimson Casanova
    The wife of a wealthy businessman is found shot to death in a spa and the CBI suspects that her womanizing lover is connected to the murder.
  • 15. Scarlett Fever
    A wealthy jewelry designer is poisoned at a party and the CBI's investigation uncovers the double lives of a number of people around her.
  • 16. Bloodshot
    Patrick is temporarily blinded by a bomb blast just before the CBI are called in to investigate the murder of a stock-broker.
  • 17. Carnelian, Inc.
    The Attorney General receives some strange email, CBI is ordered to investigate. They're soon investigating a high profile murder that involves a company's executive board.
  • 18. Russet Potatoes
    Car salesman Carl Resnick brings CBI the body of Mary Beth Hendricks (27), thinking it's a ‘sack of potatoes’: resulting from a masterly hypnotic suggestion. But was the killing conform to his deep desire or staged by the hypnotizer? She left her sister Lindsay's employer, Model Life, to work for leading hypnotherapist Dr. Royston Daniel's ‘Neurolinguistic Programming’ firm. His assistant Carl Resnick confesses to the killing, but Lindsay disputes this claiming Royston was Mary's lover, which he denies. Then another hypnosis complicates and ultimately clarifies …
  • 19. A Dozen Red Roses
    A former state senator is murdered, and the team discovers that he was producing a movie for his actress wife and that he may have a connection to a drug dealer.
  • 20. Red Sauce
    An ex-mobster in the Witness Protection Program is found executed. The mafia is the prime suspect, so Patrick socializes with its leader.
  • 21. Miss Red
    While investigating the murder of a C.E.O., Patrick matches wits with a sexy con artist who was trying to get her hands on his secret stash of millions of dollars.
  • 22. Blood Brothers
    A teenage boy's murder appears to be related to a secret group he belonged to at an unorthodox school for troubled teens.
  • 23. Red John's Footsteps
    A victim is discovered in a park deliberately disposed of in CBI jurisdiction with evidence that Red John is involved. The team learns there may be another victim, and suspects Red John is luring Jane.
  • 1. Redemption
    While the unit tackles a murder case involving a woman who stole a million dollars from her employer, Patrick finds out that they have been removed from the Red John case.
  • 2. The Scarlet Letter
    While CBI investigates the murder of a California state senator's aide, Patrick works on his own under the assumption that the victim was having an affair with a member of the senator's family.
  • 3. Red Badge
    A child rapist from agent Lisbon's past is shot and killed. The evidence points to Lisbon herself, but she has no recollection of the night in question.
  • 4. Red Menace
    The team investigates a dangerous biker gang in order to gather information about the death of the attorney who represented the gang.
  • 5. Red Scare
    An architect is killed in the old mansion he recently bought, and the investigation reveals rumors of a haunted house and hidden treasure, as well as the angry descendants of the original owner.
  • 6. Black Gold and Red Blood
    While CBI investigates a homicide over what appears to be over a land claim, Patrick is put in jail for spying on Sam Bosco to get information on Red John.
  • 7. Red Bulls
    Patrick and the rest of the CBI team is forced to work together with Patrick's nemesis in the office, Sam Bosco, in order to find a kidnapping victim.
  • 8. His Red Right Hand
    Red John strikes again, this time in the CBI office, leaving three agents dead and Sam Bosco in critical condition.
  • 9. A Price Above Rubies
    The new husband of a jewelry store owner is critically injured accidentally walking in on a jewel heist. CBI soon suspects that the heist was pulled off with help from the inside–specifically one of the owner's two nephews.
  • 10. Throwing Fire
    The founder of a prestigious Baseball Academy is murdered. Jane is hit by a baseball as the investigation begins, and he recalls his teenage years as a carnival psychic.
  • 11. Rose-Colored Glasses
    A former high school student and his wife are killed before his high school reunion, and Jane is forced to get Rigsby's help to perform an elaborate ruse to find the killer.
  • 12. Bleeding Heart
    While investigating the death of a mayor's media liaison, Patrick is kidnapped by an eco-terrorist who is a suspect in the case. Meanwhile, the team reluctantly agrees to be filmed for a documentary.
  • 13. Redline
    Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate when the body of a high-end luxury car sales woman is found in the trunk of a Bentley in the dealership's showroom.
  • 14. Blood in, Blood Out
    When a member of Cho's former gang, the Avon Park Playboys, is found murdered, Patrick Jane insists on helping Cho with his off-the-books investigation.
  • 15. Red Herring
    A chef is poisoned to death during a competition, and CBI is forced to find his killer among his competitors, his estranged wife, and his ambitious assistant.
