Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0
  • Bewertung: 7,40
  • Jahr der Ersterscheinung: 2010
  • Genres: Crime, Drama, Action
  • Länder: United States
  • Dauer: 43 Minuten
  • Komplexität: 9

Steve McGarrett ist ein ehemaliger Marine-Offizier. Eigentlich kehrt er nach Oahu zurück, um dem Tod seines Vaters auf den Grund zu gehen. Doch die Gouverneurin bittet ihn zu bleiben und macht ihn zum Anführer einer Sondereinheit, die Verbrechen aufdecken soll. Chin Ho Kelly, Danny “Danno” Williams und Kono Kalakaua schließen sich ihm an und helfen beim Kampf gegen die Kriminalität.

  • 1. Pilot
    The governor of Hawaii authorizes Navy intelligence officer Steve McGarrett to put together a special unit whose first job is to capture the man who killed McGarrett's father.
  • 2. Ohana
    The team works to rescue a computer expert who has been kidnapped by Serbian mobsters.
  • 3. Malama Ka Aina
    When an escalating gang war spills into the stands of the local high school football game, injuring several bystanders and killing a gang leader, Five-0 uncovers an unlikely partnership between Samoan gangs and a mainland mob.
  • 4. Lanakila
    McGarrett is on the trail of an escaped prisoner who is trying to take advantage of an opportunity to get his money back from his former crime partner.
  • 5. Nalowale
    One daughter of the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines is killed and another daughter is missing, and governor Jameson brings McGarrett's team to lead the investigation.
  • 6. Ko'olauloa
    When the CEO of a hugely successful surf company is murdered, Kono revisits her past while Five-0 is thrown headlong into the varied but interconnected worlds of North Shore surfing.
  • 7. Ho'apono
    McGarrett places himself in the middle of a hostage situation on the USS Missouri. The hostage-taker is an ex-Navy SEAL suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife.
  • 8. Mana'o
    Danny's ex-partner from the Honolulu P.D., is found in a luau barbecue pit. Danny demands the team must take his word the man was incorruptible, although evidence piles up ha was involved in corruption surrounding the Mexican Ochoa cocaine cartel. Internal affairs Sergeant Cage, who wrecked Chin's reputation, is on the case but fails to shield it as HPD Detective Ahuna discretely joins the Five-O investigation. The deeper they dig, the dirtier everyone looks. Jailed drug dealer Sang Min holds a trump card, so Danny bids on it.
  • 9. Po'ipu
    Five-0 is assigned to help stop an assassination plot against a despicable foreign leader, with the help of one of McGarrett's old SEAL buddies. But is his friend actually in on the conspiracy?
  • 10. Heihei
    The team is on the trail of a team of bandits who are planning a robbery during the Honolulu triathlon, and they are forced to turn to Danno's ex-wife for help.
  • 11. Palekaiko
    After a woman escapes from abduction and her new husband is found dead in their hotel room, Five-0 discovers that they are dealing with a serial killer who targets newlywed couples.
  • 12. Hana 'a'a Makehewa
    McGarrett discovers that the man who killed his father is still alive, and threatening to kill Chin Ho with a bomb unless his ransom demand is met.
  • 13. Ke Kinohi
    McGarrett's father's toolbox is stolen, and his sister is kidnapped for investigating their mother's death. McGarrett soon discovers that his father was investigating a suspected Yakuza leader before his death.
  • 14. He Kane Hewa' Ole
    Five-0 searches for identity and motive when a box with a severed head falls out of an overturned stolen car during a police chase–a task made more difficult when the driver dies at the scene.
  • 15. Kai e' e
    The island's leading tsunami expert is kidnapped on the same day that ocean reports indicate that a huge tsunami is headed to Hawaii. However, Five-0 soon suspects that the report is a hoax and is related to the kidnapping.
  • 16. E Malama
    McGarrett and Chin Ho try to rescue and protect a federal witness on the run from assassins, while Danny tries to get to the bottom of his daughter and ex-wife's carjacking.
  • 17. Powa Maka Moana
    Five-0 searches for a group of Spring Breakers who are being held for ransom by a group of pirates.
