The Last Man on Earth with subtitle

Diese Comedy-Serie handelt von einem Mann, der als einziger eine tödliche Seuche überlebt hat. Nun ist er mutterseelenallein auf der Welt und hat alles, was er will, für sich allein – die besten Autos, Häuser und Kleidungsstücke. Doch schon bald ist alles, was er will, nur noch Gesellschaft – in der Hoffnung, doch nicht der einzige Überlebende zu sein, bemüht er sich, eine Frau zu finden.

  • 1. Is There Anybody Out There?
    Carol quickly learns of how wrong her decision was to accompany Phil on his new journey away from Tuscon.
  • 2. The Boo
    Phil goes on a search for Carol after he accidentally leaves her in a gas station in Oklahoma.
  • 3. Dead Man Walking
    After Carol accidentally kills Gordan, a new addition to the Tuscon Crew, her and Phil try to find a way to ease themselves back into the group; Carol fakes Phil's death.
  • 4. C to the T
    Phil is welcomed back into the group, but he must face consequences for how he acted in Tuscon.
  • 5. Crickets
    Phil finds out Todd's secret in “the house”; Melissa gets a cut on her finger.
  • 6. A Real Live Wire
    Phil and Todd rejuvenate their old friendship from Tuscon after doing time together; Phil and Phil 2's growing tension between each other over Carol reaches its tipping point.
  • 7. Baby Steps
    When Erica claims she's pregnant to Phil 2 right before he is about to leave Malibu, he has to choose between his unborn child or a higher chance of survival by himself.
  • 8. No Bull
    Phil 2 finds himself on Tandy's level when he causes problems with the group.
  • 9. Secret Santa
    Along with most human life, the virus wiped out normal traditions and holidays. As Christmas approaches, Carol spearheads a “Secret Santa” gift exchange to spread some festive cheer.
  • 10. Silent Night
    Phil is diagnosed with appendicitis. Someone in the group has to step up to execute the surgery. Melissa has to deal with Tom's refusal of her proposal. Mike makes a decision about returning to earth.
  • 11. Pitch Black
    Mike Miller makes it to Earth and befriends a man who has waded out the virus in a boat.
  • 12. Valhalla
    The gang has a funeral for phil and try to recover. “Tandy” tells carol about todd and gale.
  • 13. Fish in the Dish
    Phil worries he might be sterile, and Todd worries when all the women in the group come on to him.
  • 14. Skidmark
    Phil finds out that his brother is alive and Todd has some issues with the ladies
  • 15. Fourth Finger
    With little else to do, Tandy starts a prank war within the group. Meanwhile Todd establishes his dominance.
  • 16. Falling Slowly
    Todd considers doing a favor for Tandy and Carol. Gail's drinking becomes an issue.
  • 17. Smart And Stupid
    As Tandy gets used to having his brother back on Earth, Todd begins feeling left out; Mike discovers more about Erica than the group has ever known.
  • 18. 30 Years of Science Down the Tubes
    Phil and Mike grow closer than ever and the whole Malibu group gets a big friggin’ surprise.
  • 1.  M.U.B.A.R.
    A new woman joins the group and tries to find her place while everybody else prepares to set sail for Mexico.
  • 2. Stocko Syndrome
    Tandy devises an escape plan to get away from Pamela and back to Carol and the others. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang encounters a castaway, Glenn, who has been stranded on an island for years.
  • 3. Skeleton Crew
    Pamela tries desperately to redeem herself with everyone, as the gang finally reaches Mexico. Meanwhile, Todd is disappointed that Zihuatanejo is not the paradise of which he'd dreamed.
  • 4. Wisconsin
    Carol panics when Todd and Melissa leave for their honeymoon, and Erica and Gail decide to live on their own for a while.
  • 5. La Abuela
    The gang moves into an old mansion; Carol forces Tandy to put down his new toys so they can baby-proof the giant estate; Melissa worries about Todd's health; Gail and Erica can't figure out why Dawn won't stop crying.
  • 6. Double Cheeseburger
    Carol's pregnancy takes an unexpected turn; Gail is concerned about Tandy as a father; Melissa discourages Todd's baby fever.
  • 7. Gender Friender
    Tandy tries to convince everyone he's a feminist.
  • 8. Not Appropriate For Miners
    Todd asks Tandy for parenting advice when he notices that Jasper is acting more reckless than usual. Meanwhile, Carol and Erica realize that Jasper may be the only potential suitor for their babies and begin vying for his attention.
  • 9. Karl
    Tandy and Todd stumble upon a new survivor, Karl, who has been trapped in a high-security prison in Mexico ever since the virus hit.
  • 10. Nizzle Pizzy in a Dizzle Stizzy
    Tandy and Todd introduce newcomer Karl (guest star Fred Armisen) to the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, the group searches for Jasper, who has gone missing.
  • 11. Hamilton __ Berg
    After the graveyard incident, Tandy and Todd try to convince the rest of the gang that something is majorly wrong with Karl and something needs to be done. Meanwhile, Jasper is still missing.
  • 12. Señor Clean
    Tandy tries being a helpful, responsible adult in order to finally win Gail's praise. Meanwhile, Todd is furious with Melissa for keeping him away from Jasper.
  • 13. Release the Hounds
    Todd sinks into a deep depression, leaving the rest of the gang to console him. Meanwhile, Tandy and Carol can't keep their hands off each other.
  • 14. Special Delivery
    While Todd butts heads with Erica, Melissa is determined to form a strong female friendship with her. Meanwhile, Carol grows suspicious that a new stranger could be living nearby.
  • 15. Designated Survivors
    Tandy wakes up to a shocking discovery that is positive for everyone in the group, but it throws Todd into a spiral. Meanwhile, Todd and Erica share an emotional roller coaster.
  • 16. The Blob
    A thermal heat detector reveals a potential sign of life outside of the Zihuatanejo village, but Tandy doesn't want the group to split up to go investigate. Meanwhile, Todd and Erica have trouble seeing eye-to-eye.
  • 17. Barbara Ann
    The gang ventures out in search of what they think could be a new sign of life, but are surprised at what they actually find. Meanwhile, Todd makes a few morbid discoveries of his own back at the mansion.
  • 18. Cancun, Baby!
    The gang decides to leave the mansion in Zihuatenajo and find a new place to live, but Tandy has second thoughts.

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The Last Man on Earth
  • Bewertung "The Last Man on Earth": 7,40
  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action
  • Jahr der Ersterscheinung: 2015
  • Länder: United States
  • Dauer: 22 Minuten
  • Komplexität: 10
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