  • 16. Code Red
    The leak of a dangerous virus at a bio-research facility results in the death of a scientist, and Lisbon and Jane clash with a Disease Control official when they decide to treat the death as a homicide.
  • 17. The Red Box
    While the team investigates the murder of an English tutor who stole a valuable artifact from a British museum, the new boss comes in and lays down the law.
  • 18. Aingavite Baa
    Patrick is forced to turn to a woman with amnesia to help solve a murder case on an Indian reservation, while special agent Hightower delivers an ultimatum to Rigsby and Van Pelt about their personal relationship.
  • 19. Blood Money
    Patrick's reckless behavior catches up with him when his actions get a case against a hitman thrown out of court and Lisbon on suspension. But when the hitman his shot and killed, he has a shot at redemption.
  • 20. Red All Over
    Patrick finds a new adversary in a charismatic but manipulative cult leader while the CBI team investigates the death of the CEO of a media conglomerate.
  • 21. 18-5-4
    A brilliant mathematician is shot and killed by a clown, and the team discovers that he was working on a priceless code-breaking device.
  • 22. Red Letter
    A man is murdered right before he is to deliver an important speech about human trafficking at a conference. Psychic Kristina Frye is brought in to help CBI solve the case, even though Patrick remains skeptical about her “gift.”
  • 23. Red Sky in the Morning
    The tension between Patrick and Kristina escalates when a Red John impostor strikes and Kristina offers her services to the CBI. However, the case causes the real Red John to come back and meet Patrick for the first time face-to-face.
  • 1. Red Sky at Night
    CBI takes on a case involving a murdered state lobbyist, and Patrick helps in the case despite being preoccupied with Kristina's disappearance, presumably at the hands of Red John.
  • 2. Cackle-Bladder Blood
    Patrick reluctantly helps his brother-in-law with whom he has an uneasy relationship, when one of his marks in an investment scam turns up dead and he claims to be innocent.
  • 3. The Blood on His Hands
    While CBI discovers that a homicide investigation leads back to Bret Stiles and his “Visualize” cult, Patrick receives a tip that provides proof that Red John has abducted Kristina Frye and that she is probably still alive.
  • 4. Red Carpet Treatment
    Patrick battles with a former defense attorney-turned courtroom talk show host as CBI tries to find the person who killed a convicted felon who was set free because of faulty DNA evidence.
  • 5. The Red Ponies
    When an ex-jockey is found dead, Patrick heads to the racetrack to find some answers.
  • 6. Pink Chanel Suit
    The boyfriend of a federal judge's daughter is killed and the daughter is missing, but has she been kidnapped or did she do it?
  • 7. Red Hot
    A Russian businessman dies in an explosion, and the prime suspect is a familiar face from CBI's past who also has a romantic interest in agent Lisbon.
  • 8. Ball of Fire
    Patrick is kidnapped by a person from one of his old cases who holds a grudge against him, and agent Lisbon is forced to make a deal with the Devil to find him.
  • 9. Red Moon
    CBI connects a small-town triple homicide to a cop killer, and a “psychic” who offers to help with the case suggests that the killer's actions are based on the moon cycle.
  • 10. Jolly Red Elf
    While CBI investigates the death of a Santa, Patrick discovers that he is a suspect in the death of a cop killer who was set on fire while in police custody.
  • 11. Bloodsport
    Author Charlotte Mitchell is found in a locker, shot death during a freestyle fight between promoter-manager Leonard ‘Len’ Artash's KO-victorious boy Manny Flaco and hot-tempered Rowdy Merriman. The bullet came from recently release murder Joe Reyes's gun. Each fighter had a grudge against her and secrets she might uncover, which also may give significant others motives. J.J. LaRoche grills Rigsby as CBI arson suspect, on account of his pyrotechnic skills and paroled motor gang dad Stephen.
  • 12. Bloodhounds
    Patrick reluctantly works with an FBI profiler to solve a pair of murders that may be connected to a long-dormant serial killer.
  • 13. Red Alert
    A man who claims that he was falsely accused of killing his wife holds Patrick and several other people hostage.
  • 14. Blood for Blood
    A protected witness under Van Pelt's watch who is set to testify against a drug dealer is shot and killed, and the key to solving the mystery may involve getting to the victim's daughter's repressed memories.
  • 15. Red Gold
    Patrick works with special agent Hightower to figure out who killed a struggling gold prospector.
  • 16. Red Queen
    Evidence in the murder of an antiques dealer found dead in a museum indicates that the suspect may be a member of the CBI team.