  • 18. Loa Aloha
    While Five-0 races to stop a mad bomber before he kills again, Danny gets an unexpected visit from his little brother, Matt, a fun-loving, Wall Street broker. The family reunion is cut short, however, when Danny discovers the real reason that Matt is in Hawaii.
  • 19. Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio
    A costumed comics convention superhero fell to his death, pushed from his hotel balcony, but only as the victim of a drunk rooms mix-up. The team must work out how a ransacked room, no robbery, compromising pictures and adultery fit together. Steve rightly mistrusts a self-styled CIA-agent, works out she's a mere analyst and not even assigned, but decides to collaborate as she has indications his father's killer may have worked for Yakuza boss Wo Fat. Danny grumpily started dieting for his worried brat's sake.
  • 20. Ma Ke Kahakai
    The team investigates the death of a commercial fisherman whose body was found in an unexpected place, while the imminent death of Chin Ho's aunt could reveal surprising new details about the stolen drug money.
  • 21. Ho'opa'i
    Five-0 turns up the heat on a crime boss after the safe house of an undercover police officer who infiltrated his organization is compromised and his wife is killed.
  • 22. Ho'ohuli Na'au
    While investigating the murder of a professional photographer, Five-0 discovers a connection to a local bookie. Meanwhile, Chin Ho covers for his uncle and claims that he has the stolen police money.
  • 23. Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau
    Danny is exposed to sarin while Five-0 tries to track down Wo Fat, and Chin Ho's plan to quietly return the money his uncle stole hits a snag.
  • 24. Oia'i'o
    After one of governor Jameson's assistants is killed, McGarrett discovers that the governor may have been working with Wo Fat and may have been the target of his father's investigation.
  • 1. Ha'i'ole
    McGarrett escapes from prison and sets out for revenge on Wo Fat, with the help of his now-disbanded Five-0 team and the man who trained him in the Navy.
  • 2. Ua Lawe Wale
    The governor appoints a new member to the Five-0 team, who is trying to find a kidnapped 15-year-old girl. Meanwhile, Kono comes under investigation by Internal Affairs.
  • 3. Kame'e
    With the help of Joe White, McGarrett tries to find a killer targeting members a of a Navy SEAL team, while Kono contemplates a job offer from the underworld.
  • 4. Mea Makamae
    The team discovers that a dead salvage diver was looking for more than sunken treasure, Chin Ho discovers that Kono accessed his police account, and McGarrett becomes curious about what's delaying the DOD findings about his father.
  • 5. Ma'eme'e
    The University of Hawaii women's volleyball coach is killed, and Five-0's investigation leads back to the disgraced ex-cop that Kono now works for.
  • 6. Ka Hakaka Maika'i
    While Five-0 tries to figure out who killed a well-known Honolulu businessman, Joe gets an unwelcome visitor while trying to search for answers about the video.
  • 7. Ka Iwi Kapu
    Two ghost-hunting filmmakers are killed at a historic traditional burial site, and when the team discovers more dead bodies at the site, they suspect that they could be after a serial killer.
  • 8. Lapa'au
    When an ICE agent is killed, Five-0 must find out which smuggling ring she was investigating in order to find her killer.
  • 9. Ike Maka
    The team tries to uncover the identity of a man who recently had plastic surgery but was found dead in the trunk of a stolen muscle car–which will hopefully lead them to his killer.
  • 10. Ki'ilua
    While Five-0 investigates the death of a muckraking reporter, Jenna returns to ask McGarrett for help finding her fiancé in North Korea–which is actually part of Wo Fat's revenge plot–and Joe White leads the mission to bring them home.
  • 11. Pahele
    A team of drug dealers kidnaps a busload of school children in order to get Five-0 to return the drugs they confiscated, while Joe White goes on a personal mission to uncover the identity of “Shelbourne” before Wo Fat does.
  • 12. Alaheo Pau'ole
    As the gang gets ready for Chin Ho's wedding, Five-0 discovers that a man shot in a military bunker was in Hawaii to search for his missing son, and Steve begins to suspect that Joe is hiding secrets about the investigation from him.
  • 13. Ka Ho' Oponopono
    While Five-0 tries to figure out who smothered a high school girl in her bed, the Yakuza targets Joe because they believe he killed their leader.
