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Hank Moody ist ein Schriftsteller, der unter einer Schreibblockade leidet. Verzweifelt sucht er nach einem Sinn in seinem Leben und fängt darüber das Trinken an, reißt Frauen auf und nimmt Drogen.  Die Beziehung zu seiner Freundin Karen und seiner Tochter Becca wird dadurch nur noch schlechter. Wird das Buch seines Lebens ein glückliches Ende nehmen?

  • 1. Slip of the Tongue
    Hank and Karen are planning to move back to New York and Hank undergoes a vasectomy.
  • 2. The Great Ashby
    After Hank is arrested by the police and sent to prison, he meets record producer Lew Ashby, who asks Hank to write his biography, in the meantime, Charlie is fired after videos of him masturbating in the office are shown to his boss.
  • 3. No Way to Treat a Lady
    Hank starts as Lew Ashby's biographer, Becca starts at Mia's all-girl school and Charlie starts (well, tries to start actually) as porn actress Daisy's agent.
  • 4. The Raw & the Cooked
    Right before they throw a big dinner party for all their friends, Hank proposes to Karen.
  • 5. Vaginatown
    Hank now lives with Lew Ashby, who arranges a surprise for him when Hank tells him he likes TV cook Chloe Metz. Charlie helps Daisy get a part in a porn film.
  • 6. Coke Dick & First Kick
    Hank tries to talk to Lew's long lost love. Later on, he runs into Julian, who's having sex with someone who's definitely not Sonja.
  • 7. In a Lonely Place
    Hank and Karen go to a parent evening and Hank ends up sleeping with the teacher. Charlie and Marcy take a desperate Daisy into their home.
  • 8. Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills
    Marcy goes to her mother for a detox, Hank goes to Lew's former love to find out more about their relationship and Karen goes to Lew because he's dating Mia.
  • 9. La Ronde
    Hank goes on a date with Janie Jones, Lew's long lost love. Lew invites Karen on a date.
  • 10. In Utero
    Hank awaits test results and reflects on his early days with Karen. Charlie begs Daisy to move out.
  • 11. Blues from Laurel Canyon
    Mia's - that is, originally Hank's - book gets rave reviews, ironically better than any of the books published in Hank's name. Lew is having a party to which pretty much everyone is invited. Marce has just come back from rehab and Charlie is planning to give her some time before announcing that he wants a divorce in order to be with Daisy. Annika, a Rolling Stone book critic has a scandalous theory about the true story behind Mia's book… And there's still more problems arising.
  • 12. La Petite Mort
    The “joyous arrival” happens at a new age birthing center.
  • 1. Wish You Were Here
    Following Karen's move to New York, Hank Moody does his best to raise his daughter Becca by himself. But being a single dad isn't easy, especially with Becca starting to question his authority more than ever. To make matters worse, Becca's new best friend Chelsea has a fondness for sex, drugs, and trouble. After a run-in with Chelsea's straight-laced mother Felicia, a teacher at the local university, Hank reluctantly accepts a dinner invitation. Hank does his best to tolerate the various academics at the party, but things get out of hand when Hank insists on having …
  • 2. The Land of Rape and Honey
    Hank makes a poor start to teaching when one of his crushing students attempts suicide after Hank criticizes his writing, and also learns an unwelcome fact about another one.
  • 3. Verities & Balderdash
    Hank and Becca attend the annual English Department Fall Mixer hosted by Dean Koons and wife Felicia. After flirtatious exchanges with student Jackie and Felicia, Hank finds himself consoling his jilted teacher's aide Jill, the best way he knows how. Meanwhile, Becca and Chelsea sneak away to discuss life, love, and psychedelic mushrooms. Charlie tries to coax Marcy into celebrating the first signing at the new agency, teen idol Rick Springfield.
  • 4. Zoso
    Becca drags Hank to a trendy shopping boutique to pick out some more grown-up attire. But Hank isn't so sure he likes the “new” Becca's makeover. At work, Hank juggles sexual encounters with teacher's aide Jill and boss Felicia. And finally, in an attempt to figure out why talented writer Jackie is missing class, Hank drags Charlie to the strip club where she works. Unfortunately, temptation gets the better of Hank.
  • 5. Slow Happy Boys
    Becca flies to N.Y. to her mom while Hank's old best friend ‘Zloz’ comes to L.A. for the first time. His mission: to indulge in all kinds of depravity. Hank takes him to Sue's party, but that is just the beginning.
  • 6. Glass Houses
    Karen is quickly onto what (or whom) Hank's been doing, but the actual problem is Becca, who isn't happy to hear that she is to move to N.Y. to live with her mother. A client of Charlie's turns out to be Marcy's fantasy. Runkle's Luck.
  • 7. So Here's the Thing...
    Hank has decided that he needs to get rid of the extraneous women in his life, and he intends to achieve it in one day. Unfortunately, the women might want to keep him. Meanwhile, Sue needs Charlie's help with her first client.
  • 8. The Apartment
    Jackie and two of her friends arrive to party. The next day, one of the girls is unconscious, and then Runkle & Rick Springfield arrive. They all have to hide when Jill suddenly arrives. And the knocks on the door just don't stop.
  • 9. Mr. Bad Example
    There's a call from the principal of the girls' school to Hank… and Stacy. Felicia has a revelation for Karen. Marcy is completely smitten by Rick and on top of that, Charlie has to provide him cocaine.
  • 10. Dogtown
    Karen, Becca and Marcy have a girls' night out. Since Charlie just got fired by Sue, Hank decides to have a boys' night out. The girls' night - uneventful. The boys' night - not so much. Then there's the morning after.
  • 11. Comings and Goings
    Felicia invites Hank and Karen for a lunch. When they arrive, they find Jill and Jackie there too - awkward. But it's the surprise guest who causes Hank to wail, “The worst day of my life!” And the worst is still to come.
  • 1. Levon
  • 2. Julia
  • 3. Like Father Like Son
    Hank has to make things good with Karen, while helping his newly learned about son to further his acting career by getting him a job as a PA assistant, with unforeseen complications.
  • 4. Dicks
    Julia gets an acting gig on the show Hank is working on, on the other hand Levon wants to have sex with Melanie, and Charlie wants to be Goldies new manager.
  • 5. Getting the Poison Out
    Rick has a date with Julia, Hank tries to get Lee laid with many complications, and Charlie has trouble with his new client.
  • 6. Kickoff
    Rick throws a party, while at the party, Stu makes Charlie an offer, Julia finds out about what Hank did, and problems arise between Charlie and Goldie.
  • 7. Smile
    Julia thinks her looks play a role in why she can get a job so easily, which is later proven when Hank visits her at her job. Charlie and Marcy deal with their money issue.
  • 8. 30 Minutes or Less
    The crew finally starts filming, while issues start to arise.
  • 9. Faith, Hope, Love
    After receiving news that Karen has been in a car accident, Hank, Marcy and Charlie wait in the hospital to hear about her condition.
  • 10. Dinner with Friends
    Hank and Karen have dinner together, with a few unexpected guests.
  • 11. Daughter
    Hank struggles with telling Becca she has a brother when she comes home. Charlie and Marcy make a decision.
  • 12. Grace
    The day finally comes, can Marcy and Charlie go through with Stus' offer? Hank confronts his feelings about Beccas' wedding and makes the difficult choice between spending his future with Julia or Karen.

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  • Bewertung "Californication": 8,30
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Jahr der Ersterscheinung: 2007
  • Länder: United States
  • Dauer: 28 Minuten
  • Komplexität: 9
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