  • 17. Bloodstream
    LaRoche demotes Agent Lisbon and puts Cho in charge of the team as they investigate the murder of a doctor.
  • 18. The Red Mile
    The body of CBI's latest murder victim is stolen, and the team later learns the the victim later claims that he was abducted by aliens. Meanwhile, coroner Steiner surprisingly confides a surprising secret with Patrick.
  • 19. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
    Patrick is convinced that a manipulative matchmaker murdered her husband and sets out to prove it.
  • 20. Redacted
    While CBI investigates the murder of an electronics store owner, Patrick tries to hide the secret that he hired a robber who unsuccessfully broke into LaRoche's home.
  • 21. Like a Redheaded Stepchild
    Rigsby is forced to turn to his ex-con father to help solve the murder of a prison guard.
  • 22. Rhapsody in Red
    While CBI investigates the murder of a concert violinist, Cho helps a boy who is searching for clues that could prove his imprisoned father's innocence.
  • 23. Strawberries and Cream
    A robber with a bomb attached to him is blown up in front of a convenience store, and CBI soon discovers that there may be connections between this case and Red John and agent Hightower.
  • 1. Scarlet Ribbons
    Patrick's sanity is questioned when he kills the man that he believes is Red John, but the evidence suggests that his victim was an innocent man.
  • 2. Little Red Book
    Patrick conspires to get the old team back together after he is reassigned to a new team investigating the murder of a fitness trainer.
  • 3. Pretty Red Balloon
    A nine-year-old boy is kidnapped, and the mother is one of Patrick's former clients who refuses to believe that he conned her.
  • 4. Ring Around the Rosie
    As the team meets its new boss, Patrick tries to prove that a man he encountered at a political rally is a potential mass murderer, while Lisbon tries to prove that a confessed killer at the same rally is innocent.
  • 5. Blood and Sand
    CBI tries to figure out who killed a woman found on the beach of San Felix Island off the California coast.
  • 6. Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien?
    While CBI tries to solve the murder of a police chief, Lisbon's bounty hunter brother meddles with the investigation when the man he's tracking becomes a suspect.
  • 7. Blinking Red Light
    CBI is on the hunt for a serial killer, but Patrick soon suspects that a blogger who is obsessed with the case may actually be the killer.
  • 8. Pink Tops
    CBI tries to figure out who killed an undercover narcotics officer who was killed in an alley outside a nightclub where she was investigating a drug dealer.
  • 9. The Redshirt
    After the assistant of a retired pro quarterback is accidentally killed instead of the quarterback himself in a car explosion, CBI pretends that the quarterback was killed instead in a plot to flesh out the real killer.
  • 10. Fugue in Red
    While investigating the murder of a firefighter, Patrick loses his memory after nearly being drowned by the killer.
  • 11. Always Bet on Red
    While the team investigates the death of a divorce attorney, Patrick discovers that Red John may still be alive and stalking an FBI agent who is asking too many questions.
  • 12. My Bloody Valentine
    While CBI investigates the murder of a crime boss's son, Grace is stuck in the forest with a belligerent witness after a crash while escaping from an assassin.
  • 13. Red is the New Black
    A disgraced fashion designer is murdered right before he makes his big comeback, and agent Darcy begins to suspect that the man Patrick killed is not Red John.
  • 14. At First Blush
    Patrick believes that a woman on trial for murder is innocent, and convinces Lisbon to open an investigation just as the jury begins its deliberations.
  • 15. War of the Roses
    A killer that Patrick helped put away is furloughed so that she can help CBI solve a murder, but will the romantic chemistry between the two interfere with the investigation?
  • 16. His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
    A man trying to expose Visualize cult leader Bret Stiles is murdered, and Patrick suspects that a member of Visualize's inner circle is trying to frame Stiles for his death.
  • 17. Cheap Burgundy
    While CBI tries to get a smug business owner to confess to a murder, FBI agent Darcy asks for Patrick's help with her murder investigation. However, her real motive is to find out more about Patrick's relationship relationship to Red John.
  • 18. Ruddy Cheeks
    As CBI tries to figure out who murdered a terminally ill cancer patient who only had weeks to live, Cho's addiction results in a near-tragic mistake in the field.
  • 19. Pink Champagne on Ice
    Patrick discovers that an old magician friend is being forced to rob the casino where he works in order to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend.
  • 20. Something Rotten in Redmund
    The investigation of the murder of a high school English teacher gives Patrick an opportunity to show off his acting skills to a drama class.
  • 21. Ruby Slippers
    Jane and the CBI gang get involved in the world of Drag Queen Cabaret when a body is found burned to death in the alley behind their theater.