  • 14. Pu'olo
    Five-0 investigates the hijacking of a delivery truck in which the driver is killed, Danny's ex-wife goes into labor, and both Steve and the Yakuza put pressure on Joe to give answers.
  • 15. Mai Ka Wa Kahiko
    An enemy from Danny's past comes to the island for revenge, and the life of Danny's daughter, Grace, could hang in the balance.
  • 16. I Helu Pu
    A woman is murdered during the governor's fund raising dinner, and Five-0 gets in trouble with the governor when the team goes too far trying to catch the killer.
  • 17. Kupale
    Five-0 investigates the murder of a shipping businessman who was supposed to be participating in a historical Hawaiian battle reenactment.
  • 18. Lekio
    A retired New York police officer helps the team figure out who killed one of his close friends, a pirate radio disc jockey.
  • 19. Kalele
    While Steve's sister Mary accidentally gets caught in the middle of a plot to smuggle conflict diamonds, Five-0 and HPD get the help of an elderly ex-con recently released from prison to find the smugglers.
  • 20. Ha'alele
    Max reveals shocking information about his childhood to help the team track a serial killer who may have ties to Max's past.
  • 21. Pa Make Loa
    Danny and Chin Ho partner with NCIS agents Sam Hanna and G. Callen to track down a suspect who's threatening to release a deadly virus on the population.
  • 22. Ua Hopu
    Just as McGarrett finally gets his hands on his arch nemesis Wo Fat in a special ops raid, he's blindsided when he finds that the Japanese Yakuza is hot on their trail and wants them both dead.
  • 23. Ua Hala
    Five-0 needs the help of an imprisoned dirty cop to track down a suspect who killed captain Fryer and set off a bomb in the HPD. Meanwhile, Joe White returns and promises to reveal to McGarrett the identity of Shelbourne.
  • 1. La O Na Makuahine
    McGarrett brings his mother–A.K.A. Shelbourne–back to the island. But her life may be in danger after Wo Fat escapes from prison with the help of an unlikely partner: Frank Delano.
  • 2. Kanalua
    Five-0 turns to August March for help in finding a pair of art thieves who are involved in a kidnapping, but is March actually in on the plot?
  • 3. Lana I Ka Moana
    During a fishing trip, McGarrett and Danny wind up stranded in the ocean on a leaking dinghy after a killer steals their boat at gunpoint.
  • 4. Popilikia
    While Five-0 investigates the beheading of a polo player, McGarrett's mom returns to pay him a surprise visit.
  • 5. Mohai
    A gruesome murder on Halloween night appears to be related to a Satanic ritual, and Five-0 must find the killer before he claims a second victim.
  • 6. I Ka Wa Mamua
    While Five-0 discovers a terrorist cell on the island, Danny has a flashback to one of the most eventful days of his life while working as a Newark police officer in 2001.
  • 7. Ohuna
    Mary arrives in Hawaii and finds out that her Mom is still alive, while Five-O team tries to find out why a high-school boy gets kidnapped.
  • 8. Wahine'inoloa
    McGarrett is convinced that a psychiatrist murdered one of her patients, but will she get the last laugh? Meanwhile, Catherine discovers that an assassin is on the island and is looking for Doris McGarrett.
  • 9. Ha'awe Make Loa
    McGarrett discovers that a botched bank robbery actually wasn't about the money, while Danny protects a Victoria's Secret supermodel who has been threatened by a stalker.
  • 10. Huaka'i Kula
    McGarrett and a young girl are held hostage by a diamond thief during a campout, and Kono's boyfriend, Adam, welcomes his brother back from prison and gives him an offer to become a legitimate businessman.
  • 11. Kahu
    The team helps find a boy's father, and discovers that his disappearance is related to moonshiners and a reclusive bank robber.
  • 12. Kapu
    A college professor is murdered, but who is the killer: his boss, his teaching assistant, or one of his students? Meanwhile, Kono is assigned to protect an annoying witness released from federal prison.
  • 13. Olelo Ho'Opa'I Make
    Chin Ho is drugged, kidnapped, and placed in a maximum security prison as retaliation for Frank Delano's death, but will he be able to make it out alive?