  • 22. So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper
    The investigation into the death of a surfer gets Lisbon back in touch with an old flame, while Summer makes a fateful decision that could affect her relationship with Cho.
  • 23. Red Rover, Red Rover
    While Patrick contemplates whether to give up trying to find Red John, his unorthodox methods of getting confessions out of murder suspects may have finally crossed the line.
  • 24. The Crimson Hat
    After leaving the CBI, Patrick appears to be down and out in Las Vegas. But it is really part of his master plan to make Red John think he has given up on trying to catch him.
  • 1. The Crimson Ticket
    Patrick Jane interrogates Lorelei in an attempt to figure out her connection to Red John. The CBI is forced to partner up with the FBI to solve the murder of a hotel employee.
  • 2. Devil's Cherry
    While investigating the murder of a diamond cutter, Patrick unknowingly ingests a narcotic and has hallucinations of his dead daughter.
  • 3. Not One Red Cent
    While CBI investigates a homicide at a bank robbery, Patrick works under the assumption that the robbers had a man on the inside working with them.
  • 4. Blood Feud
    While CBI investigates a murder that could reignite a turf war between two rival gangs, the case gives Rigsby an unfortunate reunion with his estranged ex-con father.
  • 5. Red Dawn
    A flashback to Patrick's first day with the CBI: he arrives to ask for evidence in the Red John investigation, and winds up helping the team solve the murder of a judge's son.
  • 6. Cherry Picked
    While CBI tackles an unusual kidnapping case, Patrick tries to figure out which prison guard allowed Lorelei to escape.
  • 7. If It Bleeds, It Leads
    CBI team investigates the death of young anchor. Jean is looking a way into federal prison.
  • 8. Red Sails in the Sunset
    Patrick arranges Lorelei's escape from prison and then kidnaps her to get answers about Red John. Meanwhile, Lorelei's mother shares with agent Lisbon a shocking detail about her family.
  • 9. Black Cherry
    CBI tries to figure out who killed a reformed former gang member now working as a real estate agent.
  • 10. Panama Red
    Patrick discovers that a young botanist who was murdered was working on a valuable new strain of marijuana, and Cho runs into an old friend with a big surprise during a bust.
  • 12. Little Red Corvette
    Tommy Volker stays one step ahead of agent Lisbon with the help of an inside source, but the team is on the trail of a possible witness to one of his murders.
  • 13. The Red Barn
    The discovery of three dead bodies inside an abandoned barn helps Patrick make a concrete connection between Red John and the “Visualize” cult.
  • 14. Red in Tooth and Claw
    The team goes to college to investigate the murder of a graduate student, and Patrick helps Bertram out with his poker game.
  • 15. Red Lacquer Nail Polish
    The charred remains of a socialite are found in her mansion, and CBI discovers that several people were fighting over inheriting her fortune.
  • 16. There Will Be Blood
    Lorelei reemerges, this time murdering a woman who may have helped Red John kill her sister.
  • 17. Red, White and Blue
    A female soldier is killed after a night out, and the only possible witness is a fellow veteran who suffers from memory loss.
  • 18. Behind the Red Curtain
    An actress in a Sacramento musical falls to her death, and Patrick needs LaRoche's help to find the killer.
  • 19. Red Letter Day
    While CBI goes to an Old West tourist town to solve a murder, Robert Kirkland is able to get his hands on Patrick's secret Red John research.
  • 20. Red Velvet Cupcakes
    CBI needs the help of the help of a radio couples therapist to solve a murder, but he may also be able to help patch up tensions between agents Rigsby and Van Pelt.
  • 21. Red and Itchy
    Patrick helps LaRoche retrieve a Tupperware container that was stolen from his safe, which may also help them uncover the identity of a mole within CBI.
  • 22. Red John's Rules
    As Patrick narrows down his Red John suspect list to seven people, Red John strikes again, and this time the victim triggers distant memories from his old life.
  • 1. The Desert Rose
    After Patrick discovers that Red John already knows about his list of seven suspects, his dangerous actions during a murder investigation get him and Lisbon banished to the sticks.
  • 3. Wedding in Red
    Patrick initiates a murder investigation in Napa so that he can continue his investigation into sheriff McAllister and Red John, and Rigsby and Van Pelt contemplate their future now that they are free to date after a new office policy.
  • 4. Red-Listed
    Patrick gets a step closer to finding the person who stole his dummy list of Red John suspects, and he may need the help of an old colleague to bring him down.