  • 14. Hana I Wa'Ia
    The team is directed to investigate when a prostitute is murdered in a Congressman's home, who is nowhere to be found. Danny has his own drama as the custody hearing regarding Grace goes to court.
  • 15. Hookman
    A sniper with two prosthetic hands is killing police officers, and McGarrett may be on his list.
  • 16. Kekoa
  • 17. Pa'ani
    McGarrett and Danny's plans to go to the NFL Pro Bowl are interrupted when a computer executive is murdered during a team-building exercise at a corporate retreat.
  • 18. Na Ki'i
    Five-0 discovers that a murdered kindergarten teacher had a secret life as a roller derby star, and some very important information is stolen from Lois McGarrett's safe and could put her in danger.
  • 19. Hoa Pili
    After an explosion on a shark tour boat, one of the boat's owners is found dead in a submerged shark cage. Meanwhile, McGarrett helps Kamekona get his helicopter pilot license.
  • 20. Olelo Pa'a
    McGarrett and Catherine go in a secret mission to North Korea to find the body of one of McGarrett's fallen SEAL buddies.
  • 21. Imi Loko Ka 'Uhane
    A talk show host and crew follow Five-0 around as they try to solve a grisly murder with ties to both Wo Fat and the Russian mob.
  • 22. Ho'opio
    Five-0 discovers the body of a missing 17 year old girl who was kidnapped 10 years earlier, and soon learn that the captors may already have a new victim. Meanwhile, Kono suspects that her boyfriend may bee keeping secrets from her.
  • 23. He welo 'oihana
    McGarrett helps Lois on a dangerous mission to retrieve stolen microfilm, and Kono is shot while investigating a lead about Yakuza secret burial site that may be connected to her boyfriend.
  • 24. Aloha. Malama Pono
    While Five-0 searches for an escaped federal prisoner connected to a terrorist plot, Kono tries to clear her name after her gun is used in a murder.
  • 1. Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi
    Before McGarrett can get answers about his mother from Wo Fat, terrorists break into the prison and also take hostages at Five-0 headquarters.
  • 2. A'ale Ma'a Wau
    A hard-as-nails Texas Ranger arrives on the island to look for his missing daughter, Kono and Adam's secure location is compromised, and an old friend comes to Catherine with a job offer.
  • 3. Ka 'oia'i'o ma loko
    A married couple's execution leads Five-0 to a mystery involving stolen artifacts and a long-forgotten secret society, and Catherine goes through her last day with the Navy.
  • 4. A ia la aku
    Five-0 investigates the murder of a wedding crasher, and their prime suspect is the runaway bride. Meanwhile, Danny makes a big decision regarding his relationship with Gabby.
  • 5. Kupu 'eu
    As Catherine’s seemingly harmless surveillance job takes a deadly turn, Adam considers making the ultimate sacrifice to save Kono.
  • 6. Kupouli 'La
    When Halloween comes to Hawaii and a zombie-like man is shot, Five-0 races to stop a madman who is conducting experiments on humans.
  • 7. Ua Nalohia
    While working the murder case of an undercover ATF agent, McGarrett and the Five-0 team are tasked with watching Mary’s newly adopted baby after she gets sick.
  • 9. Ha'uoli La Ho'omoaika'i
    McGarrett tries to find the man who killed his old SEAL friend Billy while he and Catherine were working a surveillance job, and he also turns to Joe White to track down his mother.
  • 10. Ho'onani Makuakane
    A murder attempt on a Pearl Harbor veteran leads Five-0 to use decades old evidence to investigate a deadly crime committed in an internment camp on Oahu during WWII.
  • 11. Pukana
    Chin's life is put in danger when a murder investigation reveals that the person behind the crime may be a serial killer. Heather Dubrow guest stars.
  • 12. 'O kela me keia manawa
    Captain Grover is aided by McGarrett in his search for a friend who has disappeared, after it seems like he's committed murder. Kono persists in her quest to find Adam.
  • 13. Hana Lokomaika'i
    Internal Affairs questions Chin about his father's murder 15 years ago and his relationship with Malia.
  • 14. Na hala a ka makua
    A convicted murder escapes from custody, holds McGarrett and Danny hostage, and claims that he was framed for the crime.
  • 15. Pale 'la
    Five-0 is investigating the murder of a real estate agent whose body was found in the walls of one of his listings. Meanwhile Danny's mother comes to Hawaii and announces that Danny's parents are getting a divorce.
  • 16. Hoku Welowelo
    Five-0 investigates a triple homicide connected to a downed top-secret Chinese satellite, while Grover takes Danny's mother on a ride-along.
  • 17. Ma lalo o ka 'ili
    Five-0 aims to uncovers the sordid truth when a girl is taken from her home and her father is shot in the process. Meanwhile, Danny tries to get his parents back together and Jerry deciphers a code he found on the bottom of McGarrett's champ box.
  • 18. Ho'i Hou
    Five-0 investigates the murder of a macadamia nut tycoon killed with a stiletto high heel at Chin's high school reunion.
  • 19. Ku I Ka Pili Koko
    McGarrett and Danny are trapped in the rubble of a blown-up building after an informant's tip on a gun buy goes wrong.
  • 20. Pe'epe'e Kainaka
    The team uncovers an Islamic terrorist plot involving American college students.
  • 21. Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie
    While Five-0 investigates a homicide related to a stolen transplant organ, McGarrett joins Catherine for a trip to Afghanistan so she can help a friend whose son has been kidnapped by the Taliban.
  • 22. O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi
    Cyber-criminal Ian Wright holds Grover's daughter hostage and demands that Grover help him out with a multi-million dollar heist. Meanwhile, Wo Fat escapes from maximum security in Colorado.
  • 1. A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai
    A young couple are killed on Diamond Head and Five-O is called in to investigate. Danny finds a cell phone at the scene that shows video evidence they were gunned down by a combat drone. Five-O must find out who was at the controls.
  • 2. Ka Makuakane
    Sophie, the young daughter of a lieutenant in Afghanistan is kidnapped from a recital/gala. While the team try to find a link to her abduction and her father's mission, they discover that Sophie was not the target for the abduction.
  • 3. Kanalu Hope Loa
    Five-0 investigates when three female thieves unknowingly steal something during a tour bus robbery that makes them a serious target. Meanwhile, Danny searches for his brother's hidden millions in order to exchange it for his life.
  • 4. Ka No'eau
    Five-0 deals with a mob contract killer who has literally and figuratively had a change of heart. Danny finds his brother's money but is short five and a half million dollars, and his brother's life may be in the balance.
  • 5. Ho'oilina
    McGarrett meets an old acquaintance of his father's at his gravesite, which prompts him to investigate an old case his father was working on just before his death.
  • 6. Ho'oma'ike
    It's Halloween and Five-o must track down a serial killer who is copying murders depicted in a cult slasher film. Meanwhile, McGarrett must help Jerry after he is kidnaped by the counterfeiters he has been tracking.
  • 7. Ina Paha
    When McGarrett is kidnapped by Wo Fat, he experiences what would have happened to the team if they had taken different paths.
  • 8. Ka Hana Malu
    The team learns that McGarret is harboring a known terrorist.
  • 9. Ke Koho Mamao Aku
    It's Christmas and the team are off to the Big Island to solve a cowboy's murder.
  • 10. Wawahi moe'uhane
    With the help of an ex-HPD officer-turned private detective, Five-0 tries to solve the homicide of a woman who was working for a hula dancing company that is actually a front for an escort service.
  • 11. Ua 'aihue
    Five-0 runs into problems as they try to capture an international art thief who stole a priceless Van Gogh painting, and Kamekona gets help from an “Iron Chef” to win a shrimp cook-off.
  • 12. Poina 'ole
    When a neurosurgeon is assassinated just before performing surgery, Five-0 uncovers the shocking truth behind the disappearance of four reform school boys 40 years ago. Also, McGarrett's Mercury Marquis is stolen by an unlikely culprit. Daniel Baldwin returns as Paul Delano.
  • 13. La Po'ino
    With the help of Joe White, Five-0 must stop a terrorist group trying to weaponize a virus deadly enough to wipe out the entire world's population.
  • 14. Powehiwehi
    Kono must fight for her life after discovering a notorious criminals identity; Adam's ties to his formerly corrupt family business leaves Kono feeling concerned.
  • 15. E 'Imi pono
    After investigating the death of an investigative journalist, Five-0 discovers that a violent Congolese warlord who was reportedly killed is actually living in Honolulu.