  • 5. The Red Tattoo
    Patrick is forced to work alongside one of his Red John suspects as CBI takes on two homicides connected to Visualize.
  • 6. Fire and Brimstone
    With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects - Gale Bertram, Bret Stiles, Reede Smith, Ray Haffner and Tom McAllister - in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity.
  • 8. Red John
    While the FBI shuts down agent Lisbon's CBI team, Patrick goes off on his own to track down the man he has publicly identified as Red John.
  • 9. My Blue Heaven
    Two years after the Red John case was put to rest, Jane's newfound peace is interrupted by a surprising job offer that could change everything for him.
  • 10. Green Thumb
    The FBI reluctantly enlists Jane's help to find a missing computer programmer, but he won't help unless Lisbon is brought on board.
  • 11. White Lines
    Jane and Lisbon have some intense talks about their potential future, while Cho finds a new girl.
  • 12. The Golden Hammer
    A mapmaker whose employer has a contract with the Pentagon is murdered, and Wayne and Grace help a friend of Lisbon's who thinks someone is spying on him.
  • 13. Black Helicopters
    Jane, Fisher and Cho travel to Mexico to investigate the murder of a Justice Department lawyer and Lisbon enlists LaRoche's aid in tracking down the wire taps.
  • 14. Grey Water
    Kim and Jane go to investigate a murder in an oil company. Van Pelt and Wayne also join Lisbon and Jane.
  • 15. White as the Driven Snow
    Grace is kidnapped by the killer who has been hunting former CBI members, but when the prime suspect appears to have an airtight alibi, Jane must rely on all his skills to locate her before time runs out.
  • 16. Violets
    With the help of his FBI colleagues, Patrick sets up an elaborate con to catch an art thief who killed a man during one of his robberies.
  • 17. Silver Wings of Time
    With only two days before a man is executed, the FBI and Jane attempt to solve a cold case and prove the man is innocent.
  • 18. Forest Green
    A woman whose body is found near the grounds of a prestigious private men's-only club turns out to be a prostitute, and one of the club's members in legal trouble offers Abbott a bribe to get the feds off his back.
  • 19. Brown Eyed Girls
    A chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual leads Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remains tempted by Pike's offer to move to D.C.
  • 20. Il Tavolo Bianco
    Jane's freedom is at stake when a grand jury is empanelled to decide if he should be tried for the murder of Red John. Meanwhile, Lisbon tries to find out how Jane feels about the possibility of her leaving Austin with Agent Pike.
  • 21. Black Hearts
    After the FBI discovers that the sex slave case is actually an illegal organ harvesting case, Patrick and Lisbon go after one of the group's suspected leaders before the latest group of kidnapped girls are lost.
  • 22. Blue Bird
    A new lead in a old case prompts Lisbon to postpone her plans to relocate to D.C. The delay allows Jane to examine his feelings for her and decide on a course of action.
  • 1. Nothing But Blue Skies
    Jane and Lisbon decide to keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues as they investigate the murder of an undercover agent. Also, young, ambitious agent Michelle Vega joins the team.
  • 2. The Graybar Hotel
    Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of a high-end car theft ring.
  • 3. Orange Blossom Ice Cream
    Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut where they must work with Jane's familiar adversary, Erica Flynn, who agrees to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes.
  • 4. Black Market
    The team investigates a murder linked to a counterfeit diamond operation, but an illness forces Jane to direct his colleagues from the office as he recuperates. Meanwhile, Abbott is concerned that transgressions in his past could harm is wife's chance to obtain a prestigious job in Washington D.C.
  • 5. The Silver Briefcase
    Jane and Lisbon secretly reopen a solved case to prove that a military colonel murdered his wife.
  • 6. Green Light
    The FBI will be asked to consult on a botched DEA raid, but Abbott's former colleagues could derail the investigation and Abbott's career.
  • 7. Little Yellow House
    A murder investigation becomes personal for Lisbon when she finds out her younger brother Jimmy is a key witness.
  • 8. The Whites of His Eyes
    Jane worries for Lisbon's safety when the team puts itself in the line of fire to protect the witness in a murder investigation from a skilled assassin.
  • 9. Copper Bullet
    Jane hatches an elaborate plan in an attempt to save Abbott's career.
  • 10. Nothing Gold Can Stay
    Jane prepares to take extreme measures when the FBI takes on a group of car robbers.
  • 11. Byzantium
    Janes wits and beliefs will be put to the test when a psychic medium offers assistance to the FBI.
  • 12. Brown Shag Carpet
    Patrick uses a risky move to draw out the serial killer, but the serial killer gets to Jane first and kidnaps him.

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