  • 16. Nanahu
    Five-0 works with a California ATF agent to locate a serial arsonist targeting couples on Oahu. Danny and Amber's romantic getaway is ruined when her abusive ex-husband tracks them down.
  • 17. Kuka'awale
    McGarrett and Danny work on their relationship as they stakeout a woman's apartment following a diamond robbery.
  • 18. Pono Kaulike
    Danny and Chin are arrested for deadly past transgressions. McGarrett enlists Joe's help in the investigation.
  • 19. Kahania
    McGarrett and Odell come under siege in Odell's barbershop when they try to protect a man who is being hunted by a gang. Meanwhile, Jerry is wrongfully accused of committing a series of home invasions.
  • 20. Ike Hanau
    Grover's oldest and closest friend tells him that he witnessed his wife fall off a cliff to her death, but Grover suspects it was no accident. Meanwhile, Danny and Dr. Shaw get trapped in an elevator with a dead body that needs to be processed.
  • 21. Ua helele'i ka hoku
    After a murder takes place at a convention of Elvis impersonators, the victim's body is stolen; Gabriel asks Chin for help.
  • 22. Ho'amoano
    When a dead woman is found in a hotel suite belonging to three married, hungover men, the team must help retrace their steps as they try to remember what happened – and find the killer.
  • 23. Mo'o 'olelo Pu
    During a solo outrigger trip, Kono encounters bad weather and must fight for her life, the Five-0 task force investigates a man in trouble for cooking meth.
  • 24. Luapo'i
    While Five-0 investigates the murder of a bounty hunter after he apprehended a fugitive hiding out in Hawaii, Rachel reveals a long-held secret to Danny that has serious ramifications.
  • 25. A Make Kaua
    On the eve of Kono's wedding to Adam, Five-0 must stop a fanatical patriot intent on starting a new war on terror by detonating stolen nuclear warheads and framing a terrorist leader.
  • 1. Mai ho'oni i ka wai lana mâlie
    An old story about a pirate attack on O'ahu in the 1880s leads to a modern day hunt for treasure.
  • 2. Lehu a Lehu
    Five-0 investigates when a bomb squad is attacked and the culprit threatens to detonate hidden explosives unless Jason Sinclair is released from prison.
  • 3. Ua 'o'oloku ke anu I na mauna
    Five-0 investigates the death of a scuba diver who was killed with a gun found on the ocean floor. The probe reveals that the weapon was used recently in another murder. Meanwhile, McGarrett prepares to propose to Catherine.
  • 4. Ka Papahana Holo Pono
    Five-0 investigates when a wealthy recluse is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills. Also, Adam is kidnapped by the Yakuza and forced to torture one of Gabriel's men. Jerry Rice guest stars.
  • 5. Ka 'alapahi nui
    Five-0 interrogates members of a stunt biker gang to locate a killer who escaped by jumping his motorcycle from one rooftop to another. Meanwhile, the riders prepare to race in a Tough Mudder competition.
  • 6. Na Pilikua Nui (Monsters)
    It’s Halloween in O’ahu, and Five-0 must track down a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein. Also, Jerry calls Five-0 for help when an armed gang raids a blood bank, and Danny must track down Grace who lied and snuck out to a Halloween party.
  • 7. Na Kame Hele
    While snorkeling off a deserted island McGarrett and his new girlfriend stumble onto the hideout of a wanted gangster while Chin, Kono and Grover must track down a gambler who is forcing a high school quarterback to throw a playoff game.
  • 8. Piko Pau 'iole
    Five-O works with a charming con man to find a killer, after his female partner is murdered on the job. Meanwhile, San Francisco police inspector Abby Dunn helps Chin investigate the murders of of five Chinese arm dealers.
  • 9. Hana Keaka
    Five-0 goes back to school when a college progesso is killed and Danny “danno” goes undercover as his replacement.
  • 10. Ka Makau Kaa Kaua
    Five-0 investigates when the brother of promising local boxer, Luke Nakano (Lewis Tan), is murdered and the prime suspect is Devon Haynes (Harold House Moore), the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland.
  • 11. Kuleana
    Danny and Steve go to a retreat on Maui to solve their “issues” while Kamekonas past comes back to haunt him.
  • 12. Ua ola loko i ke aloha
    Five-0 uncovers a Japanese World War II spy mystery after a young boy is shot in a long-forgotten bunker. Meanwhile, Aunt Deb returns to Hawaii to visit the McGarretts so she can help finish her recently-deceased husband's “bucket list.”
  • 13. Umia Ka Hanu
    While Grover travels to Chicago to finally get a confession from Clay Maxwell about killing his wife, Chin and Kono are held at gunpoint by two killers who have no idea they are cops.
  • 14. Hoa 'inea
    As Five-0 investigates a double homicide involving marital infidelity, McGarrett and the team recount their disastrous Valentine's Day experiences. Chef Masaharu Morimoto guest stars.
  • 15. Ke Koa Lokomaika'i
    While Danny's mother is questioned by the FBI, McGarrett partners with a young man with autism who may have information to help solve the murder of his only friend. Melanie Griffith guest stars.
  • 16. Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a
    When Five-0's sketchy confidential informant is accused of murder, McGarrett asks his old friend Odell Martin to defend him. Michael Imperioli returns and Ziggy Marley guest stars.
  • 17. Waiwai
    McGarrett and Five-0 must track down a Russian spy who has stolen a flash drive containing classified NSA information that puts the life of a member of their Ohana at risk. Also, McGarrett finally learns why Catherine left him, and Abby continues to conceal her actual mission from Chin and Five-0.
  • 18. Kanaka Hahai
    Five-0 is led to a deadly slave trading operation aboard a fishing vessel, once the body of a man is found off the shores of Oahu.
  • 19. Malama ka Po'e
    Grover is forced to take himself and his family off the grid without notice when he discovers that an enemy from his FBI undercover days has tracked him down.
  • 20. Ka Haunaele
    While Five-0 investigates the theft of a high tech, indestructible suit built for the U.S. military, Jerry helps his sister try to save a captive elephant.
  • 21. Ka Pono Ku’oko’a
    Five-0 goes on a manhunt when a deliberate chemical spill enables six dangerous inmates to escape, including Kono’s husband, Adam.
  • 22. I 'ika Ka Ao
    Five-0 tries to save a kidnapped college student from a dangerous vigilante. Meanwhile, Max, Kamekona and Flippa fight to survive after being shipwrecked.
  • 23. Pilina Koko
    When a woman is murdered in her home, Five-0 learns that one of their own has a deep connection to the victim’s young daughter.
  • 24. Pa'a ka 'ipuka i ka 'upena nananana (The Entrance is Stopped with a Spider’s Web)
    Trapped inside a dilapidated building in Oahu’s Chinatown, Five-0 must protect a wounded Gabriel and plan their escape when enemy gunmen storm the building looking to kill him and anyone who gets in their way.
  • 25. O ke ali’I wale no ka’u makemake (My Desire Is Only For The Chief)
    In order to stop a meth epidemic on the Island, McGarrett and Danny go undercover as pilots, but when McGarrett is seriously wounded, Danny is forced to break their cover in order to save his partner’s life.
  • 2. No ke ali'i wahine a me ka 'aina (For Queen And Country)
    A rogue MI-6 agent is the key to finding a terrorist who plans to cause the meltdown of nuclear reactors across Europe; McGarrett and Danny need the help of an FBI profiler to find a killer.
  • 3. He Moho Hou
    FBI profiler Alicia Brown is forced to join McGarrett in the hunt for the chess-piece killer when she finds a body in her bed. Meanwhile, Kono reconnects with a former surfing competitor who is now a disabled and homeless war veteran.
  • 4. Hu a'e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile
    Five-0 must find McGarrett and Alicia when they are kidnapped by the serial killer they’ve been hunting,
  • 5. Ke Kū ‘Ana (The Stand)
    When a cache of guns is stolen from a gun range, Five-0 discovers the culprit is intent on making a dramatic and potentially deadly statement on gun violence. Also, Kono and Adam are finally reunited when he is released from prison,
  • 6. Ka hale ho'okauweli (House of Horrors)
    On Halloween, Five-0 investigates the murder of a medium with a checkered past who was apparently scared to death by a poltergeist. Also, Kono and Adam are kidnapped by what appears to be a death cult.
  • 7. Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane
    Five-0 must free McGarrett's mother, Doris (Christine Lahti), when Catherine (Michelle Borth) informs them that she was captured and is about to be executed after attempting to free Wo Fat's imprisoned father. Also, Chin loses his appeal to have Sara's adoption delayed, and she must move to Mexico.
  • 8. Hana Komo Pae (Right of Passage)
    While Danny chaperones Grace’s winter formal, terrorists seize the venue and hold everyone hostage in order to kidnap a diplomat’s son
  • 9. elua La Ma Nowemapa (Two Days in November)
    When a conspiracy theorist with compelling evidence that JFK's cabinet ordered his assassination is murdered, Five-0 investigate's one of history's most notorious unsolved mysteries.
  • 10. Ka Luhi
    Five-0 investigates the 10-year-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and realizes he may have witnessed her murder. Also, Danny's sister, Bridget (guest star Missy Peregrym), visits Oahu for a business conference, and he suspects that she may be getting too close to a co-worker, on HAWAII FIVE-0
  • 11. Ka'ili aku
    Five-0 investigates the 10-year-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and realizes he may have witnessed her murder. Also, Danny's sister, Bridget (guest star Missy Peregrym), visits Oahu for a business conference, and he suspects that she may be getting too close to a co-worker, on HAWAII FIVE-0
  • 12. Ka 'Aelike
    The team handles the fallout in Mexico after Chins problems, back on the Island Grover goes undercover and things get hot.
  • 13. Ua ho'i ka 'opua i Awalua (The Clouds Always Return to Alawua)
    As Max prepares to say goodbye to his Five-0 ohana, they must investigate a murder during a police convention on the Island.
  • 15. Ka Pa'ani Nui
    (Big Game) When working a murder case involving the illegal practice of shark finning, Five-0 uncovers the possibility that a former Nazi war criminal may be hiding out in an old leper colony in Hawaii.
  • 16. Poniu I Ke Aloha
    (Crazy In Love) While McGarrett and Danno celebrate Valentine's Day with their girlfriends, the rest of Five-0 investigates the murder of a man taking a class on how to land women.
  • 17. Hahai i nā pilikua nui
    (Hunting Monsters) McGarrett and Five-0 once again become entangled in the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray (Elizabeth Röhm) when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown's (Claire Forlani), and claims amnesia.
  • 18. E malama pono (Handle with Care)
    MacGarrett and Danny finally track down the missing uranium, which has been used to build a bomb located in the middle of the jungle. Now, they must carefully extract the unstable explosive through treacherous terrain before it detonates.
  • 19. Puka 'ana (Exodus)
    McGarrett and Kono suspect that an abused young girl may be the victim of a sex trafficking ring on the Island. Also, Chin and Grover investigate a murder at a sober living facility.
  • 20. Huikau na makau a na lawai'a (The fishhooks of the fishermen become entangled)
    Five-0 helps PI Harry Brown work the case of a kidnapped wealthy woman whose husband may have something to hide. Also, Rachel tells Danny that she is getting a divorce from Stan.
  • 21. Ua malo'o ka wai (The Water is Dried Up)
    McGarrett and Five-0 are captured and face certain death after tracking a dangerous nemesis to the Island of Lanai. Also, Grover takes his son to Chicago where he testifies against a dirty cop from his past.
  • 22. Waimaka 'ele'ele (Black Tears)
    While working the murder case of one of the last survivors of the USS Arizona, McGarrett learns about his grandfather's important role at Pearl Harbor. Also, Adam uncovers bone fragments at his new construction job and asks Jerry to help him discreetly investigate.
  • 24. He ke'u na ka 'alae a Hina (A croaking by Hina's Mudhen)
    When McGarrett gets a tip that someone is plotting a terrorist attack on Oahu, Five-0 searches for those behind it before it’s too late. Also, Chin and Abby have a very difficult decision to make.
  • 25. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono (The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness)
    McGarrett risks his life when Five-0 attempts their most dangerous rescue yet of young girls trapped in the sex trafficking ring they have been tracking this year. Also, Kono, deeply affected by the case, makes a life-changing decision.

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